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Quote: Originally Posted by CAITY. not trying to be accusative or anything but this is a five year old company. you cant expect them to get it right first go. you also cannot expect them to send you a new pair of jeans when they are just starting out. there sales manager is probably dealing with bigger orders to try and get the brand publicized. and by the way you say 'bitch' matty is a guy. and the denim is high quality from japan, my boyfriends five...
Thanks for the post. Yeah, I've tried the metallic-mix with some Varvatos pieces and couldn't handle the slight-scratching against my skin. I wondered if it was something to do with the manufacturer/brand, but it appears it's generally a bad idea altogether.
Helluva deal, folks. The indigos wear in beautifully. Someone jump on these!
Bump for the same reasons as oboy-oboy. I have the indigos and they are fantastic. I think a price would help too, which also may be why I'm so suprised people haven't expressed more (initial) interest.
Those brown work trousers look incredible...
WTF. Someone ban this guy ^. He's sh*ttin up all my favorite threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Karl has some special stuff in the works that i know you guys are gonna love... Any update/info on this or did I miss it somewhere else on the forum?
I've bought a few of the slub tees from Unionmade and Oakleaf & Acorn and I have to say, I really like the material and construction. However, as dixonmanor's pointed out, if you don't like the boxy fit, it's not for you. I've heard good things in the blogosphere about the bags. Does anyone have field experience with any of them?
Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 She's pretty hot but what's with the gloves? +1
There is a Brian Wilson tribute cover of "Surfer Girl" that Paul Simon KILLS. I've been listening to it as the weather gets warmer here in NC.
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