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Feel free to PM me w/ reasonable offers or questions. As a caveat, lowball offers will be ignored. Shipping in the continental US: FREE (Easily a $10 value). I ship via USPS Priority Mail w/ tracking to ensure peace of mind. Insurance can be added, but at cost to buyer. Here's the quick list of items I have for sale-- scroll for measurements and details. 1) Head Porter Plus Varsity Jacket. Tagged XL, but fits L (see measurements). $425 (Retail: $900+) 2) Engineered...
Brand new without tags. Retailed for $250+. This has been sitting in storage and untouched for years (pet-free, smoke-free household). One of the standout pieces of McNairy's inaugural season with WWM. P2P: 21.75
Terrible news. My popover (via Context) was due to be delivered between "4:15 and 7pm" and UPS completely fucked it up. I was at home until 8:30pm and it was not delivered. I left the house at that time and checked the tracking around 8:45pm and it said it had been dropped off at the front door at 8:14pm. Utter garbage. I called UPS and emailed Context, but this is the second time UPS has mis-delivered something on top of being consistently, ridiculously late in...
Just curious about the degree to which it flares out, particularly on that fella. That's an interesting take on the fabric-- I'm looking forward to checking it out. I do have one of the button-down camp shirts from '11 and it definitely flares out-- the popovers less so imo. The only other pics I've seen of the popovers are on the kink webshop. Would you mind posting links or images to the pics that you've seen?
Yeah, that profile pic bothered me too. I have two EG popovers from previous seasons and neither fit like that, and I definitely don't have a six-pack. Must be his body shape throwin' things off. I ordered this season's surf print and have yet to receive it, but I'll load pics when I get the chance.
^ Great fucking service, too. I've ordered Stone Island Shadow gear from them twice and received em stateside very quickly and without customs issues.
Vin-- I think you made the right choice if you intend to layer. I'm a true 40 and initially ordered the L, which would've been perfect for me if that's what I intended. I sent it back and went with the M and it's perfect with a button down. Definitely fits slim.
John Webb is the shit.
Cotton Sheep and Context as well-- nevertheless, great company and great jeans at a nice price.
Met up with Victor at the shop a few weeks ago and he showed me some of the collection they used at NYFW. There are some really nice pieces-- they are really on a nice roll with everything. Anyone go to the launch?
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