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I did, last week.The trousers are perfect, the wait was frustrating but we got there in the end.  
I thought some members might like the not so close up of the handmade Milanese buttonhole on the bespoke linen sport-coat I'm having made at the moment. You can click on the images to zoom. I'll have some more image of the buttonholes, when it's finished in a few weeks, as well as a video showing how a Milanese buttonhole is made.     For this coat, we're also doing a unique fish-shaped buttonhole for the final hole on each sleeve. The image below is a draft example,...
I didn't even know one existed, I'll have to check it out and take some close up images.
The trick is to try to convince your brain in to thinking there is a zero missing from the price. That way, when it's all finished and you have to pay for it, you have a small (large) heart attack and then hand over your card.
Thanks @lukejacksonI don't think it's too much more than a bit of a trend. The thing I tend to notice are a lot of young guys with their trousers, heavily cuffed and finishing above their ankles (not on, but above). It's largely the same thing and will probably move back towards a more traditional length once the trend plays itself out. That's where I'd always err on the side of classic lengths and proportions, but each to their own I suppose and I'm just glad when I see...
Thanks @jimmyhoffa. It's probably just the angle of that shot, but when standing normally, the cuffs are reliably half an inch below the coat sleeve.Jason is right about linen's propensity to crush, shortening the sleeves, but the weight of the lining in the sleeves should help reduce that significantly.
Hi all,   Third fitting of my coat with Bijan is up on the blog. Virtually complete now, with only minor adjustments and finishing details left. Off to Italy (Naples and Florence) and London in 3 weeks, so I hope to have a number of tailors and businesses from there, written about in the coming months.      
Hi all,   Forgot to post this up on Friday.  Second fitting for the bespoke linen sport coat with Bijan:   Hope you get something out of it.    Andrew.        
@Journeyman @tchoy @fox81 Thanks for the mentions, gents.   @BradJ At this point, I can only speak from experience about having a suit made with Bijan. He is exceptional and without a doubt, world class.  Cutler will cost a bit more than Bijan. Having met John (Cutler) several times now and seen his suits, they are also very impressive and I plan to have one made by him in the future, possibly an overcoat.   Charles Maimone (Melbourne) is a wonderful man and his suits...
For anyone unfortunate enough to still be stuck at the office, this might help - I just put up a new post covering the internals of a bespoke coat (the one Bijan is currently making for me).      
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