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Yeah, don't do that yet. Wait and see what I can find, then buy whatever I don't have to send you.
 Let me get back to you on Sunday or Monday, I should have a spare or two in brown and burgundy.
Nothing in my size. :/
 This is an old Haspel, though I've had similar luck with Southwick, Brooks Brothers and J.Press.  Thanks! Just goes to show that a sack cut doesn't have to mean it literally fits like a sack.
 Yup, it's hard work to find something this wonderfully unstructured. 3/2 sack with natural shoulders, self-faced and with no lining, not even in the sleeves, beyond a pair of 3" triangles in the shoulder. And here's some more raw silk with a pair of blue suede shoes:  
 22.5" chest, 33" length, 24.5" sleeves, and 46" waist on the pants. That tux's been floating around a while and they never responded the couple times I asked for clarification on those measurements.
Guess this outfit from church on Sunday is worth sharing:      
That's almost right around the corner from me, I'll have to check them out. Those prices aren't too terrible either, I was paying $20-25 for sleeves and $10-12 for pants with my old tailor.
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