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6'1", but a 29-30" inseam and a 17.5" neck.
^I came across a book of Frank Frazetta's art a while back and didn't think twice about buying it. His paintings were seriously cool.
Nope, but I'm 6'1" . . .
Good to know. I saw he listed them as made in New York, but the oxhide and the last are almost identical to a pair of church's chukkas I have. That plus the claim that they ran a half-size plus large made me wonder if they may have actually been church's as well.
Very cool, thanks for the head's-up. I've been thinking that I need a pair of saddles and I love the way the glossy shell works with the lighter oxhide.
It's not about whether the joke's funny or not so much as gay jokes being outdated and offensive. That being said, it also doesn't make much sense. Since you're a non-native English speaker I could see this being a case of putting your foot in your mouth without realizing it.
I don't think you mentioned Florian, but where were they made?
Is there any particular reason it won't work as an odd jacket anyway? Not EVERY orphan is unwearable and baby blue sounds like it could work with some MOP buttons.
Damn, I hope everything works out for the best. That really sucks.
  But seriously, the picking in Athens depend on if you're thrifting for resale or for yourself/trade. Your primary donors are students and professors/retiring alum. From the students you get a lot of mid-tier basics, J. Crew, PRL, middle of the road BB, and a decent mix of neo-prep/southern prep brands like VV, SoPro, ect. From the professors and retiring alum you get significantly better stuff but it's more classically styled and looser fitting and typically local store...
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