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 Ended up looking at the rest of your stuff, saw this belt:'s Robert E. Lee and George Washington, and the belt was made for Washington & Lee University. Probably sell for more/faster with that in the title.
 Yup. Made in Mexico but the denim is woven right here in Trion, GA at Mount Vernon Mills.
   Covert cloth, that's what I was trying to remember! @Brianpore sold a covert tweed suit for me, don't remember how much it went for. It was a full norfolk jacket, but not NOS or Willis & Geiger.
Earliest I'd be able to get there is 9-ish, so it sounds like this is a bust.
Co-produced and directed by Tom Ford
 Yes please  Hey now, it's hard to beat Wranglers when the cut fits me so well. Plus, American denim raws for ~$20 shipped.
   No tartan, but here's my girlfriend's dog in a waxed cotton version: 
 Even as a straight guy . . . the sneakers ain't what I'm checking out in that picture. I gotta get some gams like those
 "Lacer," "Roper," or "Lace-up Roper"
Runs down to the base of the pocket, right? Probably attaches somewhere around the base of the arm hole or at the collar? I think it's a support to help support the pocket and maintain the shape of the jacket when you load down a pocket with something heavy. You see it a lot with poacher's pockets, hunting vests, ect.
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