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 "Lacer," "Roper," or "Lace-up Roper" http://www.ariat.com/HERITAGE_LACER_II_W_FOO.html?dwvar_HERITAGE__LACER__II__W__FOO_color=DISTRESSED_BROWN#q=lacer&sz=12&start=14 http://www.justinboots.com/footwear/men/styles/shop-all-mens-boots/508
Runs down to the base of the pocket, right? Probably attaches somewhere around the base of the arm hole or at the collar? I think it's a support to help support the pocket and maintain the shape of the jacket when you load down a pocket with something heavy. You see it a lot with poacher's pockets, hunting vests, ect.
I'm in class between six and nine on Monday through Thursday evenings. I'll be able to swing by afterwards, especially if I get out early, otherwise weekdays won't work for me.
I'm in.
Don't you need to remove a couple ribs for that?
 Had to get blood out of my boots recently (shot a doe in my truman boots). Wiped down with a paper town then was buckling town to try all sorts of leather products the next morning, only to have them licked clean by my girlfriend's dog when I woke up. So add dog saliva to the list of thrifty cleaning products.
 Might be disappointed by this one. Looked into it myself and found several comparable pieces that are all polyester microsuede instead of real suede
He's driving by a cotton field.
Major thanks to @aging in rhythm for the assist.
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