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I'm sure you're well aware of this Doc, but in the long run it doesn't really matter what you wear. When my grandfather passed unexpectedly, I was already at my parents and limited to what I'd brought with me in expectation of a completely different trip:  Far from ideal, but in the end it didn't matter.
Ever tempted to have a size tag "mysteriously vanish" before listing?
Dreamed the spoohund showed up at my house after a night on the town. He ate a carton of leftover take-out and my wallet. I think it was a metaphor.
Yeah, don't do that yet. Wait and see what I can find, then buy whatever I don't have to send you.
 Let me get back to you on Sunday or Monday, I should have a spare or two in brown and burgundy.
Nothing in my size. :/
 This is an old Haspel, though I've had similar luck with Southwick, Brooks Brothers and J.Press.  Thanks! Just goes to show that a sack cut doesn't have to mean it literally fits like a sack.
New Posts  All Forums: