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If we're talking about "out there" finds, I picked this suit up at a thrift store in Savannah last year:   [[SPOILER]]  The BB OCBD was also thrifted, the tie is a Santini that was thrifted by a friend and given to me, the braces were picked up at an inventory liquidation, the longwings are from a clearance outlet in Maine and the socks are from a trade with @capnwes 
   I think there's a big difference between items you're finding for yourself or a friend and items you're picking up without a person in mind. The Tango fun shirt I posted a couple weeks back was absolutely a grail because I've been looking for a must-iron, made-in-america, oxford cloth fun shirt in a large-ish large to an XL for several years now and couldn't find one even at full retail. If it'd been a small or a medium, though? Not even close. It's a nice shirt  but...
 Thanks man, wore it today actually:   Thrifted BB linen/cotton blend jacket and pants (not as short as the angle makes them look), thrifted BB Makers OCBD, e-thrifted-ish church's oxhide chukkas ($100 and lightly used for these counts as an e-thrift-ish, I think?) The fit's pretty dang good OTR, the left sleeve could be a quarter-inch shorter but it's not that bad. I definitely need to get the right sleeve let out between a half and three-quarters of an inch,...
Pretty nice bemberg-lined Brooks Brothers linen/cotton jacket that fits perfectly for less than a gallon of gas at the Salvation Army:  
From the horse's mouth here on AAAC:  This is completely baseless speculation on my part, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the MTO fee waived during the occasional special sale, maybe once or twice a year during a lull in their production. I'm not so certain that the full range of options and customization will return though.
If any of you high-volume sellers need storage solutions you may want to check out your local Coldwater Creek. The one here in Athens is selling off their fixtures as part of the bankruptcy proceedings.
6'1", but a 29-30" inseam and a 17.5" neck.
^I came across a book of Frank Frazetta's art a while back and didn't think twice about buying it. His paintings were seriously cool.
Nope, but I'm 6'1" . . .
Good to know. I saw he listed them as made in New York, but the oxhide and the last are almost identical to a pair of church's chukkas I have. That plus the claim that they ran a half-size plus large made me wonder if they may have actually been church's as well.
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