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Not calf, shell and thus a screaming good deal.
Oh dear, are we really doing this? 
 Italian brand I bought from @Brianpore. Couldn't find much about them online but they seem to be a smallish shoemaker in florence that does mostly custom and MTO work with a retail location in Rome offering a selection of OTR footwear. Really solid, sturdy construction in my pair, chunky double sole and a beautiful leather: 
 BonoraEdward GreenCrockett & Jones OR Alfred Sargent
 Absolutely gorgeous! If these go from "N/A" to "A" because they're a touch too small, keep me in mind.
Well, if you want to go vintage and don't mind reseasoning, I come across pretty good cast iron fairly regularly. I use my bigger skillet for everything from pancakes to roasted chicken.
Anyone have a navy gingham shirt in ~16.5-36 slim or regular fit? Not extra slim fit, but a buttondown collar and long sleeve? Loaned my B2 Makers to my "little" bro yesterday to wear to a barbecue and it looks like I'm not getting it back. Some cute girl told him "it brought out his eyes" 
 Dude, if you decide to get rid of the Etro hit me up! Judging by what sizes you're looking for it'd probably fit me perfectly and I, uh, have a bit of thing for patchwork tweed . . . 
So if I pay for it, will you ship it to me?
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