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He put those in his first post, click the link.
Anyone have a khaki poplin suit in around a 43L (42-44)? Something like an old Brooks Wash n Wear would be great.
 hah, that's awesome . . . and probably.
  Codename Double-0-Dauchshund 
  Uhhhh . . . . Proxy?  
 Purrrrrrfect.   You into leather jackets, black overalls, and Doc Martins? Or just trying to loot her collection of chintzy cat-related artifacts before she leaves?
Cheap? Proxy? It's just my sister's sort of chintzy and should go well in her apartment when she leaves for Parsons.
Yeah, I don't think anything's ever going to beat my $20 wranglers. Don't crush my nads, thighs, or seat.
  ^@Jompso, listen to this man. A lot of us are getting very worried about you, these latest posts are going well past your regular long, mostly-coherent stream-of-consciousness posts. Find someone you trust and get them to come to you.
New Posts  All Forums: