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And this one? 
Since y'all seem to have packing/shipping supplies figured out, care to point towards a seller of larger/sturdier boxes? Something good for packing and moving?
Half-shirt, something we used to wear underneath our shoulder pads for football before compression shirts kinda took their place. Kept the pads and straps from rubbing raw spots but wore cooler than full shirt. The only people I remember wearing them were football players, some runners during their practices, and some wrestlers wore them over their singlets. Edit: we also had shimmel jerseys a couple times too.
I've made some great e-thrifts from eBay valets . . .
Nifty, first time I've (indirectly) made the PTO roundup:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/142046086169?rmvSB=true   Thanks, @Brianpore 
 F*cking Wendy?
Anyone nearby and feel like proxying?  
  God, I'm gonna regret this. And that's a sorority's hand sign that's just barely cut off. 
 I'm assuming I fit "thank the parents" in there somewhere? And do I really have to hit on the little sister and dowager aunt too? Simple enough at an Irish wedding, though I doubt my girlfriend would appreciate it.
Topic change? Topic change. Anyone have advice for wedding toasts? Working on my toast as best man.
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