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Going to flip it for three grand?
It's definitely hard to get a decent shot of the water damage because of how dark the fabric is and the nap flannel tends to have naturally. In person the warping and felting is pretty obvious but it doesn't photograph great. The shrinkage is dang obvious though and not something that was even mentioned on the listing. Seeing as how they're dry clean only I think I've got more of a case on that than if they'd been jeans or something else that can be thrown in the dryer.
Bought a pair of wool pants, no measurements given but listed and tagged a 35x30 and described as in good condition. They show up and they've clearly been run through the washer and dryer, have shrunk to a low-rise (, tight-legged pair of trousers measuring 32.3x27. Seller's been refusing the return claiming that the pictures clearly show the condition of the pants (?), and as of tomorrow I can escalate the case to eBay.   Anything at all I can do to mess myself up or is...
Could a decent price be worked out for the Lake shore drive in blue suede? Or is that out entirely since it's a clearance?
With spring and seersucker coming up, anyone interested in a navy suede tassel?
 Have a couple of these, a blackwatch waxed cotton jacket, a green/purple zip-in pile liner that looks like a Kraven the Hunter x Barney the Dinosaur colab, and a second liner that's basically the sleeveless version of this. Love all three, and this one looks like it's in my size too. Feel free to hit me up . . .
I'm an idiot. Thanks again for the sweater, @highvoltorb Oh, and if I traded with you or sold you something in the past several weeks and then sent you a panicked message to find out if I'd shipped you my new pair of Bill's by accident, I just found them. They'd been delivered to the house one street over two weeks ago by a novice postman and just now made their way 'round to me.
Best way to handle a return without having the seller screwed over by eBay? It's for an issue with the item they missed, the blake stitching coming undone towards the center of a pair of blake/rapid handsewn oxfords, and they agreed to a a refund in full plus the cost of shipping it back to them. They've provided their return address but when I asked if I should just send it directly or process the return through eBay first they told me I could go ahead and send it through...
   Seriously! I had a package from him arrive just before we got hit with the worst winter storm of the season. Between a good 2-3" of slushy rain and overnight lows of 32°F they had to shut down campus at 1:30 and leave it closed until half past nine the next morning. We can't expect people to drive in weather like that!
I've owner both Sears & Roebucks and Bostonian shells and been pretty happy with them.
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