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That's almost right around the corner from me, I'll have to check them out. Those prices aren't too terrible either, I was paying $20-25 for sleeves and $10-12 for pants with my old tailor.
Suggestions for a tailor/cobbler/drycleaner/barber in (east) Atlanta? Looking for both a good tailor for more difficult alterations and a quick, cheap one for easy jobs like hemming pants.
 Two things, first this ancient letterman's cardigan:  And second, this suit: 
 Because that's an area of overlap with women's fashion.
The usual suspects: Haspel, Brooks, O'Connell, Corbin, Oxxford, ect. Any specific ones?
Oh, and here's a game day in late fall:  
4IH or double 4IH
I'll be your huckleberry:                          
Quilt/blanket/rug. For me.
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