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 @capnwes pulling the rare "Full Frontal Macklemore" 
I bought my sheets at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and just put a towel down if I'm worried about making a mess.
Sadly I put on a touch of the initial weight I lost and am pretty firmly a 35 waist. On top of that, well, nearly all vintage GTH trousers are borderline skin-tight 'cause I gotta donk. I've come to accept that I'll have to buy them in a 38 and get the waist taken in. Speaking of my absurdly misshapen sizing, anyone have a hat in a 7 7/8 or 8? Preferably a tall?
I've got a wedding. In Atlanta. At 4:30. For a pair of UGA grads. 
 Naw, I'm pretty sure @drlivingston was the last recipient of the thriftening, if he gets the chance to photo all 70-80 NWT items from **REDACTED** 
 Seriously, absolutely ridiculous delivery here, he even nailed the 3/2 sack PLUS it'll do double duty when christmas season rolls around. This jacket, my navy thin-wale critter cords, a blue OCBD, those football patriots and a navy silk knit? Killer christmas party attire without roasting my chestnuts.
     Same as the batch you sent me one from? Don't bother trying, the intitials were written on with ink before they were embroidered on. I've considered having the pocket replaced by one made from spare fabric in the tail, but I honestly don't care that much. I'll be wearing french cuffs with a jacket anyway, and that'll cover the monogram. If anyone asks, I'll just make up a godfather.  Right back atcha, glad those cords worked out for you and the shirt for your friend....
 Oh. Hello. Interested in letting go of it?
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