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 Nope, but my little brother's a 7 3/4, my mother's a 7 5/8, and my paternal grandmother was a 7 3/4-7/8. I had to buy my own helmet in high school, and had a special one bought for me in college because none of them would fit.  Oh, my girlfriend would hate that . . .   But try Orvis. Some of their XXL's are actually big enough, or close enough.
Nope. It's quite hard finding hats to fit a size 7 7/8 tall-8
Anyone happen to have a non-notch lapeled tuxedo in about a 43-44L? Was just informed that a wedding next tuesday is black tie optional and had to explain that no, that didn't mean to literally wear a black necktie with my suit. Last event I just bought a trim-fitting burgundy velvet smoking jacket for cheap and paired it with some orphan tux trousers, but that's not quite appropriate for a wedding.
Double All-Star special.
 How inbred do you have to be to have 30 toes? He must be an Auburn grad.
 Are we not discussing DnD here? Damn, I'll just be sitting over here quietly converting Idylls of the Rat King to 5e . . .
  @drlivingston , you've been summoned.
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