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Be a sure to double-check the condition section on her stuff. I was getting really excited by a bunch of tradly things posted in (potentially) my size for dirt cheap, really good things like a navy linen J. Press suit, only to notice they were all described as having "faint cigarette smell". 
 @SpooPoker @Nataku @Takai
Bill's khakis shirts in a medium fit this 43/44L perfectly.
Anyone have a decent, basic charcoal or navy suit in a ~43L jacket, 36-31 pant? Something in a traditional cut with plenty of room in the ass, thighs, and rise. Don't care about the brand, just decent+ quality and fairly cheap. I, uh, I put an 8" split in the pants of the H. Freeman and Sons charcoal suit I'd been wearing.
Nailed it Doc! 
  If I was just rewaxing the coat and didn't want to do it myself I'd definitely use NER, but this goes well beyond simple reproofing. The main zipper is probably going to need to be replaced along with a couple of the snaps, there's about a dozen small holes, some on existing patches or along seams, the cuffs are probably going to need to be replaced again, and I'm not sure whether the liner needs to be repaired or entirely replaced. Orvis offers official repairs directly...
Best place to send a Barbour for waxing and repair? On the older side (~25), ridden hard and put away wet with lots of minor repairs needed (holes in shell and lining, crushed snaps, ripped seams, missing cuff, toothless zipper, ect.), but I absolutely want it repaired and not replaced. Ideally I'd like the sleeves extended a couple inches too. Is it still best to send direct to Barbour? Or should I go visit the Orvis store in Atlanta? Someplace else?
They get very little play, but I love Southern Proper's printed ties, they're like a less-gaudy, less nautical Vineyard vines. Made in America and neck and bow both tie wonderfully. The neckties take a great dimple while the bows make a nice rumpled poof. The floral prints (magnolias, azaleas, roses, ect.) and the W.M. Lamb & Sons prints are particularly beautiful.
New Posts  All Forums: