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Naw, 110 ain't nothing. I grew up with 200-240lb English mastiffs. Now those are some minibears right there, our last one would sneak in and lick the icing off cakes if we left them cooling on the table.
 Little bit of one, nothing like my father though. My favorite folder's definitely my Benchmade 940, but I'm also rather fond of my Randell when I'm doing more outdoorsy things and I've got a pair of William Henrys I'll alternate with my tailored clothing. I was really tempted by the Dean but the tip had been broken off and there was a little rust pitting.
Figure y'all already know this, but a chance encounter/pass on a Dean earlier prompted me to post anyway. If you see MS engraved on a knife, at a thrift store, flea market, pawn shop, whatever, it's worth a good, hard look. Depending on the smith, materials, and design it could be worth quite a bit of money. I've seen Fisks go for 5-10k.
I wouldn't say it's that bad, more of a case of different goods for a different audience. I've certainly had better luck there with stuff for my wardrobe. It also seems quite a bit more active than the SF thrift BST.
Pappa's got a brand new set of cords. Fingers crossed I actually win that tweed cap since it's actually big enough for me.
Let me know if you want to sell some! My tailor is always happy to get some interesting fabrics.
6 oz pewter flask from Kaufmann mercantile?
I believe the Camlins are supposed to run about a size big, but the new Deacons are pretty much dead-on true to size. At least, my 10D's fit like 10D's. Sadly it looks like JCP's sold out of that model for now or I'd suggest you buy a pair of those instead. The Gunnar is still available but it's a black cap toe.
Call and raise:    Here we have presented to you another found ugly christmas sweater party masterpiece. We, the farmers of the vintage fields, have harvested another season's worth of crops for you to finger through... this one right here is one of these fine selected veggies straight off the produce stand, we only select the finest so you know it will be freshly ripened for you and your family to take home and put on your bodies.
   I hope you don't mind if I share a couple examples of my own:  [[SPOILER]]  Now which one should I wear for this? Both the NSFW commodore and the NSFW mermaid are up for a turn at the wheel, but I've also got two great new Gastroenterology themed ties I haven't worn yet . . .
New Posts  All Forums: