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 I'm assuming I fit "thank the parents" in there somewhere? And do I really have to hit on the little sister and dowager aunt too? Simple enough at an Irish wedding, though I doubt my girlfriend would appreciate it.
Topic change? Topic change. Anyone have advice for wedding toasts? Working on my toast as best man.
Looking forward to my new garmet bag, @capnwes. Thanks for sharing!
"Biggie medium"?
Wish I could wear J. Crew.
 ^Pretty much this. How much you eat matters a hell of a lot more than what you eat, and there's no way to outrun a bad diet short of being a hardcore marathoner. That three or four mile run you're feeling pretty good about is equal to a slice of pepperoni pizza or maybe two of plain cheese.
 Nope, he's just a birkenstock-burning square..
 Not identical, but these from Linda are pretty dang close and priced right: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BROOKS-BROTHERS-Dark-Gray-Wool-Glen-Plaid-Pleated-Dress-Pants-Sz-35W-/201567022579?hash=item2eee54adf3:g:jqsAAOSw7KJXEBsb She's listed them as pleated but they sure don't look that way to me.
New Posts  All Forums: