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Between 16 and 18 I went from 190 to 250, then dropped twenty my first couple months in college, put 35 back on by the end of that year. Got DQ'd, got fat, and dropped from 265 to 190 between the start of spring and the middle of winter.
I'm guessing @SpooPoker spends his 9-5 at a JAB.
Can you work with 16.5-35?
 I think you're wrong here, man. Everything I've read says that the finer the wool, the less durable the fabric. In fact, that's why workhorse staples shouldn't be too fine if you're wearing them regularly as they'll wear out too quickly. 
The goodwills in Athens really aren't all that great. You'd have had better luck at America's Thrift, the Battered Women's Shelter, or Potter's House. 
 This is AWESOME! 
 Doc, you really should to post a guide to packing ties, kinda like @capnwes did for his packing/shipping process.   *Cough*
I think there's some laws on the books in his state that hinder or outright prohibit consignment, but I'm not 100% sure.
Neither, I wouldn't split the suit and Takai and I are nowhere near the same size in jacket. It was a different pair of pants that I needed to get let down but were too tight in the thighs to really fit comfortably. The tighter collegiate fits I've found that I have to size up 2-4 inches in the waist and then take them in for a good fit.
New Posts  All Forums: