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A cream vent against black pants is going to be extremely visible whenever it's the slightest bit open.
 One of the cultural trends that you see everywhere, not just fashion, is a desire for authenticity and a reaction against the "pre-packaged" and mass-marketed. The rise of small-batch whiskeys, micro-brews, "real versions" of imported foods (think of how much easier it is today to find imported block parmigiano with the stamp than it was ten years ago), shaving with double-edged safety razors, people insisting on the proper use of "literally" all attest to this trend. Of...
From the BAFTA red carpet     I think he grabbed her shirt by mistake
I would hope everyone creates such endings, otherwise the suit is not being used to its full potential. But having one create itself is a pleasant little bonus.
The consideration is economic, not aesthetic. If I land any sort of academic post before May, the first thing I'm doing is buying a morning coat. Holding onto medieval forms of ceremony (which I totally support) makes morning dress positively modern
But returning to black tie,  I will relate that I had planned to host a formal dinner party last night, but due to a sick wife eliminating one couple, an in-laws summons to Vermont removing another, and a few friends opting out due to weather--in fact, all of my friends but one sent their last minute regrets--the dinner party for eight turned into a private dinner for two with a beautiful woman who was absolutely stunning in a green evening dress.   These are the...
I'm considering wearing morning dress for commencement
Hi guys,   I'm a university academic in the humanities who enjoys a work environment where I can indulge my taste for bow ties, suspenders, odd vests and pocket squares (and the occasional boutonniere), and hopefully convince a younger generation that dressing well is a joy
I wore this a few times -- it never felt gimmicky. Visually it's a bit unusual at first, but very quickly looks natural. I stopped wearing it, not because of costumey concerns, but because I think you need fairly flat abs for it to really look good: you have to go unbuttoned for its full effect, and the jacket hanging loosely at my sides wasn't as flattering as it buttoned up  
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