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When it comes to customs is it better to order my Jodphurs and Chelsea separately or together on the same order?
Actually they should only make clothes in XXL because we are either jacked from lifting or fat from eating. Keeping the big guys happy is the only way to ensure the safety of the rest of humanity. #FeedmefleshandIron
Big guy JE Fit Midnight Blue Villain Crew and Plaster Mercer  
Are we assuming items no longer on the site like the SS Villain will be in a special sales category?
Thanks for the hook up picked up the last XL
Yeah the time between shipping confirmation and delivery is pretty quick mine was 9-18 to 9-23 which was longer than a few other people.   One question I do have is did anyone purchase the full sized Jodhpurs in Black Calf? The cropped version looked poor to be honest, im wondering if the quality on the leather boots have gone down in the recent batches?
UPS dropped my pair of Cropped Jodhpurs today, couldn't be happier I'll deal with customs when they come.   
 Did you get the cropped?
Lian told me they will ship this Friday or next Friday at the latest
I ordered on the 8-9-15 and this is what I got from Lian on the 4th of this month   Hi Willie,   Thanks for getting back. Hope you are well.   Your order is in the final stage and will be shipped out in 1-2 weeks.   Would you like me to hold you order until you get back? I could also update your shipping address if you like Willie.   Please let me know.   Best, Lian
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