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So i'm guessing the XXL Rue hoodie was almost non existent seeing how fast they all soldout
I've been bulking up this winter and while I originally wore all my JE clothing in XL while I was a fit 240. I've now added more muscle which makes the chest and core area of my Villain gear tight unless unzipped. Im thinking about bumping up to XXL but will that ruin the layering for my XL tees that are not elongated? 
Just to clarify midnight will be the end of the Black Friday Sale and we will not be able to combine it with the Cyber Monday items tomorrow?
That was nice and simple was able to get the Grey Long Sleeve Extended Mercer and the SS Extended Villain Crew with no issues
Is there a pricing breakdown on the Shadow Capsule Collection?
Hate to be that guy but any update?
Just saw this belted cardigan coming out for the Gant Rugger line. Is there anything out right now thats similar or will I have to wait?  
I was thinking about heading out to the Suit Supply in Houston in a few weeks, are there any style suits that would work well for a muscular guy? I'm a 48L with a 36 waist and would appreciate any recommendations
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