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Feel ya on this. Everything fit good for me on try on except those thighs. 34 waist for you? My 34x32 fit, finally, pretty well after about 3 months of good wear. My thighs are 12.5 to 13 in my other jeans that fit me perfect. Now the midland is great, except the rise is about an inch lower for me especially in the back/crack area, but wearable. i guess that'll have to do.. 
This. How did yours turn out after taking in the seat? I went TTS for these, and the butt is very saggy. Legs are perfect, def. gonna taper the opening though. No wash for you yet i'm assuming?
Can anyone elaborate more on RL Vintage? Like how/who chooses these pieces, where they are from, etc? Picked up a black leather belt yesterday that I just loved, even though I felt like I could've taken the whole damn collection hanging over the chair. And is it just limited to in store purchases/just RRL? Or does Polo Blue Label have some as well?
In NYC for the weekend, and plan on stopping by West Broadway tomorrow for the first time. Was just wondering if there are a good number of shops within walking distance and/or directly on West Broadway? Thanks
Ahh should've known that, even though I don't own any Gitman. Thanks!
 That's exactly what I needed to hear. Got a white one for an awesome deal today, and I'm a fan of decent weight for my oxfords to beat up. And what's GBV I may ask?
What are y'alls opinion on the fabric quality/fit of the RRL Pocket Oxfords? Like these below:     http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11750055&cp=2943767.12618509.41344086&ab=ln_nodivision_cs_rrl&view=99&parentPage=family
Dropping in to ask y'alls advice/opinion. Currently only own a pair of Indys in 9.5 in the Trubalance last, which fit me great/sized down to it. About to purchase the unlined snuff dover, which is on the barrie, so would getting a 9.5 after sizing down work there as well??? The advice on most sites were to size down 1/2 for both lasts. From what I hear, the Barrie has a slightly longer toe front. And I'm too far away from a store currently to try on.
Ha exactly, good find. Just copped the broadmoor camo jacket from Jcrew last week for 49$, ordered a L and M but got a call yesterday saying the M was all that is left. Fingers crossed it fits fine, as it was a steal at the price
Are those the instore sale prices?
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