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Dear Drake, I believe that the issue of comfort is important in an election season, and in fact it is important in all seasons. I thank you for bringing this important question to our attention, and as I believe that one good turn deserves another, I feel that I owe you a question about your own comfort. Tell me then, are you more comforted by your right hand or your left, or perhaps by the right or left hands of the Artisan Fan in question? I remain,...
Dear Kronik, While I not a regular combatant, I do want to say that I appreciate your use of the King's English. In return, I pose a question to you, one which I believe you have asked before on this august forum. Kronik, have you ever engaged in buggery? I remain, Mac
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I ticked the only box that suggested an increase in taxes (even though only temporary) Dear G, I apologize as I fubared. The proposal was for a gas tax holiday. I guess that means you don't support it. I remain, ashamed, Mac
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan You posted on Obama's economic policies but unfairly left out the most controversial ones which will cause this economy to derail. I am adding to the discussion by enhancing your original post. I remain, A fan of artisans everywhere. Dear Art, I am sorry if I appeared to you to be a tool of the Democratic party. I did not intend that. I remain, apologetic Mac
Dir Sirs, Bump. Poor Senator McCain is getting no discussion, and very few votes. Please chime in. Mac
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan You forgot: **Doubling the capital gains tax. **Not renewing the Bush tax cuts. **Income tax increases for those making $200K or more. **Hidden taxes in any future global warming legislation. Dear Artisan, Unlike G, who was helpful in pointing out some things over which I skipped, you are just being disingenuous. This was not meant to be a thread for ranting and raving, so please do us all a...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 You forgot: Tax cut for working families Double federal funding for basic research and make R&D tax credit permanent Federal incentives to grow renewable energy sector Encourage states to adopt paid-leave systems Expand the Child and Dependent Care tax credit Investigate potential conflict of interest between credit rating agencies and financial institutions Dear G, Thank you for your list. I...
Dear Sirs, Allow me to beg your input once again. Please respond as to which policies you support, and please indulge me by expounding on your reasons. I remain, Mac
Quote: Originally Posted by Nico Samuel Pleninsek All of them. Dear Nico, I am happy that you responded. If it were possible, could you expound on why you favor them? You need not respond to all, but perhaps one or two. I feel that this would really add to the discussion, as more viewpoints would be available to all. I remain, awaiting your reply, Mac
Dear Sirs, I do not post in this forum often, but have decided to make a poll. Now that our candidates are chosen, I thought to make a list of their proposed economic policies and to ask each of my fellow members which they supported, and which they opposed. I cannot bother to make a full list, so I will pick some from his webpage. After answering the poll, I do beg you to give some reactions to the various plans that you support or oppose. I feel we should attempt...
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