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Unless someone has duct taped you to a lawn chair, the only one forcing you to be alone is you. What is the common denominator in all of your problems? It's you.The solution is up to you. No one here can help you.Get yourself squared away and go out and live. That's where the good women are.
http://www.reddit.com/r/justneckbeardthings/search?q=neckbeard&sort=relevance&restrict_sr=on&t=all This is a web link devoted to neckbeardery. If you do not see the op's archetype in that link, I'll eat his fedora.
I suspect fedora- wearing neckbeardery of the op. Women are not impressed by tips of the fedora from a moody neckbeard.
 Not digging the pocket square or the way that tie is laying, but the rest looks great! 
I'd say you've nailed it. Maybe add some walnut strands or something more casual.
You have bodybuilder- sized thighs and calves. I will be amazed if you ever get anything off the rack to fit you perfectly even with a bit of tailoring.
I love my Brooks Brothers shirts too. They make them without pockets. I wore one to work today.
I have done that on occasion. The collar always worked fine with my jacket lapel.
I had a suit do that after a dozen wearings. My tailor said the jacket shoulder just didn't fit my body and the wearings had allowed the drape to break in and show the problem. She said it was not worth fixing after the first attempt at adding additional shoulder padding failed. I donated the suit to goodwill.
I like the tie.Why is the jacket so rumply?
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