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I am wondering how much of a break you guys prefer on your seersucker? None? Half? Full? Why?    I typically like half break on my suit and odd wool trousers. I'm undecided on what to do with my seersucker. 
It is a bit short, but it fits you so well otherwise, I'd not lose sleep about wearing it in your shoes. I'd wear it. Only we Style Forum folks will notice it anyhow.
I had a S Cohen navy blazer that had the color bleed onto my dress shirts. I sent that one to Goodwill. It soured me on the maker.
But he's got mad stacks, yo! Seriously though, that is horrible. I feel bad for the guy
I'm not sure what difference the non-wool bit makes, but my wool Chester Barrie covers my seat. I am 6'3" and wear a 46L.
High Waters?
I get this on some of my jackets too. 
My jacket wears funny with a phone in the inside pocket. The sleeve shows less cuff on whatever side the phone is on.
I have the Bellevue and they look good with jeans. I think they look too clunky for dress pants FYI. 
Me either. I think they are cordovan colored AE's for $5. 
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