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Thanks for the input. My wife has a faux fur full length coat that looks fairly nice. 
  30 degrees or less at night.
I and my Lady have our first black tie outing in November to a gala ball. I have scoured the internet to find out what kind of coat a woman should wear with her black tie gown and/or dress. Can anyone give me any insight on that? Thanks
Should the bottom button of a 4 x 2 double breasted dinner jacket be buttoned?
The matching jacket or nothing.
Can you define "work the fabric a bit"? I have two tiny holes where those buttons were I would like to make go away. Thanks
Thanks for the replies. It is appreciated. 
I consider it neccesary.
I just picked up a no vent,double breasted jos a bank tuxedo for $50. It is not the signature line. It has keystone patterned buttons and flap pockets. There is a besom at the pockets. I am either going to just tuck them or get the flaps removed. Per the buttons, can I just snip off the top two upper most, non-functional buttons on the front to get the classic four button db closure? Will this leave a noticable flaw in the jacket front? Thanks, gents.
I just looked at that Pitt picture . Why is he flexing his arms as hard as he can in a prayer pic? Seems like a douche move or something a teenage boy would do.That said, I do wear those kinds of shirts with shorts and jeans.
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