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This looks great!
The fourth jacket looks the best to me although the sleeves need to be raised at the cuff. That said, none of them really fit. They all have shoulder/back issues.
Brooks Brothers slim fit is a great fit for me and they have held up well in my business wear rotation. Pronto Uomo are holding up well for me too.
Tradition is the glue that binds a people together. I ,for one,think black tie is part of that gentlemanly tradition. It is a show of respect for your fathers, your fellow gentlemen, and yourself.
My wife and I attended a black tie-optional event last weekend. I saw only one more tied bow. Lots of clip ons. Still, there were several folks out of about three hundred dressed well enough per black tie etiquette. I wore a double breasted peak lapel, self tie bow, pique shirt with gold studs and cufflinks, polished to death Park Avenues and everything fit well. There were several tuxedo sets being worn with standard long ties, loafers, colorful cummerbunds and button...
That coat on the guy on the left...I would wear that in full confidence. It looks great! The rest of the outfit? No so much.
Thanks for the input. My wife has a faux fur full length coat that looks fairly nice. 
  30 degrees or less at night.
I and my Lady have our first black tie outing in November to a gala ball. I have scoured the internet to find out what kind of coat a woman should wear with her black tie gown and/or dress. Can anyone give me any insight on that? Thanks
Should the bottom button of a 4 x 2 double breasted dinner jacket be buttoned?
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