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I have vintage sterling and gold stud sets I picked up on eBay. I think they just add a bit more character to my dinner jacket.
No brass buttons on a suit for me. Blazer? Sure.
I like the jacket! I'm indifferent on the trousers. They a baggier than I like.
Yep. There is nothing quite so worthy of adoration as forcing half the Country to do what you want them to contrary to their will and their rights.
Sleeves and pants a bit too long.
After you suggested he'd be good at taking it up the ass first ? Weak.  You were trolling for a response and you got one. Mission accomplished. 
It was easier to spear the chicken pieces and greens with my knife than scoop them on a spoon. I'm sure it looked insane to any onlookers who may have seen me eating while parked elsewhere. 
On the other hand, I used my knife probably a half dozen times today. Cutting tags off thrift store finds, sharpening a pencil, and as an eating utensil when the McDonalds worker at the drive- through gave me a spoon to eat a salad!!
I carry a pocket knife for self defense when I can't carry a gun, for cutting seatbelts in an emergency, and for general utility. I typically carry a SOG twitch folder.   I am interested in the Case Tuxedo Knife for wear with a dinner jacket when a folder clipped to my pocket may look classless. 
Dress like everyone else, but add a sport coat or blazer. Also, make sure your clothes actually fit. You run the risk of becoming "That guy" if you are the only trainee to show up in a suit.    It's a shame they demand black trousers. Maybe you could slip some charcoal trousers and a navy blazer with smoked mop buttons by?
New Posts  All Forums: