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I'd go with gold. But of those you mentioned, I'd go with mop. Onyx is probably not wrong, it is just too much contrast for my liking.
Thank goodness he's not running for tailor in chief.
Talbott "Best of Class". It's one of my favorites. Looks like I left it a bit too loose that day.
I either thrift or buy my stuff off eBay for the most part. I have a Brooks Brothers and JAB local to me I visit too.
At 6'3" at 200 pounds, Brooks Brothers, Hickey Freeman, and even Jo's A Bank 46l fit me well with just a few tweaks.
I'm liking this! 
I'd be astonished if you'll be able to have those let out enough. Burn or Ebay them. 
Not a fan of the brown tie or pocket square. The rest is killing it! 
The jacket length is definitely not too long. 
I just did my flannels. They look great. I used a cotton T shirt for a pressing cloth. I used a hint of steam. Thanks for the tip, Murl! 
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