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Should the bottom button of a 4 x 2 double breasted dinner jacket be buttoned?
The matching jacket or nothing.
Can you define "work the fabric a bit"? I have two tiny holes where those buttons were I would like to make go away. Thanks
Thanks for the replies. It is appreciated. 
I consider it neccesary.
I just picked up a no vent,double breasted jos a bank tuxedo for $50. It is not the signature line. It has keystone patterned buttons and flap pockets. There is a besom at the pockets. I am either going to just tuck them or get the flaps removed. Per the buttons, can I just snip off the top two upper most, non-functional buttons on the front to get the classic four button db closure? Will this leave a noticable flaw in the jacket front? Thanks, gents.
I just looked at that Pitt picture . Why is he flexing his arms as hard as he can in a prayer pic? Seems like a douche move or something a teenage boy would do.That said, I do wear those kinds of shirts with shorts and jeans.
I am betting that after all these years, the op is now a fedora tipping neckbeard living in his mothers basement...and "suited up".
 I was told they come with no cuff buttons installed.
Anyone know if the JAB single button signature tuxedo with peak lapel comes with buttons for the cuffs that are to be installed by the buyer's tailor? Thanks.
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