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You said it fine in the first place. I also favor supporting small businesses when they offer something the big guys don't, be it a better product, a better value, or better service.
I like the jacket. DB Blazers look cool. That said, I wear a DB dinner jacket to an event and look good doing it. I am tall and can pull off the look.
The three button cuffs are an odd choice. The drape at the back is bad. It looks like it's causing a sway back effect. It's way too short. It really looks awful in my opinion.
Those shoulder divots would bug me.
That suit in the op looks awful on a model in a staged promotional pic. Imagine how terrible it will look in the wild.
Why not?
It seems like an ok deal to me. I bought all 5 of my pair in similar condition for between $50 and $130 depending on the model.
I wear walnut Franciscans all the time with suits and sport coats and with everything from green to navy. I wear my black fifth avenues with grey.
Need a pic with you standing relaxed with your hands not in your pockets to see if the jacket fits. It's going to be hard to pull that suit coat off as a sport cat.
Go for the smaller shirt.
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