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12 suits (in order of personal faviourites: 2xAttolini, 2xKiton, 1xBorrelli, 1xIsaia, 2xBrioni, 2xArmani, 2xBoss) 3 sport coats (borrelli, Corneliani, Brioni), I rarely use them though 10-15 shirts that I use regularly, 50+ shirts that rarely see daylight 4 pairs of shoes (2xMatellassi, 2xShipton&Heneage) and a coule of Boss rubber soled shoes for wet winter days 4 belts (one for each pari of shoes...) Countless ties, but only a few that I actually like. This counting...
Quote: Originally Posted by Harry Lean Nothing would surprise me with Borrelli. lt's hard to trust that company. There salesmen have done the brand alot of damage too. They have the occasional good item, but generally there stuff sucks. They are the pretenders of the handmade world. Pthh. (not really a comment about the fabric, but still.....). I don't have that much experience with Borrelli, but get this feeling too. Whenever I am in the...
Swiss shirt maker Bruli has a slim line that is really nice. not sure if/where you can get them in US though. Paul Smith's slim fit line is also good, but is of lesser quality than Bruli (in my experience, at least), which is similar in price.
found an article that explains the relationship and difference btw Kiton and Sartorio: http://www.dnrnews.com/site/article.php?id=1213
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