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I live in Geneva, and while I agree that it is much nicer when it is warm, I wouldn't say it's a waste of time. but of course it all depends on what you want to do. In terms of sightseeing there is always the UN and CERN (for the latter you must book far in advance, but it's supposed to be pretty cool). If you're interested in watches you could visit the Patek Philippe museum. For shopping, there are quite a few opportunities. Someone mentioned Brogue before, which is...
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Yoox regularly keeps mantellassi and santoni, and I think recall seeing testoni there as well. I haven't seen stefanobi in an on-line store, at least not in Europe.
Yes, 42/52R would be of interest. What price were you thinking?
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Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Dang. I just put them all into the washing machine, air dry them and get the lady who comes in to tidy once a week to iron them. +1 Also, I find it a bit odd that the tags in my Kiton shirts say I can wash them in 60 degrees, whereas my Borrellis say 35 degrees. Are the latter much more delicate? If that's the case, then I think I'll stick to kiton in the future. I like to be able to clean the shirts...
I had to expand the trousers of a borrelli suit once, as they were way to slim (leg, seat and waist). Because of all the hand work (which my tailor replaced with new hand work), it was quite expensive. The result, however, was excellent. I also had to do the opposite with a pair of Kiton suit trousers. I had bought the suit in the US, and as a result the trousers were way too big everywhere than in the waist. My tailor told me he had to recut them and get rid of all the...
I have a very similar pair from mantellassi, and I love them! I thought from the beginning that the occasions for using them would be limited (for similar reasons as given above), but they turned out to be my favourite pair! I found the perfect belt to match, and I use them regularly with grey suits. I also use them with navy pinstripe suits sometimes, and they are a great way to bring life to office/business wear. Good buy, I would say!
I wonder if the use of t-shirts under shirts is particularly popular in America. I work in Europe, but at a place with numerous nationalities. I have noted that the ones I observe with t-shirts under their shirts tend to be from the US or Canada (not always, but definitely overrepresented). In my view, it looks bad. I would compare it to white socks. I realise that there may be a function to it as someone mentioned above, but then I'd make sure that it is a slim fitting...
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