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I also bought several Borrelli Luxury Vintage shirts from this seller. Excellent shirts (all recent models) at great prices. As someone said, try to negotiate the price about 500 down. Negative aspect of this seller is that he (or she) does not communicate whatsoever (only about price). If it is precisely the suit you are looking for and the measurements are correct, and you know that Kiton fits you well, I'd say go for it!
Hi there, Which Mouton a 5 pattes was this? In geneva? I have never seen those brands there. Usually, the most high end stuff they carry is Pal Zileri, and only once did I see the Sartoriale range (usually it is the Lab stuff). If they have started carrying SP then that is great news indeed! SP pants and shirts are great, btw.
Only looked through isaia pics. It's a very nice suit, but it looks generally too full. Perhaps one size smaller would give a nicer fit, if it is not to tight in the shoulder. You could also try on a V-base, which may fit you better.
Kaplan, If you live in Copenhagen I'd recommend you take the train over to Malmo and visit the sale in a new store called af Mell. They are doing 50% off the entire collection. For shirts, they carry Kiton, Turnbull&Asser and Truzzi, for suits they do Kiton and Belvest and for shoes they have Mantellassi. With the weak Swedish krona, you can find some good bargains. I got two Truzzi shirts at USD110 each, a Kiton shirt for USD200 and a few ties and pocket squares from T&A...
Price drop: 600 shipped!!
Thanks for the support. I am also a bit curious as to why there is hardly any interest. The suit is indeed in excellent condition. I was inspecting it closely as I took the photos, and there is absolutely no sign of wear. I suppose the fact that it has working button holes combined with me being a first time seller here makes it more difficult to generate interest. I want this sold, so if anyone wants to make an offer I'll consider it. Thanks
price drop - 640 shipped!
Price drop and pictures/info added
Thanks for the reply tjd. Not what I wanted to hear, although I had expected it. Yes, electricity will be much more regular than in Freetown - will keeping the clothes in an aircon space do the trick then? Does that take care of the moist? May tailor told me I should put paper into sleeves and between the hangers and the clothes. Will that help? Thanks!
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