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PM sent on the Lobbs
Interested in eu50r suits. Solid navy and possibly grey stripe, depending on pictures. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by cretaceous_cretin As far as ironing, I don't. I outsource that the local laundry. I also don't like bothering with the stays - it is a nuisance looking for the correct size every morning. However, I don't like the look of my shirt collars without them (they roll unevenly). Solution: the cleaning lady removes the stays before cleaning, and replaces them after ironing. I suppose your local laundry could do the same...
I have one in linen. I agree that it is well made, and I like it. It is a bit too slim fitting for my taste, though (especially for being a linen shirt), and I prefer some other brands at that retail price point. At the price you paid, however, it is indeed a very good shirt.
I have several suits from both makers, as well as shirts and outerwear. I prefer Attolini, but like the previous speaker, I am also no expert on construction. For suit fabrics, the Attolinis I have are s100 and s120. Obviously, next to a Kiton s180 there is a real difference. Nevertheless, I feel that Attolini has focused on fabrics that make good suits, rather than fabric with high super numbers. The Attolini fabrics, in my view, make for a better appearance (at least the...
I actually do like the spitfire chrono. obviously, the portuguese is something else (and your better choice if you ar planning to use it a lot with suits), but I feel that the spitfire has a lot of ccaracter. to me the lack of perfect symmetry that the chopped off digits somehow signals makes its appearance quite interesting.
Hi Kaplan. I agree that this is a beautiful watch, and have been looking for the same for some time. I stumbled across one at a Swedish auction house (you are in Denmark, right?), which, coincidentally bears your name (!). The link is here I have not bought through this site before, but understand that they do real-time auctions online, and have heard good things about them. This specific auction is on 10 July and starting price is SEK 18000 (in the few auctions I have...
Anyone has list of UK 9,5?
That sounds excellent! Thanks for the speedy response. Will look out for updates on the website next week.
Looking forward to the Stile Latino suits. Will there be any in summer fabrics? What is the price range? Cheers!
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