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This is a shell sculpture on manasota beach, englewood, fl
Great photos in this thread! I'm without lens at the moment and it sucks. These are just a few I keep on the phone...
Congrats and very nice name choice. We got lucky with ours and it was pretty easy. My boy was named after his grandfathers (William Michael Lee) and we happened across a consensus fav for our on-the-way daughter (Isla Mae). The real fun begins soon. Style on a budget in the near future.
The Browns showed Lombardi and Banner the door. This makes all of Cleveland happy.
Good day, all! Lurked for a long time and decided to join up. I really appreciate all the info collected here. I recently moved from SWFL to Vancouver, WA... wardrobe overhaul time. It's been a little challenging, as we have a young man and another little one on the way. Either way, thanks again for all the great threads. Best, Justin
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