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One amazing coat... Its mostly lined with cashmere. I bought one at a much higher price awhile ago.
I think it went up from $1000 to $1300 since last year or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by cwh812 Whatever your price is will be too low - I'll pay double. Small time. PM sent.
I also bought a pair from prajna12. Lovely boots and I would say they fit true to size. Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Anyone know what last the Peal boots are on? Do they fit true to size, or is it best to size down?
It means UK size 9 and US size 9.5. Quote: Originally Posted by vm1336 As a newby here, could somebody please explain to me the 9-9 1/2 size description? Oh, and beautiful shoes.
What a horrible person.
Read the B&S rules. No free bump without a price drop.
I have this exact same coat bought here a few months ago. This coat is decadent and substantial. The mid to bottom lining is also pure cashmere from what I can tell.
In order to bump your thread you need to drop your price by 5-10% each time.
Sorry I have no experience with Jermyn II or Chapel. This is the only pair of JL I ever had so I can't really comment on how these fit compare to other models. Quote: Originally Posted by withstyle if you know, how does the fit compare to Jermyn II and Chapel? Thanks...
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