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yeah. i get it. im sure in the end he was broke, so he didnt really walk away with the money. but he damn sure stole it and got away with it. it's just hard to wrap my head around..
correct. walked away have a half million. cocksucker.
It blows my mind that not one person has had a run in with his bitch ass. does he physically work at that chicken spot? can he be seen? why hasnt his mouth been stomped yet? what id give to get my hands on him. Its just a matter of time..Cant even imagine how he lives with himself. hes a real special kind of "piece of shit." dude should just off himself already.     And fuck, charly and dan. both knew about this shit. both were involved in the operation for a long enough...
You'd have to be a complete moron to buy anything from, Falcon. It still blows my mind how they have all gotten away with this. And the balls they have to advertise on this thread.. but wait, they will give you this shitty discount if you hurry up and buy.  This whole thing is such a fuck story. Charly and Dan had no idea shit was going south but just kept taking money? motherfuckers! you knew the opperation.  you should have known damn well something was off. I get it...
Does anyone want to buy my spot?
How is it that people know about or have been to the chicken joint and not one person has confronted or beaten this little pric?? at the very least, someone should throw a brick right threw the fucking window. lucky for him, I cant get my hands on his bitch ass or id be stomping his mouth. 
if he's not going to refund our money, I wish he would kill himslef. fuck his life. however, it would be nice for someone to clean his clock beforehand. 
Does anyone want to buy my spot?
Petition submitted.
it wont seem to let me submit.. anyone else have that problem?
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