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I never really understood the whole "selling the business". I mean, what is there to sell? Patterns, designs? Correct me if im wrong, but Drew didnt really make any of these designs. He slightly tweaked designs that have been around for over 50 years. It cracks me up when i hear people saying "another company ripped off a TOJ design". Drew and tons of others basically ripped off every design Schott ever made. Dont get me wrong, he makes a fine jacket, but its not like he...
Bought this jacket about 10 years ago and wore it maybe twice. It is still in brand new mint conditon. 100% wool shell with 100% cotton khaki reversible liner. the detail on this jacket is very nice. all varsity style stitched on lettering with stripes on aech sleeve and two stars on right sleeve. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank you. Jacket is Navy with yellow. liner is khaki with navy polo lettering. Mens size LARGE
damn. a june order? pushing a year? that doesnt even seem right. unless youve made a ton of changes or have something custom, i cant imagine why it would take that long. i was told  "a bit north of 6 months" when i placed my order. then after reading about lead times being more than six months, i figured, im not going to worry about it and im cool with even ten months, but if its getting to be a year long wait, thats kinda fucked. Ive never planned on making chages or...
Interested in trading my black lamb MDR with GM zips for a grey lamb MDR, size 48ish/medium. please send pm if interested. thanks. 
are you guys checking out dudes faces or their jackets? thats some of the most ridiculous shit ever. for what its worth, how serious is his face supposed to be when he's taking pics of himself for other men to look at? keep it up, Bob. nevermind the malcontents.
correct. its because there is no right or wrong answer. its a personal preference. it damn sure isnt rocket science. in fact, i find its fairly easy to do all by yourself.
jesus christ. looking forward to the discontinuation of M2M. some of these sizing questions are just too much. it's called a MOTHER FUCKING tape measure. theyre pretty accurate.
i was also told they were only taking orders for "a week or so" back in january. 
Purchased the jacket off B&S a little over a month ago. It's a little too big and I was planning on having it altered, but im having second thoughts. Im still hesitant to let go, its just far too nice to be hanging in my closet. If you have been looking for a TOJ in this size, look no further. Its honestly the nicest leather ive ever seen. The condition is still new and im just looking to get back what i paid, which i still think is a very fair deal. this jacket is worth...
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