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I dont like any of it, but I can also be a real jerk, so ill keep it to myslef. 
seriously? damn i must be old and out of touch. 
Well, I guess we'll call it "modern". I'm 34, grew up and spent most of my teen/early 20's in NYC, so style always seemed to be all around. from botiques downtown to high end dept stores uptown. not to mention easy, inexpensive transportation from place to place from the time your parents will let you leave on your own (for me that was 13-14 years old). anyway, I dont remember computers being around for shopping until after high school. I always wondered what people who...
and they all look like jerkoffs. ive been doing this long before the internet was around. 
nothing wrong with that. Most of my money gets spent on booze, drugs and gambling. The rest, I waste. 
"several hundred for glorified u-neck tees and sweatpants" ??   anyone who spends hundreds on tees and sweats is a fool. I like nice things and dont mind paying for them, but there are NO tees or sweats worth spending hunderds on. moreover, i dont leave the house in sweats.    sneakers, no more than $200. theyre fucking sneakers. realistically under $100.   mens shoes/boots, $250-900. If they are well made, they are worth it and will last. if it's a dress shoe with a...
$80 for a haircut? I'll never understand that. This is coming from a guy who dated a trained vidal sassoon stylist for many years. (she also charges around $80) anyway, she has moved to Hollywood and works with "celebrities" and im back to cutting my own hair. In all honesty, there isnt an $80 difference.  A man with real swag doesnt have to pay big money to look good. As a younger guy in my 20's, i used to think buying expensive things made a difference. Now in my 30's,...
I never really understood the whole "selling the business". I mean, what is there to sell? Patterns, designs? Correct me if im wrong, but Drew didnt really make any of these designs. He slightly tweaked designs that have been around for over 50 years. It cracks me up when i hear people saying "another company ripped off a TOJ design". Drew and tons of others basically ripped off every design Schott ever made. Dont get me wrong, he makes a fine jacket, but its not like he...
New Posts  All Forums: