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Going to be awesome!
Just did that! My first Rivets so hopefully they'll fit. Not sure if I'm size 33 or 34 but they were out of 33 so went with 34. Need to take them to the tailor anyway, to taper them (I even have the lower part of my Unis Gio Skinnys tapered, though not very much...), so might have the waist taken in too.
The Dainite sole loks great on those, and I bet they're super comfy.Oh yes.
You're right, they do look great in burnished tan! Still want them in Ravello. 🙂 Doubt they'll be available in Ravello within the next five (or ten...) years, though.
That brown Plaza cap toe looks great. Someone should make that in Ravello (if Ravello ever becomes available again...).
Sweet! When are we going to do a Whiskey Camberley GMTO?
Here's my C&J sizing experience, which might just add confusion... Last year's Whiskey Harlechs GMTO was my first foray into C&J. Since I didn't have any C&Js before, Lauren based her advice on my Alden sizes, where I'm 9D on Barrie, 9.5D on Plaza and Aberdeen (TTS), 9.5D or E on Leydon. Based on this information she recommended UK8.5E (standard width) on the Harlechs (last 341), and that was the right size for me, so it worked out fine. I guess MTOs are always a bit of...
Looking good! Not sure how much longer I can resist getting a pair of those.Wore my Dr Jones boots from Frans Boone today with a pair of Unis Gio Skinny chinos.
Beautiful shade of Ravello!
Mighty jealous of those Whiskey chukkas.
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