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+1The thing with MrDV's photos is, I think "Damn, those pants are cool!" almost as often as I think "Damn, those shoes/boots are nice!".
Cool, just replied to it.
Hi everybody,   Of the first 12 on the list, seven or maybe eight have confirmed with Lauren at C&J that they're in. So I'm moving down the list, and will contact every single name that is still left to finally get 12 confirmed buyers.   In the end, there might still be an open spot or two, so if you're interested in the Whiskey Shell Harlech boots (see specs and a picture a few pages back), feel free to PM me. But only if you're certain you will go through with the...
Yet another update. Just talked to Lauren at C&J. She told me eight people have contacted her, including the person C&J added to the list. So I would love it if the four people (of the first 12) on the list who haven't contacted me or Lauren could get in touch with either of us as soon as possible. It is perfectly fine to not join the group MTO, just let me know, then I'll reach out to the next name on the list. If I haven't heard anything by Friday, I'll start...
See #post_7961642.
Can't wait to see pics, those and the Lindrick boots are great models!
Hi Zeng, At the moment we'll only be able to have 12 pairs done. There was a chance to submit 20 orders but as you can see on the list we won't be able to reach that number, so I don't see that as an option any more. I'll be happy just to get 12 confirmed and paid... (Full payment upfront, by the way.) But with a little bit of luck you'll make it into the first 12!
Time for another update. I have PM'd the first 12 on the list below on how to move on. Many of you have PM'd me back and some have also gotten in touch with Lauren at C&J. Great! For those who are undecided, it could be good to know that according to Lauren at C&J they have enough Whiskey shell to fill this order, but then there won't be any more Whiskey available until some time next year. The final makeup will look just like @mdubs boots in this picture, except it will...
  Thanks for the suggestions, guys. For some reason I thought they were from Asia, since the person who posted them seems to be from Asia. I'll talk to Ed at ShoeMart and see what he has to say about it. @KPDarb, do you mean Alden San Francisco? The last ravello chukka I saw from them (a year and a half ago, maybe?) had a black welt/edge, and I really like the lesser contrast of the antique.
Does anyone know what store carried these fantastic Ravello Chukkas that were posted early May? I really like the brown welt/antique edge and would love to get my hands on a pair. Have PM'd the original poster (no luck) and emailed general@aldenshoe.com but they didn't know. I assume they were bought in Asia. Maybe someone recognizes the print on the insole? Thanks,Tommy
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