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Two new Alden sightings over at Epaulet. Innsbruck Chromexcel Alt Wien: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alden-for-epaulet-innsbruck-chromexcel-alt-wien Navy Chromexcel Tanker boot: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/alden-for-epaulet-lexington-tanker-boot-navy-chromexcel
Thanks, Mike!
Those are real beauties!I might be interested in a pair (Whiskey only).Does anyone know roughly how long it would be once the order is confirmed by C&J to delivery?
Prez's post with the chart probably already helped answering your question, just wanted to add a link to a website with the same chart also in millimeters, in case your in a country which uses the metric system.https://www.boot.com/bsizcvt.htmThe charts are at the bottom of the page.
You always wear very nice (read: sharp/cool) trousers, and these denims are no exception. May I ask what brand/model they are?
Has there ever been a Whiskey Dover? I really like the Whiskey PTB but I would like a Dover even more, just not sure if that's a combination one can expect to be made?
Fantastic shade of #8!
Love this picture.
Yes, the sole do look wide. Didn't know about TB Tankers, thanks for enlightening me. A day you learn something new is a good day.
Nice NSTs. Says they're on the Trubalance last, I wonder if that's true? Haven't seen any NSTs on Trubalance before, doesn't seem like the best last (aesthetically) for an NST boot. Would be interested in those if they were on Barrie.
New Posts  All Forums: