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Beautiful! Shade looks really nice, congratulations!
Now that's an office I'd like to work in!
Definitely go for L. I wash mine cold and hang dry them but many of my size M Chups are a pain to put on after the first wash and I'm US 9.5D.
Sort of off topic but maybe not completely for some of you. http://hbx.com has 20% off with code SU20 for those interested in Chup socks. $16 after discount. Just bought six pairs myself.
Somebody should make Whiskey NST boots on the Aberdeen (or Plaza) last. (Even better if it was a light shade of Whiskey to clearly seperate it from Ravello.) Edit: Just saw MrDV's photo. Those are okay too... (Are they from this last run?)
This might be the Enabler Post of the Year.   By the way, are the wing tip boots on the Barrie last? And do you know if they have D widths? I guess I should just give them a call...
I wasn't joking. It could be more than just a few years before I get a shot at a pair of Whiskey Tankers again, and one size up in width is only like 3/16 of an inch wider, which isn't that much on a boot, so could've been worth buying them. And if they would've been too roomy in the end, I could easily have sold them without losing any money.
Reading about the cigar Indys, I might have to get on a list for those. Has anybody who is normally a D width on other lasts sized down to C on shell Indys on the TB last? Would prefer a slightly sleeker look, if possible. I'm 9.5D on Plaza and Aberdeen boots, 9D on Barrie chukka and LWBs (the LWBs are slightly roomy), and am contemplating trying a 9C on the TruBalance last. Bad Idea?
I had the chance to get a Whiskey Tanker in 9E but passed because I'm 9D on Barrie. I'll probably regret this for the rest of my life.
Me, jealous? No, no, my face is always this green. But If anyone has suddenly gone crazy and decides he doesn't want his new whiskey tankers and happens to be a 9D on Barrie, please feel free to PM me...
New Posts  All Forums: