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Sweet, let's find a number 12!
May I ask what you use instead (if anything)?
Looks great! Might change my plans (brass eyelets and hooks) and go this route instead.
100% up front.
Thanks for taking the lead on this. Put my name down for the eyelets version.
I could live with either double leather or Dainite sole. Really prefer all eyelets over hooks, though. I can email Lauren at C&J for price, timeframe, etc.
Yes, I mostly see E width Aldens in EU. Not sure why. Is it because E width is the standard normal width from many European shoe brands? But that E width corresponds to Alden's D width, so it doesn't make sense. Do most European stores not know this (seems strange/ignorant), or do they want to sell wider shoes for some reason?
Back home after the annual visit to the US. Only one pair of Aldens were waiting for me this year, a pair of #8 WT boots on Plaza (antique edge, commando sole) from JGilbert. These will probably be "brassified", the hooks might also be replaced with eyelets. Prefer all eyelets but not sure how it will look since the hooks are not sitting straight above the eyelets, so it won't be a straight line of eyelets.
It was submitted quite a while ago (September?).I'd definitely be in on another dark brown shell Lindrick GMTO if it's all eyelets, storm welt, antique edge/welt, just like this (photo borrowed from @mdubs):Anyone else interested?As been said before, the low £ might lead to another price increase in the future, so maybe one shouldn't wait too long.
My first pair of Epaulet Rivet chinos were unfortunately one size too big so letting them go. Only tried on for size. $75, shipping included within the U.S. PayPal only. Measurements taken from the Epaulet website: Waist 17.5" Rise 10" Inseam 36" Thigh 12.75" Knee 9" Leg opening 7.5" More about the Rivet chinos here: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/Rivet-Chinos
New Posts  All Forums: