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What a beautiful color!
    Some amazing WTBs posted lately! Those and the NSTs/Tankers are my favorite boot make up. The "Indy" on Plaza is up there at the top of the list too. Can't wait to see pictures of the Whiskey WTB when it arrives (unfortunately not at my doorstep...).
Plenty of great pictures of the Ravello LWBs from AoC already, but here's another one. My shoes, but the picture wasn't taken by me but by my US P.O. Box (also known as my stepmother-in-law), so I can't say how accurate the color in the photo is. I think they look pretty good, though.
Yes, J.Gilbert has them on Plaza in Cognac calfskin in quite a few sizes. They also have some in black calfskin.
That color does look good! I hope mine will look like that too.
Ever considered trying a different wife? 
The Cigar Medallion boots are spectacular! Please say they're not from the recent batch that Alden DC had (on Aberdeen if I remember correctly)? I could have bought a pair but didn't because they were E widths. Looking at yours they don't look so wide, so I hope they're from some other place and time... I'm not an LHS guy myself but yours could almost convert me. Nice!
 Just saw it, that's great news! Unfortunately I won't be able to actually hold them in my hands and wear them on my feet until Christmas when I'm back in the States. Fortunately I'm pretty patient, seems like a good character trait to have when you're buying Alden shoes... One reason why I love MrDV's pictures is the pants. Always the perfect length and the perfect narrow leg opening.
Seems like none of the Alden stores put their rare shells online so as mdubs said you probably need to get in touch with the different stores. From my experience, calling is the best way. TSM sometimes put rare shells on their website, but not always. Reading this thread on a daily basis might also help. Good luck!
Same here, I love that Plaza "Indy".
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