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It's really down to personal taste and what you plan to wear the boots with. I would prefer the WT boot, but not by a very big margin, they're both really nice models. I know it's predictable, but there's no chance you can get both?
Fantastic pair of boots!
Thanks. Need to figure out my EP rivet size.
Really like this combo, may I ask what pants you're wearing?No problem with my #8 Alden shell boots (cuff the denim once for shoes, twice for boots). Suede is a different matter, though.
You obviously need to spend more time on @mdubs' AoSD site. http://aldenofsandiego.com/alden-faq/break-in-care-and-maintainence/
This is quite different than the normal Indy boot, since the Plaza last is much sleeker than TB. I much prefer the Plaza last myself, but again, it gives the boot quite a different look compared to an Indy on the TB last.As a matter of fact, the Indy on Plaza (some wouldn't call it an Indy, even) is one of my favorite Alden models.I would wear it with raw denim and dark blue jeans but not lighter ones. (I wouldn't wear light blue jeans, period.)Posted this picture two...
You definitely have a point. They will have to be chinos, though. So, when is that Alden Whiskey shell cap toe boot that you're talking about happening?
The Whiskey Harlechs arrived yesterday and they look pretty darn fantastic, I think. Personally, I don't mind the storm welt, one reason being that 90 percent of the time when I wear boots I wear them with raw denim, the other 10 percent with chinos.
I have just learnt that G&G are open to do a group MTO of a Thorpe in a somewhat lighter Kudu, one called Dakota:http://www.aacrack.co.uk/catalogue.asp?product_id=241&option_id=2208Something for you?According to Nick at G&G they can make 6 pairs of Thorpes in that particular Kudu from A&A Crack&Sons, maybe more.I can make a new thread for this GMTO if more are interested and if it's okay by StyleForum.I'm thinking all eyelets (blind or metal), MH71 last in E width, dainite...
You really nailed it with this color combo, it looks great!
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