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 Now that's a fine shade of Cigar!
 Just got off the phone with them, and it seemed like I wasn't the first one to call about the Cigar Medallion boot... They only had E widths and apparently they're on the Aberdeen last. Since I'm 9D on Barrie and 9.5D on Plaza, I assume 9.5E on Aberdeen will be too wide? I'm still tempted... On the other hand, now that I posted this the 9.5E will probably be gone in five minutes.
Nice boots x2.I'm on the wait list for the #8 NST boot on Plaza, but every time I see a picture of the Leffot Tankers I can't stop myself from thinking maybe I should go that route instead. First world problems, I know.
I enquired about another boot and got an email just a few days ago, seemed like none of their planned shell boots have been confirmed yet.
Mike needs more boots!   But I have a feeling he's been working on that since those pictures were taken...   My favorite Alden would be the NST/Tanker boot in Whiskey on Plaza, but wouldn't say no to it on Barrie or Aberdeen either. Second place would be the same boot but in Ravello. A Ravello or Cigar "Indy" on the Plaza (sorry for copying you, Mike) would be up there too.
Fantastic looking wt boots.
Your PCT boots are awesome and your pictures have convinced me I need those boots one day. Is it the J Crew version?
Really nice color combo.
Love these photos, it's like you're floating in the air, elevated.
Get well soon, mdubs! And remember, one of the fastest ways to recover from pneumonia is to get on another Alden pre-order list.
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