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Love the look that the heel counter detail (or what you may call it) gives this boot.
I was a few hours late to that party, but whoever scored the size 9.5D...If you change your mind, I'll buy them from you. This boot is a holy grail to me.
Clearly, those are two completely different boots!
Interesting, I even called JGilbert to ask if it was going to be black or antique welt and the answer was black. I'm fine either way, though.
It's on a commando sole, Mike, I'm on that pre-order. $775, ETA January 2016.
Sorry, @lifeinabox, was too excited so missed it was you who posted the original PSA. Thank you too!
Does anyone know if this is with dark or antique edge, btw? Looks like dark on the photo, but not sure if that's of the actual makeup. Would love if it was antique.Edit: Just spoke to Sean, it's the dark edge (as pictured). Got on the pre-order anyway (thanks, JSO1!). Guess beggars can't be choosers. Could always send them off to Randy the cobbler...
Thanks for the info, just emailed JGilbert.
Would be great if it was on Plaza since Brick&Mortar changed theirs from Plaza to Grant.
Fantastic boots.
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