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I'm waiting to hear back from Papa Doble, then we should be able to move forward with the first run. As long as we can agree on a make up...
As soon as I hear back from Papa Doble I'll get in touch with C&J and see when they think we can actually put our Whiskey Harlechs on our feet.Since there are many options when it comes to hooks or all eyelets, flat welt or storm/split reverse welt, Dainite or double leather sole, I think we should have a poll at some time as sleepyinsanfran suggested.
Here's what was proposed by Papa Doble. I could definitely go for double leather sole instead of Dainite but not a deal breaker. Flat or storm/split reverse welt, I'm fine with either of them.Edit: Oh well, guess I took too long finding this post, chocol8max beat me to it.
Sure, I'll do it. Will PM Papa Doble and get the ball rolling.
Thanks! I knew I had seen it somewhere. Think I'll wait for that one.
Ah, good thinking. I have no idea, I'm afraid.
In case you miss out on the Greenwich, it seems like Yenni at Brick + Mortar Seattle will be doing the same boot:https://www.alden-of-carmel.com/shoes-new-styles-coming-2015-350.htm41. Reverse Tobacco Chamois Wing Tip Boot, Barrie last, Commando sole.
Haha, no I'm 9D (Barrie) so no competition from me.
I'm kind of interested in the reverse chamois Greenwich too. Has there been a Tanker/NST boot in reverse chamois? Saw the pre-order on Monday for the Tanker in tobacco chamois, but how about reverse chamois?
I'm in the same boat as you, stevefok, and has offered to take over the coordination if nobody else steps forward. But it seems like you just did!  Just wanted to say that if you do decide to take over from Papa Doble, I'd be happy to assist you if needed. Don't want to miss this boot!
New Posts  All Forums: