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Wow, that's impressive! Do you use a deer bone?
Great choices! That Hunter boot looks spectacular. I wonder if they keep wait lists at Tassels?
Now we're talking! Simply beautiful, as Al Green once sang.
Thanks for the info. They're very nice.
I like this combo. May I ask what pants those are?
Some stores seem to have Butteros only in full sizes, ie 41, 42, 43 etc. Double select (and maybe others too) seems to have them also in half sizes, which might be good to know. They also have 20% off and free shipping (not sure if it's worldwide) this weekend with code THANKSDS20. http://shop.doubleselect.com/brands/buttero.html No affiliation.
I have a pair of Buttero Tanino (low) in brown, like these:I love them. Unfortunately, they're a little big. Which is a little annoying since I ordered size 8 and was sent size 8.5 but kept them since I thought they'd work with an insole... Should have sent them back, of course.Anyway, sizing wise the Buttero Taninos are long but not wide. Almost weirdly long.I'm usually size 8.5UK/9.5US/42.5EUR (D width) and my Barrie size is 9D, Plaza 9.5D. As said, my Taninos size...
I love my #8 chukkas. Boots and chukkas actually fit my style better than regular shoes. I'm pretty new to the Alden game but will definitely buy more chukkas, both shell and suede (#1493 and #1494).
I will. Thanks again.
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