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Mighty jealous of those Whiskey chukkas.
Love these. And the #4 CTs, but that's a given.
Ah, quite narrow, then. The only C&J I own is a whiskey shell Harlech on last 341, I ordered the same size in the chukkas, hopefully they'll fit. The Harlechs are not tight by any means.
Almost looks like a Tetbury with three eyelets? Guess I'll find out, couldn't resist the £297/$390 price... (VAT deducted, 25% off and free shipping to the US.)
Amazed that these are still there. Had they been half a size smaller I would have bought the LWBs, and I already own a pair. Great deal!
Does anybody know what last these chukkas are on? http://www.purdey.com/clothing-accessories/mens-grain-leather-chukka-boots-boot071.aspx
Unspoilered for those whose pinkies feel crammed - here's your solution.
Both are great! MrDV has a good point, though I would also wear the Aberdeen with a nice pair of chinos. Heck, I'd probably wear Aberdeen with dark selvedge too (which is the only kind of jeans I wear...), but if I planned to mainly wear them with jeans I'd go for the Barrie.Does one last fit better than the other?
PSA: Need Supply has 25% off on at least some Aldens with code SUMMERTIME. http://needsupply.com/mens/summer-selects
It's funny how preferences change. I used to think that the split seem on the Aberdeen NST boots were too long, and then I finally wore my pair and fell in love. Extremely comfortable on my feet, too. Also saw a pair of WT boots on Aberdeen on AoC's Instagramaccount and they looked great.But you have a good point, I love Plaza-lasted boots too, don't think you can go wrong with any of those two lasts.
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