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Beautiful boots! And my size, too... If you lose the battle with your significant other, feel free to PM me, I'll gladly take care of the boots.
I have never ever considered wearing loafers until I saw this picture. Maybe I'm growing up.
I'm 9D on Barrie and my Whiskey Harlechs (last 341) in UK8.5E fit me really well. Wouldn't have been able to go down to UK8E. Only tried on a Galway (last 325, not in shell, though) briefly and I might have been able to go down to UK8E with thin socks but picked UK8.5E for the Lindrick GMTO because I want to be able to wear them with Chup socks in fall/winter.I think there's a big chance you'll be fine with 8.5E. Otherwise I read something recently about special C&J...
These look great! Recent (G)MTO?
I'm with you on this, I would also prefer if the latest Lindrick was on double leather, but can live with Dainite. I guess Dainite soles make more sense here in Sweden than in Southern California.
Interested in this as well.
They look great, congrats!
How are we doing on the Lindrick GMTO, is it getting closer to being submitted to the factory?
I prefer all eyelets, mainly because my legs are skinny so I can get in and out of all eyelets boots easily. Usually only have to unlace the top eyelet pair, if even that, meaning it's faster for me than speed hooks. I also like the clean look of all eyelets.
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