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I'm definitely still in for the Whiskey Harlech.   Need some advise about sizing, though, since this will be my first C&J purchase. I wear size 9D in Alden's Barrie last, and 9.5D in Plaza. I guess I'll be 8.5 or 8UK? And is E the standard width on these?
Favorite that I own: Ravello NST boot on AberedeenFavorite that I don't own:Wouldn't mind a tanker boot or Dr. Jones boot in Whiskey, either...
Thanks! I guess another call to Ed has to be made.
Fantastic! Where are those from? I've been looking for this particular makeup. I usually see the Ravello chukkas with a black welt/edge but would prefer them with antique, the contrast between black and Ravello makes the edge pop out a little more than I like. I think. At least if the Ravello is on the lighter side.
Great PSA! Wish they had the CT boots in my size... Might call them and ask if they will honor the price when they get my size back in stock.
PSA: I bought this model just a few minutes ago from Haberdashmen.com. They're having 25% off on any single item with code MADNESS, including Aldens. No affiliation.
Thank you!
[[SPOILER]] Nice!My first Aldens were also a pair of #8 Chukkas. Wore them today, first time in months, hopefully winter is more or less over...The jeans look short from bending over to take the pictures. It was also my daughter's sixth birthday today. Trying on her new birthday boots (and wings):(She picked out the boots herself.)
That's a rhetorical question, right?Great collection, some of the best Alden models there, if you ask me.
I would buy that in a heartbeat.Wish I had been more alert a couple of years ago and bought the EpauletxCarmina Salinger double monk in saddle shell. I guess that one was a one-off and won't be made again?
New Posts  All Forums: