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That's what (my) dreams are made of.
Fantastic post, Mike!I have only bought one pair of Aldens from Adam, a pair of Ravello LWBs, but it was a pleasure doing business with him and I'm looking forward to buying more shoes from AoC. Adam is super knowledgeable, and I can't wait to learn more about the new AoC make-up line.The article also reaffirmed one thing I've heard mentioned many times before, and something I really value - Adam's thorough inspection of the shoes and boots before they're sent out. Can't...
Have you worn the JCrew PCT boots, or can you still exchange them for a bigger size?If you can't exchange them, maybe that's the pair you want to get rid of? If they don't fit right, the chance is they won't see much wear.
MP, what size are you? I'm on the pre-order for the Alt Wien shoe but I'm considering letting someone else have my spot. Size 9D.
Thanks for this PSA!They don't have my size in the PCT boot but I called and asked if they would honor the sale price once my size comes in and the salesperson agreed to do this. 25% off. Sweet!
Love the look that the heel counter detail (or what you may call it) gives this boot.
I was a few hours late to that party, but whoever scored the size 9.5D...If you change your mind, I'll buy them from you. This boot is a holy grail to me.
Clearly, those are two completely different boots!
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