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Dr Jones boots from Frans Boone. After six weeks of wearing a cast and orthosis (ruptured Achilles' tendon, can't recommend it) it's a joy to be able to wear shoes (or boots) on both feet again. Please excuse the frayed jeans.
I'm excited to see them too, especially the Lindricks, and I'm not even on that GMTO! Hopefully pictures of them will make people want to do another round of brown shell Lindricks, kicking myself for not joining the one currently in production.
Great picture! May I ask what pants and socks you're wearing?
Nice story! Thanks for sharing.
I'm going to have to sit the Whiskey Lindrick GMTO out, unfortunately. Watchman1's picture of the dark brown shell Marlow wingtip in the other C&J thread was fantastic, and it made me realize I should get my first dark brown shell boot before I get another Whiskey boot. So I'll just have to wait till the next dark brown Lindrick GMTO happens. Or hope that someone on the current one that is under production changes his mind and also happens to be a UK8.5...
I wear UK8.5E in C&J Harlech boots, last 341, that's the only C&J I have tried for a longer period. Maybe Coniston (last 325, right?) and Islay are different enough to be sized differently.Yes, judging by your Barrie/Trubalance size, Plaza in 8.5D should be fine.
I like the Plaza "Indy" but it's really just a matter of personal taste. I take 9D in Barrie and 9.5D in Plaza, so based on that I would recommend 8.5D. On the other hand I would recommend going up one size from your C&J size, which means size 8D (or E)...
The Whiskey Harlech GMTO I organized last summer was £700 (including VAT) and there was a price increase of £50 not long after that. As someone already said, trees are extra. Think they used to be £60 (incl VAT).
Not interested in a Skye, I'm afraid. I like the look of the heel/side brogueing on the Lindrick, that's what makes that boot stand out. To me, the Skye is too similar to other wingtip boots and is not what I'm looking for right now.   If there's enough interest for both a Skye and a Lindrick in Whiskey, my choice for the Lindrick would be all eyelets, storm welt (even if it means no wheeling. no light-colored stitching, though!) and antique edge.   Torn between...
Not sure I would be able to say no to a Whindrick.
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