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Thinking of pairing this with medium grey jeans and black or off white tee:  
I started tipping my tailor around 15 to 20% after about the 10th garment I brought in because I'll OCD over 1/4" and 1/2" in jean tapering and hemming decisions during fittings.
Cavernous v-neck but I think you'll pull it off with the right underlayer.   Could always have a tailor put in an extra button above for styling ease. search for Gazzarrini blazers in mens clothing, all "buy it" now links redirect to Yoox and this one's still available.   I just bought the lead one in size 40 to check out the construction quality.
Now this is really strange, second time I've found a deep discount item which doesn't appear in Yoox when searching for all items by designer.   Like this Gazzarrini for example:   Anyone else find these hidden listings as well?
Yoox quadrupled their prices:   So when they put in "on sale" for 40% off, you're only getting charged 230% over unjacked prices.   Feeling sour about Yoox's monopoly. Wouldn't surprise me if they have exclusivity clauses in their retail contracts with some of the Italian designers. 
 My exact thoughts of LA. 
Look would work in LA or maybe St Louis but don't know about rest of the country. 
Never happened to me before.
Anyone have recent experience with Gazzarrini blazers? Thinking about kopping one but price is kinda high. 
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