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Ask @suited where he found his Oxxford 100% cashmere great coatEdit: got $250 for a Ralph Lauren Country suicide skier puffer jacket I pulled off a Womens coat rack
Some of my highest selling men's items have come from the women's section
Holy shit has anyone seen the new Louis Vuitton collection? Pretty sure I saw a crocodile trench coat in there
Is this a turd? Got a couple watch grab bags for $5 Says Windsor jeweled Swiss made, still runs great
What happened with the Cartier sunglasses?
Edit: that painting sold at auction in 2010 for $657
Looks like the Ousley paintings are selling between $400 and $900. Sweet
Finally found some damn art William Ousley
Leather billed Lo hat
Lo sport Lo black watch Unstructured patch pocket BB Finally found some of this. Pop on Arcteryx F O Sache
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