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Motherfucker it did it again, ok I gotta start proof reading before pullin the trigger
Autocorrect is really fuckin my posts up lol
Hahah I meant to day "for the wife"
Been in Arkansas the last few days, surprised with the finds, even had to leave a pair of brioni pants because of a hole. Here's what I picked up Samuelsohn loro piana super 130s suit Gucci wallet or the wife BBxLardini Madison jacket & vest. And te RLPL driving mocs from yesterday's post
Made in Italy. Are these purple label?
Jackie Chiles?
Mali cashmere, etro tie, trafalgar billiard theme, purple oxxford Oh hey there
Sweet thanks man!
So I e thrifted a mint pair of persol Steve mcqueens but they don't have a case and I can't bring myselft to buy a case that costs almost as much as the sunglasses. Soooooo could you guys please keep an eye out for a persol sunglass case pleeeeeeeeas?
After work quick pickup. Ugly ass coogi sweater. And a couple things for ebay not worth taking pics of
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