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Fodder Etro Aquascutum silk/linen HF wool/cashmere Talbott BOC, current label? Charles Hill
There was 8 in there
Yep my wife picked them up
Hey sneaker heads
One down, few more to go...
@Cj52racers Check your PMs
HF Sammy bespoke s 120's suit, 3x Sammy s 110's pants H Freeman Vintage BB waistcoat Vintage BB suede (I think it's Gamuza) waistcoat St. John x 2 TNF x 2 @Fueco How old is this? Had a discount ski card in the pocket that expired in '94 Nudie & acne studios pops
I'm not spoo but I'm pretty sure he would tell you that it is not the garish you are looking for
@eazye What's up with that LV vest?
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