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I've kinda painted the picture of a 90 year old retired financial advisor with raging alcoholism and a penchant for teenage hookers. One can only dream of such a life....
Pulled the RLPL from that store today, must have been minutes apart. Though about picking that suit up but forgot to see if it was worth while before I left. Pretty decent ll bean vintge suede there also but way overpriced
Oh hai, RLPL x chester barrie 50/50 cashmere silk w/baller ass ticket pocket
No it was thrift price but it's three button & unvented which I've found to be a tough sell
Little older but silk blend so I picked it up
Chocolate brown, perfect fir, minimal wear. Keepers
Harris tweed Dunn co harris tweed Grape zanellas
Su misura w/working cuffs Su misura J press harris tweed Nwt miu miu by prada Cotton SC
Would you like measurements? Only picked it up cuz I figured someone in here would want it. Willing to let it go for cost+shipping. Pm me if you're interested
Barbour POP, women's tho The coolest SC I've ever seen
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