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That's a great idea, gonna start writing Turd Ferguson on everything I donate from now on
Ha yea i googled him too
I like when the print ebay sold listings and tape it to a piece of shit snow globe to justify asking $379 for it
You ain't cool unless you pee you zegna pants
Pretty good haul today Adidas clima cool pants NWOT, BB Clark chinos NWOT, faconnable cords NWOT, vince shorts, gieves hawkes 100% cashmere sweater, pringle wool sweater, Ben silver Massachusetts institute of technology graduation buttons. Tods driving mocs. Oh and the hideous rain or jacket but I'll saps you guys of having to see it again
Honestly there's so many zegnas and different labels I never know what to grab. Bueno? Doesn't feel fully canvassed and isn't fully lined
42 short
Well I guess since I'm in palm beach that makes sense, the hershey bears jersey on the other hand doesnt
Yea it's too awesome to leave and the crappu blazer next to it has a set if Ben silver M.I.T graduation buttons on it
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