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Anyone recognize this maker?
My wife's parents have a chinchilla, his name is teddy
Are we talking Dinner at Denny's in Akron or dinner at Prime 112 on Miami Beach?Killer score man, not sure how shit like that happens in eBay but when it does its pretty sweet
Im sure I'm not the only me who wants to know how much you paid for that.....
Serious question. Who the hell doesn't need Stubbs & Wootton Blackbeard embroidered slippers for $40 shipped?? One of my favorite frequently misspelled listings.
Ok so I've come to realize I will never get any use out of this even though it's Fukien bad ass, I've had it for two years, putting it up here first before it hits the bay, size medium, get at me if interested. Photographing this thing is a pain I. The ass, it's a deep blue velvet
Yea that's what I was thinking as well
Hmmm interesting
Pretty confident someone here needs a Chipp tux with a pair of trafalgar limited edition cheetah braces for $67 shipped https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/381746726396
That "distressed" Hilfiger sailing jacket looks pretty promising also
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