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Anyone recognize?
Giant Michael bastian linen/cotton Dingman, what is cordovan split cowhide mean? Blackout Wegner Swiss military (keepin) I'll get more for this than a recent Zegna suit
Cool, the camel hair blend liner is pretty sweet, I like the old ones but can never find one in my size
Sweet I was hoping so, either way they are pretty bad ass lookin
I would say yes, but check the side pockets for a Burberry size tag alsoAnd if it's a size 36 US just go ahead and send it my way
Possibly a stupid question, how can I tell if it's a Breitling movement? Will it be labeled as such or do I just have to put a date to the watch to figure it out?
Did a bunch of research on this a while back and found out that they out the buttons in the "men's side" on the majority of their women's clothing
Anyone know anything about Sicura watches? I stumbled upon them on eBay and they look super fuckin cool. Wanna get one but not sure if it's worth putting up around $100 for a good running one
I found a pair of what look like bean boots with the three crowns and it said something inside but I can't remember what ut was but when u searched it the name came back to a Swedish fishing vessel
Dainese nylon and leather Vespa jacket kop? $15, don't know shit about moto/scooter gear
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