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42 long
Yea it looks good from here, stamp is perfect, backing appears to be suede, upper is nicely stamped and looks like quality leather. I have the same one, the buckle weighs a ton and is flawless
Norman Hilton Norman Hilton Norman Hilton, this ones awesome, throat latch, handwork everywhere USA made polo chalkstripe flannel suit Varvatos RRL Fodder 2x trailwise sleeping bags @Fueco
Three pack of Norman Hilton tweeds, one with a throat latch
Fuck I actually have a couple of free minutes after a long ass day and these turds can't get me my usps labels???? Ahhhhhhhh
So I'm trying to print shipping labels and it is forcing me to use fed ex, when I try to switch to usps it won't let me, anyone see this too?
Love some old blankets Earlys Whitney 4 point blanket
Just got home, yea this thing has never been used, zero wear on it
My youngest sons birthday today, he wanted to go thrifting so my wife took him since I'm at work. Yea he has the "thrift" in him
I've been down that road, I sent invoice through PayPal for the cost of shipping
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