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@dhazard Are you sure those Alden boots are n/a?
I like the first pair of Florsheim monk straps, what kind of hide are they?
Mint Duchamp 3x Super minty vintage Pendleton
Hoping my search for a vintage leather jacket that actually fits me has ended today, guess I will see later this week
Anyone familiar with this brand? I can't find much on it Edit: never mind I found a bunch, guess it's l.w. Foster
RLPL t shirt NWT cremieux, Paul smith Coach Lo sport Vintage naval academy sweatshirt Bad mo fo Pendleton
Good god, please just lie and say you completed 10 stafford suits. I can't take much more...
I've seen a lot of generic "100% Tasmanian wool by so and so" tags before that weren't Loro piana
Hahaha nice,Took the BB shell to a shoe shop two days ago, have new heels being put on, and that gross shoe insert residue cleaned out. Fixed the backs best I could. Pics to come
Dry spell is over for most if us huh? Who's gonna find vicuña?
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