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I'd take that Anderson Sheppard over that cucinelli any day
Will that count against me?
Here's a long one Sold a Marc Jacobs purse at best offer. Buyer is in Denmark, messages me the next day asking if I have any paperwork or dust bag, I do not and I tell them. They say since I can't prove its authentic they want to take $39 off the sale price. I say no and that I walks like to cancel because of their doubt about authenticity and they want to lay less. They say they still want it but fakes are sold on eBay and blah blah blah, they end up paying just now. I'm...
I sold that same exact one almost two years ago, almost positive it's Womens it's really tight even for a small
These came today, perfect fit and cleaned up nicely
I'd get it
Keep the All Clad coming please
Shit I left them
Is this a fake Dsquared2?
Are these the Nike I am looking for?
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