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You find the best shoes man
The real question is why the fuck do you keep finding Louis Vuitton shoes
I would say way later probably 70's Could be wrong tho
WWII era would not say ray ban on the lenses. There is a vintage ray ban thread in the ol SF
I was watching that, was sure it would have gone higher. Nice score
Anyone know when these were made? Can't find any bring close. Quoddy deerskin Mocs
She got me into thrifting. She's picked up on the menswear from me but her specialty is finding odd rare stuff that sells for 10x what I get for any of my high end menswear
Ummmm what's that under the "Thom Brown"?
Yea I've seen that before also, the tag sticks out quite abut and they are dead mint so I'm assuming unworn
Missed a couple things, Dooney , Gucci, purses, everything came back in a thrifted Hartman duffel and Hartman tapestry bag, vintage Dior glasses, stack of vintage post cards from Collins ave in Miami
New Posts  All Forums: