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We have 3 terriers. They don't like cats. I'm not really crazy about them though I have owned them in the past. I much prefer dogs.
Mike: There really are no hard and fast rules other than legality concerns (for obvious reasons). So, enjoy it. If it turns out the age difference makes you incompatible, so what? You both will have gained from knowing each other and experiencing each other's viewpoints, etc. Caution for her motives (as others have expressed) is also a good idea. But, there is a young woman at work who is engaged to a guy 18 years older than her. So, she may be sincere; don't try to...
Michael: I didn't know about your book before this thread. Congratulations.
The only problem I experienced was that hotmail's full version did not work. Now, the problem is fixed and I have no complaints about FF. I use it over IE7.
There are/have been so many great ones. I would second most all of those already mentioned and add these: Kenny Burrell Django Reinhardt Wes Montgomery Was Clapton already mentioned? Pat Metheny Peter Green Doc Watson Miss John Hurt John Fahey I could think of more (and probably will but won't come back to post them).
"This is truly fascinating. Makes me want to go to law school myself. Sounds like a blast. I may be the only 36 year old there though." I was 40 when I went. It was even more of a shock to me because I had been out of the academic world for quite a while. I also found the law fascinating (and still do). Law school was the toughest academic experience I ever had. Nailing the exams is the best advice. Take the IRAC approach (underline the issue and boil it down to...
My favorite was always John. Ringo did have a good sense of humor and a playful attitude. George was usually thought of as the quiet one, yet I read an article about him that said he may have been the biggest womanizer of the bunch (remember the affairs re: Clapton and George's wife?). As for solo careers, none had John's level of quality.
PB was great. But don't forget Mayall. After all, he introduced so many great talents who went on to their own careers -- Clapton, Beck, Peter Green, et al.
To iammatt and all the other Jordan lovers: Like I said I'm a big Magic Johnson fan. I've said before (here and elsewhere) that Magic was the greatest. I've followed BBall since the early 60s and have never seen anyone before Magic or since who could do what he did. I was ecstatic when the Lakers got him. And when I watched him play from his very first game, I was "jaw-droppingly" amazed. He was indeed Magic. As for Jordan, not so much. I recognized his greatness...
Dexter's new season starts 9-28. The preview is available for viewing on the showtime website. Jimmy smits will be playing an ADA who might threaten Dexter's cover.
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