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"WTF @ Fred Rumsen essentially being written out of the show?" I agree. How can you possibly fire a guy who could play Mozart on his zipper?!
Hustler was definitely better than Color. Color is not one of PN's best, but he did a very good job in it. He always seemed to do well even if the movies weren't so good.
Great actor. Always liked his roles, even if the movie wasn't so hot. He seemed to appeal to both men and women. I liked what the article said about him saying one of his proudest achievements was to be included on Nixon's enemies list. He's one of those people that one wishes would live forever.
Sauce/Jenai: I get what you're saying. I am a musician (guitar). I do appreciate the "jazz" chords (flat 9th, diminished 7th, etc). I was focusing on the should part. Jenai hit it on the head when he talked of the self-imposed guilt. I just don't feel a need to like music that I simply don't like. Don't regret or feel guilty. As for Baroque: I didn't like it at first, but after giving Bach more listens I do enjoy it. I do prefer Mozart and Beethoven but I...
"There are probably certain bands/artists that you recognize as producing quality music, and yet for whatever reason, you can't seem to get into them as much as you feel like you should. For whatever reason, you really WANT to like their music more, but it just doesn't strike a chord with you." I think some have gotten away from the OP's original statement. I can't think of any bands/artists that I know produce what's considered quality music that i think I should...
"bmw is for motorcycles" Actually, BMW originally made airplanes.
My only complaint with Lewin is that they offer no button cuffs. I really don't need more FC shirts.
Those Harvie and Hudson shirts look good. The prices are good, but the shipping to the US is almost as much as the shirt. Do the collar stays have their name printed on them? How do they compare to Hilditch and Key?
"Because when you have little kids, they end up repeating what you say and it's not as acceptable for kids to randomly swear to their friends, teachers..." But, it sure is funny on South Park.
"Jane and Joan need to kiss and make up." My wife commented that they are so much alike. And, I agree. I don't see them ever making up because, for one thing, Joan sees her as a threat. I actually like Jane's character. She offers a lot of good possibilities for the writers of the show. I also liked what Barrett said to Draper about his cheating with his wife. Again, two guys who are jerks recognizing the jerk in each other. Betty's barfing was pretty...
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