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I have more than 5 but here's 5 of my faves: Stones Beatles Floyd Wilco Radiohead
I've preferred pleated fronts for a long time. I do own both and wear both. I just think the pleated pants look dressier. And, I am determined to participate in any thread where Nantucket Red's avatar appears. She's fantastic!
There seems to be a wide variance in "chick flix." I really liked Romy and Michelle. But really hated Fried Green Tomatoes. Both are chick flicks and are very different. One has a good sense of humor and the other is just sappy.
Try some of the Beat authors -- Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs. And, although he probably didn't like labels, one from that era was Bukowski.
Yes, Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment is a great psychological study, before psychology really existed. And, I've read most of JD Salinger's books. I also really liked Dos Passos' USA trilogy. Very long and sweeping. Vonnegut is great. Heller's Catch-22 is a must.
I'm not a big C&W fan, but there are a few I like. If you want an excellent sad song, try So Lonesome I could Cry. I like both Hank Williams' version and BJ Thomas' (from the 60s). I always thought that one line was particularly a great sad line: "Have you ever seen a robin weep?" How could a robin be sad?! I guess in Hank's perspective robins wept a lot. Patsy Cline is also great.
My wife admits that when I dress up, she gets turned on. In fact, my first wife and other women I dated felt similarly. so, my unofficial survey would say yes to the OP's question.
Very few of these characters are supposed to be likable. I think that's the point in a series about the advertising business. Cutthroat and all that. And, I think the times when Don actually appears happier are when he's not involved in being an ad man. I think it shows he may not like what he does. He got really excited about those hot rods. It brought out his inner desires. He probably loved selling cars a lot more than he likes what he's currently doing. It also...
In the hopes that Nantucket Red will respond and we can once again ogle that great avatar.
I voted a little over a week ago by mail.
New Posts  All Forums: