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Very few of these characters are supposed to be likable. I think that's the point in a series about the advertising business. Cutthroat and all that. And, I think the times when Don actually appears happier are when he's not involved in being an ad man. I think it shows he may not like what he does. He got really excited about those hot rods. It brought out his inner desires. He probably loved selling cars a lot more than he likes what he's currently doing. It also...
Not really crazy about those shirts. Very limited size availability. Their 16.5 neck only comes in one sleeve length and that length is too short for me. Did like some of their ties. For example:
Listening to the rootsrockreggae station. Wailing Souls' Very Well. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with this one and do not know the lyrics. The lead singer sounds a little like Bob Marley.
Really good article. Thanks for sharing it.
Another band I find pretentious is Styx. Not as much as Rush but a close second.
Here's a link to some thumbs at some blog: Definitely hotter with that more modern hairstyle. I really think that 50s look was purposely made to de-sex women.
I agree with Thomas. Rush FTW. Or Fail.
"Really, we have real sports going on right now, at the collegiate and professional levels. Every Saturday and Sunday, most Thursdays." Yeah, ain't basketball season great?
Here's a website that says it far better than I could:
It isn't always easy to tell if someone is an alcoholic. One person can drink a lot and not be and the other can drink very little and be an alcoholic. It has more to do with how the person deals with the drinking and how that person feels when they drink. Science has pretty much concluded that it has to do with the person's brain chemistry and uses the term "addictive personality" to describe the person who has a definite urge to drink, gamble, snort, etc. more. It...
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