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Sauce: I somewhat agree with your criticism. But, I think what this show is doing well is showing the slow changes that were occurring in the early 60s. The shift from the conformity, etc to the cultural revolution. The younger employees at the firm vs the older ones.
grundle: I've had escolar in regular restaurants cooked. Never in a sushi bar. Didn't know sushi bars carried it. I do love it cooked.
"What is the deal with people mixing wasabi into their shoyu?" For those of us who like wasabi, it adds a nice zing. Now, one can overdo it. I sat next to a guy who basically created a small bowl of "wasabi mud" by putting a bunch of wasabi into the soy sauce. Now, that's a lot of zing! One trend I've seen over the last 10 years or so is that some of the bars contain fewer Japanese employees/chefs. In fact, there is a bar near us that has no Japanese...
11, medium
I don't like buttondowns. The ones I do have are hidden collar buttons. And, I prefer button cuffs to FC. In fact, I recently ordered 2 herringbone shirts and one twill shirt from H&H. They were out of the bd cuffs in herringbone so I had them switch to 3 twill shirts. I really have enough FC shirts and don't need any more. I really don't see them worn by others very often.
Actually, much of the sushi/sashimi is not entirely raw. Eel, whether anago (my preference) or unagi, is not raw. Salmon is not, unless you specifically order fresh and they have it. The crab (sometimes I think it's not really crab) used in most rolls is not. The octopus is not raw (this is the only sushi I don't like). Some bars sear the albacore before preparing your sashimi plate.
Also, for the vegetarians, try the shiitake. Usually, the chefs prepare it in hand rolls or regular rolls. It's excellent.
I've been eating/loving sushi/sashimi for over 25 years. If your chef has it, try the albacore sashimi. I also loved fresh uni when the bars I went to had it. But, it is hard to keep fresh and the chef ends up wasting the urchins because the meat just isn't edible. Became too expensive and fresh uni is no longer served at any bars I go to. So, the refrigerated uni is what I eat. Still good but not as good. I always end my orders with uni. Most of the time my next...
Rex Yale
I was diagnosed with it quite a few years ago. A dentist crafted a mouthguard to stop the grinding and i've used ever since. It really works and from what the dentists have told me it is a tooth saver. Grinding one's teeth is something to be very concerned about. Especially since it can lead to tooth loss.
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