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I've been eating/loving sushi/sashimi for over 25 years. If your chef has it, try the albacore sashimi. I also loved fresh uni when the bars I went to had it. But, it is hard to keep fresh and the chef ends up wasting the urchins because the meat just isn't edible. Became too expensive and fresh uni is no longer served at any bars I go to. So, the refrigerated uni is what I eat. Still good but not as good. I always end my orders with uni. Most of the time my next...
Rex Yale
I was diagnosed with it quite a few years ago. A dentist crafted a mouthguard to stop the grinding and i've used ever since. It really works and from what the dentists have told me it is a tooth saver. Grinding one's teeth is something to be very concerned about. Especially since it can lead to tooth loss.
I have more than 5 but here's 5 of my faves: Stones Beatles Floyd Wilco Radiohead
I've preferred pleated fronts for a long time. I do own both and wear both. I just think the pleated pants look dressier. And, I am determined to participate in any thread where Nantucket Red's avatar appears. She's fantastic!
There seems to be a wide variance in "chick flix." I really liked Romy and Michelle. But really hated Fried Green Tomatoes. Both are chick flicks and are very different. One has a good sense of humor and the other is just sappy.
Try some of the Beat authors -- Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs. And, although he probably didn't like labels, one from that era was Bukowski.
Yes, Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment is a great psychological study, before psychology really existed. And, I've read most of JD Salinger's books. I also really liked Dos Passos' USA trilogy. Very long and sweeping. Vonnegut is great. Heller's Catch-22 is a must.
I'm not a big C&W fan, but there are a few I like. If you want an excellent sad song, try So Lonesome I could Cry. I like both Hank Williams' version and BJ Thomas' (from the 60s). I always thought that one line was particularly a great sad line: "Have you ever seen a robin weep?" How could a robin be sad?! I guess in Hank's perspective robins wept a lot. Patsy Cline is also great.
My wife admits that when I dress up, she gets turned on. In fact, my first wife and other women I dated felt similarly. so, my unofficial survey would say yes to the OP's question.
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