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I was married to an alcoholic. And, I would much rather be married to a teetotaler. But, I learned about my own failings and it has made me a better person. I also am firmly convinced that I am not an addictive personality. I used to smoke a lot of dope. One day I decided to quit. I haven't looked back. I saw a Bill Moyers report shortly after my separation from the alcoholic and learned about the urges/cravings/brain chemistry of the alcoholic. I realized I've...
yachtie: No, they are not.
I must have missed this thread. I like most every Band song they put out. Hard to pick a favorite 5. I do think my favorite album is still their first, Big Pink. From the psychedelic Chest Fever lyrics (and chilling/epic organ intro) to the sparse I Shall be Released, a great album.
I'm new to MM. I first heard about them on the Lakers board a little over a year ago. Started hearing their music more on radioparadise. Good stuff. One song they play there is quite good. I just don't remember its title.
With the student loan debts I've heard about, I imagine law school set you back well over $100k. So, you'll probably have to forgo expensive clothes for a while.
Jlib: That measure was a statute, not an amendment. Prop 8 creates an amendment. The argument for it boils down to protection of marriage. From what? My marriage is not threatened in the least if two gays want to marry. Not one iota. The yes on 8 prop is heavily backed by Mormons. For one thing, a group which ideally would want polygamy legalized has no business talking about protecting marriage. But, their argument basically is code for their homophobia. I don't...
"Few people are more petty and foolish than Dawkins (when he discusses religion)." Probably one of the most petty and foolish comments in this thread. And, obviously totally misinformed. If you had gone to the site, you'd see that the term is not discussed by RD at all. Rather it was the title of a thread started by forum members. Much like threads started here or anywhere else. You have also either not read Dawkins's book or did read it and totally didn't get it. ...
I already voted no on this prop. Also voted no on 8.
I read an article a month or so ago where some analyst predicted the current price drops and said it would continue into 2009. He said oil would be way down and gas could go below $2/gallon. I was not won over but today I filled up with some premium at a local ARCO where the price for premium is now 2.799. On Saturday, it was 3.039. So, I wouldn't be surprised to see below $2 prices. I will also be very happy. May even become a consumer again.
I think a more proper term for one who doesn't care is an "apatheist." This has actually been the title of a thread at Richard Dawkins's site -- richarddawkins.net.
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