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Well, I've said it before but, with that current avatar of his, I will definitely click on any thread where Nantucket Red posts.
I now have both H&K and H&H in my collection. I have always liked the H&K but the H&H I bought recently at their sale price is definitely cheaper. So, for the money, those three H&H are the best shirts I own. I own Truzzi, Barba, Kiton, Isaia, Canali, etc. and like all of them. The H&H simply beat them in price. And, from actual mailing to receipt was one week.
"I think all drugs should be legalized." I completely agree. And, saying so does not mean I condone drug use/abuse. In fact, I don't. I just think the solution is a medical one, same as any other addiction (alcohol abuse, nicotine abuse, gambling, etc).
He pronounces Alabama as if he were Richie Valens - A-la-bamba.
About three or four weeks ago, I said, in another thread, that I had ordered 3 white twill shirts from H&H in their sale. I picked them up at the PO today, and I can honestly say that, at that sale price, they are the best shirts I've ever purchased. Certainly superior to those CF shirts I waited for for over a year and a half and paid 5 times as much for. And, the little touch I appreciate a lot is that they put their name on the collar stays!
gt: I may not think the reasoning you mentioned makes a whole lot of sense. But, in a very special way, that is what makes our Constitution so great. The exercising of a right doesn't have to make sense. And, more importantly, I would much rather have the right to make no sense in exercising my rights than not to have any of those rights at all. In a way, Clarence Darrow (I think) answered this when he said that he may not agree with what a person says but he'd defend...
kw: I really like your avatar. who is that hottie? And, most important, is she topless in that photo?
I'll stick with XP. They'll have to tear it from dying hands! Hopefully, my reg cleaners will keep my computer going until W7 debuts.
kw: I was referring to what Dawkins says in the God Delusion and elsewhere about infant indoctrination. And, he agrees that it occurs all over the world in every faith. It is rampant around the world. And it is by far the vast majority of such indoctrination that has been going on for centuries. An infant born in Saudi Arabia is not born a Muslim. He is indoctrinated. An infant born in the Bible belt is not born a Christian. He is indoctrinated. And on and...
kw: No, they're not. For whose sake?
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