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Ok that'd be great (leather cleaner). Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated!
@johnelliottco - sorry for the vagueness lol. Given the stretch factor prob will go with the medium thanks! Any tips on cleaning instructions?
@johnelliottco - THANKS!! Was just wondering on the sizing before I purchase - have looked at the size charts and seem to be a medium but just to confirm - I wear a medium in the villain crew but a large in the villain hoodie - I'm assuming these were made to be worn more fitted - would you stick with the medium? Or go for large?
any weigh ins on the stadium jacket - white vs black?   i like white but does thes white dirty easily considering the white parts are leather?
@johnelliottco; @reallypeacedoff THANKS!
Hello - is anyone familiar with what color common projects achilles this is? It seems like the grey one - not full white? Any help is appreciated @johnelliottco and thanks to whoever answers
Fit pic when u have a moment please?
Great thanks!!
Anyone know if the dark grey escobars is the exact same dark grey as the dark grey villain?
Thanks guys!!Also for anyone that was looking for the white villain crew - there was a size medium left at atrium and wasn't dirty by any means
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