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Np.. Glad you liked it and thank you! 😉
Thx bro! I see what u mean - def is a more relaxed fit jacket - wondering if the boxiness in the shoulders comes from they're intended fit or not. When I look at the measurements for the large flight jacket - the shoulder area is a lot smaller than last years stadium jacket - wider in the body and longer so go figure - maybe great for layering then appreciate it bro!
Thx vindeleon!I noticed cuz the measurements seem tighter in the shoulders and a lot wider in the chest area which could make it seem overly tight up top and boxy through the body so that explains the relaxed part! What color did u get and would you mind posting a fit pic if you don't mind and when you have time?
Good to know thx bro!
Ok cool thanks - assuming medium should be ok then albeit the measurements on the shoulder look small
Can anyone please help with sizing on the flight jacket who owns it? I wear a large that's snug in last years stadium jacket, large in hooded villains and flash full zip, but medium in villain crew. Not sure if the lining on the flight jacket is as constricting as the previous stadium jacket. Any help is appreciated thanks!
@johnelliottco - around when will the hooded clash crew in army and the dual flash full zip in army:olive be releasing? Thanks in advance
Pm me
Had a similar issue straight out of bag as well:/
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