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No problem! Pretty much - it's a really nice jacket terry body lamb skin sleeves but the inner lining is satin or feels like it and the problem really comes when you lift your arms forward especially - feels like something is going to tear.I wear a large in villains and bought this in a large because I only wear it with tees - can't layer anything else really and xlarge gets way too big in the body from arm pit down.The teddy jacket was a bit different for me where the...
Both jackets have an inner lining that isn't forgiving at all so possibly yes but then pending on your body shape - it may be looser at some points.
I don't mean this in a bad way by any means but ur post cracked me up ... Simon Cowell .. First world problems lol.Maybe yours is labeled wrong. shouldn't be that much off at all! I'd def contact them and I'm sure they'll do an exchange then it's just the wait period obviously
JE in general is cut longer but the crew sweatshirts aren't esp long or anything
Oh really? That's weird - sorry if I misquoted. I hope not though cuz that's where my exchange was sent last week ....
Nope. Also you can't ship out until you receive an RA number and in the email there will be the returns address as well which usually isBergen Logistics WestC/O John Elliott + Co - Returns15905 Commerce WayCerritos, CA 90703
Same please or where did you see it? Thanks!
U have a picture of the charcoal there - did u mean that or the midnight that just released?
Midtown west (hells kitchen) - will try to dm u my number now so u can text me
@vindeleon90 - I have an extra in a large if u want - dm me? I'm in ny also
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