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I'd say small or even xsmall - mercer tank if you want the layered look to be more visible. Mercer tee but would be a bit less visible
Actually I didn't notice this earlier but the grey has burgundy speckles since it is the underlay - at least from the picture it does which could be off. :/
Had that same feeling but the pics of the navy kind of make it look like a denim navy type of feel if that makes sense?Grey is def nice too esp with the many shades of grey custom terry that je has put out
Very happy it was easy as well!!Def like the speckled navy over the grey ... Or maybe I have way too much je grey =P
You shouldn't have any problem with a mercer tank in that size combo but with any mercer tee - it'll still stick out but not as drastic. You can see on some of je's models on the website where some mercer layer with a villain seems shorter and some is very visibly longer
Is there a release date for their website?
Anyone have fit pics of the co mix grey curve u neck or co mix grey mercer? I know there's one with the classic crew but was hoping to see how the other two looked
I know some aren't a fan on here but I quite like it - pics don't do it justice although the material and grey does remind me of a polo a bit. With that being said it definitely is a different shade of grey from the other greys they have released - hope that helps.Also if you go to the concepts website - their pictures of the mix grey is more accurate
Thx! You mean not as extreme as the rue right cuz the Riga has the same hem as the curve u necks which isn't as drastic?
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