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Your normal JE villain size is fine
Yes, pm me - can figure out details of it works out
Off topic but how do those sock darts run in comparison to flyknit racer or nike free run 2? Heard they ran small but?
Any particular reason why? Color or?
Find em both unique - mix grey is more like a polo grey and dark grey is sharper. Both go well with many colors but each may pair better with certain colors a bit better than the other : hope that made sense
Reverse Terry Stadium JacketElongated s/s villain crew in dark greyThe cast graphite JeanL/S Extended Mercer tee
Cool! Yeah I have diff sizing myself compared against my height and measurements as well
It's a nice jacket - lining is a bit constricting and the sleeves just look like a sweatshirt inside out but not bad
Sorry for the incorrect sizing info - glad u tried it on - was only going by your measurements provided and what some of the members fit into at or around that
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