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@johnelliottcoDoes the stadium jacket fit the same as the current stadium jackets with leather sleeves?I wear a large in the current stadium only because the inner lining of the current stadium prohibits a bit of movement - does this have the same inner lining? If not then would I size down since the all terry will stretch?
 I personally take a large in the hoodie and medium in the crew.  For some reason the crew in large is loose on me and the hoodie large is fitted.
I wear a large in both but your frame def seems like the xl will work better
It's a really great jacket and lightweight too! I'm close to your sizing as well and have the large! Hope it works out!
I have the stadium and although they say the terry stretches - it doesn't that much cuz of the satin lining - that being said - u might have the same in between sizing so to speak like the 41 overshirt u said though this may be better cuz the shoulder width in the same size is wider so I'd say large should be good/ xlarge may be too big for ur liking but would be less fitted obviously
Oh ok cool cuz I'm a large in the villain as well and was worried about the shoulder sizing on this jacket - def didn't wanna size up cuz the sides get bigger and will blouse out too much. Do you own the 41 overshirt or stadium jacket at all?
Nice! I know it says in the description that the jacket is cropped but it does seem quite high in general - is it above your hip line?
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