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@JohnElliottCo - I noticed they got the small back in stock - just wanted to make sure because I fit the old small better.. Thanks!
@JohnElliottCo - are the black Escobar sweats that revolve has on their site the new updated fit or the previous fit?
What does the waist actually measure on the 29 and the thigh?
If anyone was looking for the burgundy villain crew in medium - it's back up on the site.
Maybe there was really low quantity or the color in a different style other than the hoodie? the classic crew in olive medium I didn't think would be sold out but that's been out since the drop and came back for like a day at most. Oh nice! What style silk tee?
He's talking about the burgundy villain crew in medium which is out - wonder why they had a smaller quantity of that one ...
@JohnElliottCo - are the burgundy villains releasing this week as well?
Does anyone know if the black escobars or all the escobars on the site are now in the new updated fit?
@johnelliottco - what will be the pricing on the silk blends specifically mercer tee and u neck? Also when will the villain crews be dropping and will the charcoal one be a different color than the current dark grey villain hoodies that just dropped?Thanks
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