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Nice Fit! Thx for the info on the layering!
Def wished the tank worked for me. Problem is the pocket on the tank actually forms an outline when I layer it with the villain cuz of my chest size which sucks so needed these since they don't have the pocket luckily
Ok great thanks! Small stand alone - medium layer damn wish it was the same lol
Thanks for the speedy response! Ok so the medium should def layer well length wise then?Also what size villain do you wear since I'm assuming you layer your small tees beneath?
Hey jbidwal - forgot to ask you in regards to the mercer tee since you did say the front I shorter than the classic crew and curve u neck. I take a small t shirt but a large in the hooded villain. Regardless of the measurements on the website - the small in the classic crew definitely doesn't stick out the bottom much when layering but the medium does even though the small fits better. My question is whether or not you'd go with a medium in the mercer as opposed to the...
Oh wow, gotcha! That's gonna be difficult then - forgot to take into account the way the mercer bottom is shaped. Think the medium is only .5 longer
Not as long as which tee are you comparing to? Weird because if using the measurements on the size guide, the mercer is definitely longer than the classic crew but not as long as the curve u necks.
They still have close to a full size run on the JE Website for the escobars from the midnight collection minus size large or is that the size your looking for?
@johnelliottco - are the black escobars that apartmentnumber9 has on their website currently the same size/measurement as the ones you sell on your site right now? (They're not from a previous season that had different sizing)?
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