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So if I was to purchase the u necks and classic crews now - would they have the reinforced stitching on the neck line or you just meant going forward starting with mercer tees you will phase it into upcoming u neck and classic crew colors?
Thanks. Actually Brandi said they are on all the ones on the site now.
Thanks! do you happen to know if all the existing tees on the site have the updated neck already?
Anyone still looking for BNWT charcoal villain in size large - PM me please. serious buyers only   thanks
Is this on all the mercer tees and when will it begin on the current classic and curve u neck tees?
Nice Fit! Thx for the info on the layering!
Def wished the tank worked for me. Problem is the pocket on the tank actually forms an outline when I layer it with the villain cuz of my chest size which sucks so needed these since they don't have the pocket luckily
Ok great thanks! Small stand alone - medium layer damn wish it was the same lol
Thanks for the speedy response! Ok so the medium should def layer well length wise then?Also what size villain do you wear since I'm assuming you layer your small tees beneath?
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