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Great thanks!!
Anyone know if the dark grey escobars is the exact same dark grey as the dark grey villain?
Thanks guys!!Also for anyone that was looking for the white villain crew - there was a size medium left at atrium and wasn't dirty by any means
Will that be near the calves area too, not just the seat? Would you stick with these or go small for stretch factor?
The new updated is def slimmer - these are medium - small fit better in the waist and thigh a bit but def super tight on the calves
Does anyone know how the sizing works on the flannel shirts? And the retail was $300 or so if I remember correctly?
@JohnElliottCo - I noticed they got the small back in stock - just wanted to make sure because I fit the old small better.. Thanks!
@JohnElliottCo - are the black Escobar sweats that revolve has on their site the new updated fit or the previous fit?
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