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Sweet thx!
 This is ur usual size in villains, kake, and flash dual? From the measurements it looks like they're quite a bit bigger and as u said size down possibly?
Yup saw his, was just looking for more fit pics since my frame is different than his but def appreciate it thx!
Can you post a fit pic in the raglan sweats please?
@johnelliottco - is there a thigh and knee measurement for the small and medium in the raglan sweatpants? How do they compare to escobars although i know its a more relaxed fit - thkse measurements would help a lot Thanks! Any fit pics when someone recieves them would be much appreciated as well!
Other than the loopwheel dual flash zips - I believe every terry one released has silver RiRi's with the black underlay when zipped but would be cool with just black RiRi's.
Check pm
I know a few people here had mentioned interest for the dune villain - I have size large bnwt - pm me if interested otherwise will most likely just end up posting it
I like the cut - co mix for me runs tighter - less drapey due to the material
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