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Heads up to anyone that was looking for the oversized hoodie in black size large - sent one back today that is supposed to arrive Friday so just depends how long before they put it back up 👍🏼
I have a black large - pmMe forDetails
I have a large in black - waiting for it to come in - not sure if I'll keep it though so if you want pm me
Please post a pic when you have a chance?Thanks
Vindeleon was - its a few posts back
I'll trade you for one - I have an extra rdv1Pm me for details
Np.. Glad you liked it and thank you! 😉
Thx bro! I see what u mean - def is a more relaxed fit jacket - wondering if the boxiness in the shoulders comes from they're intended fit or not. When I look at the measurements for the large flight jacket - the shoulder area is a lot smaller than last years stadium jacket - wider in the body and longer so go figure - maybe great for layering then appreciate it bro!
Thx vindeleon!I noticed cuz the measurements seem tighter in the shoulders and a lot wider in the chest area which could make it seem overly tight up top and boxy through the body so that explains the relaxed part! What color did u get and would you mind posting a fit pic if you don't mind and when you have time?
Good to know thx bro!
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