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In your previous post - before you wore them for a few hrs the waist measured 15.5 when laid flat - after you wore them for a few hours they stretched to 16 or 16.5 inches laid flat?
Under natural light - it's definitely between the stock pic and the pic on the model.
Same as StPauli!
Silver zippers is the first grey they ever released (light grey)
In a previous post they said a restock of the coast denim would be this week but don't know if that is still true
For those that didn't see ..
Oh I thought I saw a post saying there was a grey hoodie releasing..Thanks Would the jeans still be ok?
5'8 - long torso shorter legs. Most of all my jeans stack at 30" so was hoping if I hemmed these down if it still would be relatively slim from the knee down to ankle with a leg opening close to or at 7" since it obviously won't stay at 6.5" as it is now?
New Posts  All Forums: