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I don't know the proper terminology. You're right. The insides of the jacket is not black, but orange. What I meant by the quilted lining is that it's there's this diamond shape stitching, and when you squeeze it, there's stuff / insulation in between the outside and inside of the jacket.
 I'd say the quality is decent. The zipper could be more hefty / sturdy, but it's not bad at all. If I didn't already have a jacket in a similar weight, I think I'd be more incline to keep it. The cuffs seem well-made, they're quite snug around the wrist, so it keeps the body fairly warm. It's listed in the description but not shown in any of the photos -- the inside lining of the jacket is bright orange, so if you want a jacket that mimics closely the original military...
The Olive MA-1 jacket from Topman arrived yesterday.   The fit is in fact very close to how it is in the photo. There's some slouch in the body, so it's not quite as slim-fitting as I'd imagined.   It also has a bit of quilted lining, so it's not quite the warmer weather jacket that I was looking for.   I'm still deciding whether or not I'll keep it.
 Yeah! -- this one looks great too, but it's also sold out. ;-( 
I just ordered this, it's in olive, but no black ribbing:     I haven't received it yet, I got one in S. I hope it fits nicely.
I've been looking around for bomber jackets for the spring, and so far, I haven't found anything that I liked.   I tried the Alpha Industry Burnett jacket, but it didn't fit right -   I just ordered one from Topman, we'll see how that goes -   The one that looks really on point is this one from Wallace &...
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