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I don't know if this have been posted here before, but here we go. I found this guy he is a shirt maker and recutter his name Mike Maldonado. He has a lot of shirt making videos in his website, here is how to make a shirt collar from scratch: http://collarreplacement.com/collarMaking.html He can replace the collar and cuffs of your shirts for $30.00 plus shipping. If you have a huge shirt that needs recutting or trimmed he does that really cheap. I had him cut...
I bought a Tommy John shirt from Fresh Pair and I love it. They are kind of expensive for a undershirt ($36.00, free shipping) but the fit is unbelievable. They are made of modal which I like better than cotton. I have been looking for and undershirt like this for years. I wear a dress shirt and tie everyday and in Florida weather you must wear an undershirt because of the heat. Also to protect the dress shirt from deodorant stains. If you are into slim fitting shirts like...
This is so sad. This thread started so promising and yet it ends with all kind of deceptions and disappointments. I would never buy anything from somebody that is not part of the company itself. I hope you all good people that trusted others receive your shoes.
Beautuful. I love the Koronya colors. I like the browns tones he uses. Marcell is very good at antiquing and blending color seamlessly.
801: The best Koronya last, period...
Quote: Originally Posted by MarcellHUN Is it? I found it just fine.. but it really caused me a long time to consider how it should look. Finally I decided - thanks to my great friend, Janne Melkersson - to choose this form. (sorry for the picture quality - It is made late afternoon in my workshop.. and you know a shoemaker's workshop is dark.. I love the high heel, I like the fact that you are not afrain to make big heels and thick...
Magnificent work, Marcell.
Marcell, what last do you use that is equal or similar to the Vass U last? I just what to know ahead before I order from you. I love the seamless wholecut. That is something always impressed from the Vass oxfords, that seamless heel makes them more elegant.
Mr: glowell222 Thank you so much for the pics. The lasts look so similar. I like the way the sole of the Vass protudes more than the lip on the C&J. I like them both. As soon as I receive mine I will post some pics. Again thank you for the pics, I know a lot of people will benefit from this post.
Thank Despos.
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