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These shoes don't have any indication of their width...
Doesn't look like these pants are cut for a belt. There's only one belt loop there to support the extended waistband.
Bernie would've made it less wordy and more elegant while arriving, in essence, to the same result.
The price is what the seller says it is. If you think it's too high, don't buy the option.
I also have a grey pique shirt made by Luxire and 2 Kent Wang's polos. The shirt is okay, the measurements are spot on, but the collar "collapses," it doesn't hold its shape properly, so I wear that shirt very infrequently. The KW polos are my hands down favorites in the summer. To be fair to Luxire, I have other shirts made by them, and they are the best-fitting shirts I have.
I just can't see any nefarious intentions here. What would they possibly be?
I see you've learned a couple of things in your life, my little vulgarian. Sorry to inform you that you appear to have managed to do it wrong in each case. My width is medium, which is an F, I think, in Church's. The meermin last is narrower, and these particular shoes are size 7 US, not 7 UK. But I am not going to waste my time arguing with you or anyone else here. It'd be equally stupid, albeit slightly more productive, to teach my cat to speak French. And I will never...
Hmm... All of my GFs have always done my laundry or dry cleaning.. no complaints ever... not a single shirt ever ruined or shrunk... and what the heck is zeolite?? sounds like an STD...
I was unfortunate enough to have purchased a pair of their brown tassel loafers listed as size 7 UK. I have 5 pairs of Churches all in size 7 and 3 pairs of Loakes, also in size 7. The loafers are smaller.
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