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What are bootsonline's business hours?   I called and placed an order with Barry Wednesday night EST.  My CC was declined while I was sleeping.  I replied to Bridget who emailed me with my order form letting me know.  I called the bank got it cleared etc for the next attempt.   I tried to call last night...Thursday EST a number of times to try and make sure the order processed.  Nobody picked up from 11AM-2PM AU time.  They did not attempt to run my CC again.  Lastly I...
I was on the list for the Whiskey LHS.  Got a size 10.5 coming.  I don't think they're going to work.     If anyone is interested or has a size 10 please let me know!
I prefer natural. I just got some bluchers in nat. Lots of opportunity for character there. My wife got some oxfords. She chose peanut. A really stunning color in person imo.
That poster on reddit was me. And yes that's exactly what I was saying.   FWIW I'm so happy with my Vibergs that I returned my Cigar Cap Toes when I got them a few weeks ago.
Random question.     Does Viberg do midsole replacements or just outsole?
Sigh...My Cigar Cap Toes are in at Alden DC.  I have to decide between the derby and those I think.
Would kind of like to see the leather sole derby on a diff last. Or a diff toe structure than the standard 2030 service boot offerings.
I take your same sizes with the same fit comments. I wear a 10.5 on the 2030 with thick socks.  I believe even with thin socks a 10 would be snug, but I haven't tried that size admittedly.
 Same.  I'm kinda thinking it'll pop up as a stock offering.
 Red is a little too red for me.   Check out the sepia brown... 
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