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  Start them high and leave them high, you'll find a buyer.  I can't find the completed auction for some reason, but I sold a pair for a hell of a lot more than I expected earlier this year.   Whatever works!  I'm also generally the "babies survived eons without this..." guy as well, but it drowns out the dog's click clacking nails. 
 If you haven't purchased one yet, buy a children's noise maker from walmart.  It will allow you to play white noise, heart beat, water, whatever.  It's peaceful and more important, we crank it to 100% so it drowns out sounds from outside the babies room and thus he's not woken up as easily.  We use white noise, the heartbeat is creepy. If you come across any 38, PM me, odds are, I may buy them!  I'm not sure how urban/rural you are, but I googled "local cobbler" and...
 I have this bookmarked but it's definitely not what I'm hoping to find someday, if you find something better please share! http://www.turnbullandasser.com/p/108/weaves  Yup, back in 2003!  They were generally USPS MOs. 
I'll do my best to get this back on track since I'm more than partially guilty for the derail: XL Pendleton Black Watch Tartan 100% Virgin Wool Shacket.  If interested I will take additional photos and provide measurements.   [[SPOILER]]
@SpooPoker   Any chance this beautiful suit matches the measurements in my sig?  Maybe I can find a sweet Tommy H. jacket to trade you       On a different note, on Sunday I hit a couple stores and tried looking for some fly 90's Tommy, Starter, etc.  At first I was like OH DAT CHAPS (below).  Then I saw the $24.99 price tag and cigarette burns on the sleeves.  Also not sure if it's even 90's, but I have to admit it was fun to look for something different from the...
 I was double charged once for a label and the refund came through my monthly seller account.  They credited me the second label against my monthly charges.  Sorry I do not have any more specific information, but take a look in that area if you haven't already.
 The archery and horses make me think Mongol/Mongolian. Best of luck with your new sales area.  If you're not aware of the regional rate A (RRA) side loading boxes, check them out here: https://store.usps.com/store/browse/uspsProductDetailMultiSkuDropDown.jsp?productId=P_RRB_A2&categoryId=priority-mail.  They're a flat rate in a sense box with postage only purchasable online.  You can generally fit 2 piece suits, or individual SCs in.  Postage ranges from about $5.84 to...
 Went to JC Penny's today to try on the boots... I'm normally an 11, but a 10.5 was a better fit on both the brown wingtips and the black cap toe.  This is consistent with the online reviews that say size down half a size.  There is a two day sale today and tomorrow with an extra 15% off if you use SAVEBIG promo code assuming your size is still available online coming out to around $52.99 per pair.  I liked the black cap toe more than the brown wingtip, but both would be a...
 Ah ok, I didn't know if they could simply move the buttons over an inch and a half or something along those lines. 
 The bottom pic is actually an old picture of the shacket you bought from me, hah!  The pattern on the top one is slightly different, and it's also not nearly as bright. 
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