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Good morning gents,   Gaziano&Girling is happy to announce our NYC spring trunk show with Mr. Tony Gaziano at The Pierre Hotel the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2014.   Please contact to book an appointment.      Please visit our website for more details.   Cheers!   Tony, Dean and the G&G team
Hi laufer,   We acknoledge that and we are currently working on new models for our RTW range. They should be far more practical than the current version.    We will keep you guys updated when it is released.    Cheers,   Tony, Dean and the G&G team
Good afternoon Gents,   Things have been moving a lot for us lately, thus our little presence on SF these days.    We charge £ 310.00 for a complete resole and renovation.    Cheers!   Tony, Dean and the G&G team
Hello Gents,   Please see below a picture of our Navy hatchgrain. We are lucky to have a lovely sun shine in London this morning so that is pretty much the lightest it will get.     @JS: We are not distributing other width than E off the peg at the moment. But your suggestion will be taken into account at some point.    Also, there is currently no plan of releasing the model you are refering to in the near futur. But info will be given to Tony that there is...
 Hello laufer, We can not provide pictures or sketches of the model yet. We will do so as soon as we are ready to release it. We can not provide a date yet as there is still work to do to make it perfect.   Regarding the blue hatch grain we have not made a model in this material yet.  We will take a picture of the hatchgrain tomorrow if the weather permits it (it is too dark blue to take a picture indoor). Cheers,
Hello JS,   We could upload a picture but it wouldn't really show how the colour looks like. It is a really dark blue, and will appear black in most situations, especially indoor.    Cheers
Hi JS,   It is currently only available on bespoke and the service is an exclusivity to us (it is not accessible through our retailers).    But stay tuned! There is more to come ;)   Tony, Dean and the G&G team
  Stylistic exercise on Antibe. Autumn leaves patina.   Cheers!   Tony, Dean and the G&G team
Good morning gents,   The patina is currently a bespoke exclusivity. But more is to come regarding our MTO colors ;)
          Deep Aubergine Bespoke seem-less wholecut   Enjoy! 
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