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very clear, thanks!
some photos added - new price too. offers welcomed
It's me from HK. Around 15% above US prices generally.
 So is 9D in US equivalent to 9E outside US? Or they basically make a size bigger outside US to be the standard? Thanks alex. 
 Do they do E width in the US too? I only see E but not D here in Hong Kong. Thanks coolarrow. I am 9D on 1 last and 9E on 5 last - is it safe to assume I should go for 8.5D for marlow?
Does anyone know if the last is different for marlow wingtip within and outside the States? I just tried a pair of 8.5E (US size as stated on the box) and it was massive, but I am a constant 9D across all Allen Edmonds shoes. Am I missing anything? Thanks!
any offer welcomed.
Anyone has experience with AE cordovan tab belt? How is the quality and is it reasonable to go for a size larger than pants size? Thank you. 
Pls PM, thanks!
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