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I was on Fiebings website just the other day looking at that stuff.  I think I'll get some.  Thanks, Spurs.
I have a pair of CWB's that i bought a year ago.  I have noticed a few cracks developing on the edges of the leather sole.  There are also some on the bare leather back by the heel on the sole between the half rubber sole.  Has anyone else ever seen this before?  I figure it's all the snow that i have been in while wearing them.  I've read that it's not a good idea to Obenhauf the sole edges but I did it anyway today since they are obviously dried out.  The sole edge is...
I hate this forum.  Every time I log on I want to order another pairs of White's that I don't need. Luckily I have a perfect excuse to get another pair in the not-to-distant future.  I have to have black boots for work and the black roughout SJ's I wear in the winter are a little much for summer wear.  The CWB's I bought a year ago in brown smooth for work are now my daily wear.  For the time being.
I'll second that, Linafelt.  I've got a pair of CWB's that are just about a year old and they have been worn a LOT.  I ordered the brown smooth and had them leather lined and the shaft is STILL stiff.  I figure another year or so before they will be pliable enough to not cut into my lower leg.  I like them but they aren't near as comfortable as they should be.  They are still quite stiff all the way around until I wear them for a half hour or so then everything gets comfy...
Jeez.  I probably have 300 hrs on my brown smooth CWB's and the upper shaft is still stiiff when I first put them on for about 2 hours.
I bought a pair of SJ's about 9 months ago.  Mine fit the same way.  There is some heel slip but what I have noticed is that #1 they are intended to be worn with fairly thick socks and #2 I usually put them on and lace them up snug and then find that a few hours later they need to be retied to snug them up again then they stay that way.  My CWB's in brown oil finish are the exact same way.
I've got a pair of Classic Work Boots with the natural edge.  After getting them I searched around and couldn't find anything that was clear that I could use on the edges so since they were going to get dirty anyway I have been using Fiebings brown edge dressing on them.  It doesn't seem to do much of anything for sealing the leather or preserving it from the elements.  The edges on mine are dried out and rough but I do a lot of walking around in the snow and they get wet...
You're sure getting your money's worth out of those SJ's.  Considering what they look like not cleaned up you would have already used up a pair of lesser boots by now.
Believe it or not?  I was reading testimonials on the Obenhaufs website one time and there was a guy on there that uses it in his hair.  Sounds nuts but when you look at the ingredients it makes sense especially since leather is no different than our skin.  I think he even said he uses it as a lip balm as well.  The ingredients on Obenhaufs LP would work quite well for dry skin or hair.
Well, Dawn will definitely clean them up.  That's some strong stuff.  Years ago I was an automotive painter.  I did all the high dollar stuff.  Rolls Royce, Jags, Porsche etc.  We told all the customers never to use Dawn to wash their car with if the were in to waxing them because it takes the wax right off.  Nowadays there are all the specialty car washes designed not to take the wax/polish off.
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