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I've noticed that the arch support increases as the swing last wears in.
I don't own any SD's, yet, but from what I have read they are quite sturdy.  They are a work boot.  If you need thick soles then maybe you could try out the double sole option Whites has with the SD's.  If they will build them that way.  The double sole does look even more like a work boot though.
I have a pair of the CWB's and I don't find the toe to be such an "upturn" that it wouldn't work with a suit.  They are a rather "substantial" boot though.  They do look like work boots.  However, I don't even own a suit so my opinion is biased.  The arch in my CWB's is by far the "least" noticeable compared to my standard SJ's and my swing last,6" SJ's.  Having flat feet I find the SJ's a little on the harsh side sometimes although still very comforatable while the Swing...
I wouldn't worry about it.  These are work boots and minor stuff really isn't an issue.  If you wear them the way they are intended that dark spot is the last thing that will be on your mind and I can guarantee that no one but you will ever know it's there.
Please excuse my double posts.  I have no idea what is causing them.  Firefox has gone on the blink a few times lately so assume that may be the problem.  Well, i just fixed them I think and don't know how to get rid of this one so I guess it will stay and in the future everyone will wonder what I was talking about.
The swing last gives more width up front for those of us with the duck feet.  The last is known for having less arch support.  With mine as they have worn in the arch support is getting a little more pronounced but it is not objectionable at all.  It's just about perfect for me whereas my SJ's are a little much but still OK.  The Classic Work Boots I have seem to have less than the other two pairs.  I can barely feel it and they are fine as well.  If you want less arch...
Yes, I did a few months ago when I got them.  They were rather poor pics.  Haven't taken any more since then.  I'll see what I can do.  I need better pics of all three pairs but just never got around to it. Give me a little time.
I've noticed the same thing with my swing last 6" SJ's.  The arch does get more pronounced.  It's perfect.
That's funny you should mention that the arch becomes more pronounced.  I bought a pair of 6" SJ's with CXL black uppers and Black oil finish lowers with the swing last to wear at work a few months back.  I just noticed the exact same characteristic a few days ago.  The support is getting more pronounced.  It's perfect.
It seems normal to me.  I have 3 pairs of White's and the first two i bought have some slight heel separation.  The newest pair hasn't yet but I'm sure it will  I don't see any harm from it.  I think it is normal.
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