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I believe he means the boots he's selling don't fit like a glove and he wants boots that do.
 That's how I do mine. It works very well.
Oh my God!  I have to admit I always wondered how anyone got the shine I sometimes see on a pair of Oil Finish White's!  However, while I am intending NO insult at all, you need to get a life!  Are you divorced? I'm fortunate if I even feel like brushing my Whitet's a few times a week.Pun intended.
I really like the British Tan.  It's awesome.
I ordered the lowered heel on the last pair I bought.  I like it and may very well have the heels lowered on the other two pairs I have when it's time for a resole.  The lowered heel feels more stable to me.
I've heard $200 but that was about a year or two ago.
Those are beautiful!  Don't wear them!   Put 'em on a shelf somewhere and just polish them once in a while.  I've got the Horween on the uppers of the last boots I ordered.  If you're not going to abuse them the Horween is real nice stuff.  It is more "fragile".  However, I wondered for a long time why so many ordered a complete boot with the Horween.  Now I know.  It's really nice and comfy for a casual boot and the "break in" is a breeze.  I don't know what your feet are...
I have 3 pairs of White's.  All of them fit perfectly except for the heel.  I have the exact same "problem" you do.  It's there.  The slightly loose feeling in the heel area but it really isn't a problem for me since I have owned all three pairs for roughly 2+ years.  When I get one of the pairs resoled I will most probably call Bakers to have it done and ask them to clamp the heel.  I'll see how it works out on the first pair and then decide on the other two.  White's are...
I'd be talking to Bakers with feet like yours.  Generally, those of us with real wide "duck feet" like the swing last.  A high arch added to wide feet is something where a professional needs to be consulted.  I've got the wide "duck feet" but a real low arch and the swing last or the classic last works very well for me.  It's there and I can feel it doing it's job but it is not too high.  The high arch in my SJ's required thin leather spacers and are very comfy with them. ...
I simply can't justify another pair of Whites but when I do I want to go Bull Hide.  I've heard really good things about that particular leather.  Bison is another one I want.  My problem is that I don't "need" any more Whites.  I have three pairs now.
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