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If you've only worn them 10 times they aren't broken in yet.  They will stretch.  It took me months to break in the CWB's I bought.  I forget the number but there is a certain amount of hours you have to spend in them walking around before they are broken in.  I drive for a living hence the very long break in I had to deal with plus those CWB's are made with the brown oil tan and I had them lined.  It was like being a victim of the Spanish Inquisition for quite a while. ...
The Swing Last has slightly more kick up at the toe than the SJ's but neither kick's up very much.  The Classic Work boots have a definite "kick-up" in the toe because they are designed that way.  You never know though.  I sit all day and do very little kneeling so maybe someone who has the Swing or the SJ's wh does a lot of kneeling and crawling around at their job would cause those lasts to develop a "kick-up" as well. I'm getting ready to have another pair made that are...
The Swing Lasted do on my two pairs but if you really want the toe kicking up get the classic C461 that comes on the Classic Work Boots.  I have a pair of those too and it's much more pronounced on them because they designed it that way.  The Classic Last is tied for first as my favorite last with the Swing Last.  I never can decide which I like better.
 I've thought the same thing becaue I'd like to get some heated insoles for work and they take up quite a bit of room from what i hear.  My thought is to pick the last and boot you want and send them the insoles so they can get them fitted in there.
 I've got a pair of Classic workboots with, obviously, the Classic last which I believe is the C461 and I have a pair of swing-lasted.  For the life of me I can't decide which one I like the best because they are both so nice.  The classics have less arch support and the weird thing is, the swing last gained "more" arch support once they were broken in.  Quite strange but true.  I do lean towards the swing-last as being my favorite because I do have the "duck foot"...
 There's a difference alright.  The swing last is wider up front.  The Smoke Jumper is taller and has more "volume" in the tow area.  I have a pair of each.  Love the swing last but if you have to stuff big, heavy socks into something then the standard SJ last is the ticket.  Not that it doesn't work with regular socks.
I believe he means the boots he's selling don't fit like a glove and he wants boots that do.
 That's how I do mine. It works very well.
Oh my God!  I have to admit I always wondered how anyone got the shine I sometimes see on a pair of Oil Finish White's!  However, while I am intending NO insult at all, you need to get a life!  Are you divorced? I'm fortunate if I even feel like brushing my Whitet's a few times a week.Pun intended.
I really like the British Tan.  It's awesome.
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