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I got mine today and they are spectacular. Had I known they would be this good I would have gotten way more. Lots of handwork, all chunk MOP buttons, beautifully wrapped and boxed, little booklets. They look like full mainline to me! Fit is the same as other Borrelli I have. Slim arms, medium body, fitting an athletic shape wonderfully. Go Vente-Privee! This was an incredible deal. I paid 98 each including shipping with my Amex card.
Just got a bunch....
I usually topy my shoes myself. I would pay $20 but not $35 to have it done on a pair of shoes. Takes me about 30 minutes per pair but I have a grinder to make the new sole nice and flush with the leather and I use edge dressing. My toes still wear pretty fast and I have to apply the plastic kiwi toe taps anyway. I will topy all my shoes soon since I am pissed I wore through the center of the sole of a pair of double soled CJ for Polo Darltons worn maybe 20 days max....
Normal size. Even if they are a big snug they will settle in. Mine took a long time to break in but I'm glad I didn't size down. I'm an 11.
Quote: Originally Posted by up1bin Have you ever applied to and got a job? Employers require their newly hired employees to come in with their SS Card. No employer has ever asked to see my SS card. Tho they did run background checks.
I just noticed a dime sized hole in the center of my CJ for polo Darltons' sole. I can't believe I've worn them through this quickly. The outer layer of sole is worn through and there a cracked leather midsole material showing through. I have over 30 pairs of shoes and have maybe worn these shoes 20 times. The rest of the soles are fine, as are the original heels and toes, as I use the kiwi plastic taps on those. Rather than replace the soles I'm just going to topy...
The tailor has to "lower the collar" I have square shoulders and had to get the collars lowered on all my suits. Some tailors find this a much more difficult job than others. I've had to have a few redone twice to get it right. $30 is the most you should pay.
Alden for Brooks. The shine on these is unbreakable. Grenson for Paul Stuart And more grenson for PS. We have seen these before. They are awesome. I have some Darlton's too, which I have to say are close to my favorite shoes ever. But I have a fat heel and can deal with the tight toebox on my wide foot. They took many months to break in, but are now close to perfect. Never shine like the Alden's, but people comment on the brown. Different in ever...
Where is a list of these companies?
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