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At my age (30ish). Your body changes, and fast...so maybe another 5-8 lb? Can I get my jacket while it will fit PLEASE
Would it matter if we did
 Tools -> Protect Sheet..
 You forgot to lock yo cells son?
 So simple..retard confirmed. False alarm. Moved my row...it's all good in the hood now Thanks Bishop Edit; not sure why everyone else isin't doing this
I'm actually more interested when did he input his jacket in the spreadsheet...which is messed up Seems like the dudes that inputted their entries first got first dibs I was row 100, but then got pushed to 250+...not cool
Someone has without a doubt shifted the rows. When I inputted my order it was on like row 100, now I'm pushed all the way to row 250ish
that's one big IF
im just happy i sized up to be able to wear a sweater underneath...by the time i get it i might be fat
spreadsheet entry comment; "It's probably in the pile you took pictures of."   rofl
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