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Anyone know what the hell Drew is up to now?
Do we have any pics of those prototypes?   No viberg cabourn service boot with rivets? damn
Any new viberg GMTO batch on the horizon?
Not interested in this one...any more viberg GMTO on the horizon? do they all get their own thread?   I'd love a viberg cabourn service boot with rivets...but if I remember correctly they can't do rivets anymore
I see Falcon is starting production on the exact same T1 jacket that TOJ offered...I thought all those design's were Drew's? How is Falcon commencing production on those without facing some legal action from Drew? Are they in contact with him maybe negotiating deals? Or are they hoping he never crawls out the hole he's hiding in?   Seems sketchy
Such a strange feeling seeing the exact same T1 jacket I never got from TOJ still being made by the same people while I receive no compensation
Anyone have a link to the last time drew re-assured us that our jackets were going to be made? Still fighting this   I'd do a search but I forgot the name of his second account
but TOJ quoted an estimated wait time of 180 days upon ordering, so then what?
Keep fighting the good fight   Don't let this thief win...I'm escalating shit hard through paypal and my credit card. They keep saying there's nothing they can do, but I keep sending them letters of my dispute claim......idgaf
Did drew mention it at all?
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