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 Do you have their case numbers that I could use as a reference when calling? They won't budge.
If anybody in America has gotten their money back from paypal after the allowed time frame (45 days I think), please PM me your case number ID thingy. Thx
Looks like they put their facebook page back up...the sam's hot chicken one   https://www.facebook.com/iimakzip?fref=ts
Any progress on the case dieworkwear?
I have one jacket in the TOJ queue....and falcon popping up leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As if I'm going to send money to the same TOJ guys minus Drew. Falcon should make the jacket im waiting for from TOJ free of charge. THEY ARE TOJ (minus Drew)
Anyone got a phone number of his new restaurant?
Are they doing the T1?
 And this is why the thread should stay up...keeps me calm. sorta.
At my age (30ish). Your body changes, and fast...so maybe another 5-8 lb? Can I get my jacket while it will fit PLEASE
Would it matter if we did
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