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I'm on the same page...bumped it as well. A little peace of mind would be nice
^ That's where I emailed yesterday, no response yet...
I was losing faith, but I got my full leather a couple of months ago...and Charly has been helpful via email with measurements for my next leather.   That helped a lot...for me anyways   Stay strong!
 Pretty sure Drew said himself that they've all been shipped out...
17 July 2013
 No sorry my camera is not the best...black lamb MA-1
Keep believing bros, it's worth the wait. Just got it  
Received tracking for July 2013 order! Anyone know what website I can look it up?   Yeah...I'm new
 cute...someone ordered the same date as me (july), same jacket as me, and he got it 6 months ago
Daypack is awesome...got mine summer 2013, backpacked all over italy with it. strong too. I loaded it with stuff I found along the way, got so heavy my shoulders were hurting, but daypack stayed in good form. it's true my zippers are different...but whatever it's just zippers
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