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If I ever fulfill my dream of watching live starcraft in seoul I'm tracking this clown down and will either:   1. take my money back   2. do $800 worth of damages to his face
Do we have a list of all the gmto make ups we've done with viberg so far?
 Don't hold your breath...TOJ got mentioned on reddit today in its usual context
30% off @ http://www.fasinfrankvintage.com/
Is there a thread like this for Canadian stores?
I paid via creditcard through paypal, and I'm still SOL
 Do you have their case numbers that I could use as a reference when calling? They won't budge.
If anybody in America has gotten their money back from paypal after the allowed time frame (45 days I think), please PM me your case number ID thingy. Thx
Looks like they put their facebook page back up...the sam's hot chicken one   https://www.facebook.com/iimakzip?fref=ts
Any progress on the case dieworkwear?
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