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Someone has without a doubt shifted the rows. When I inputted my order it was on like row 100, now I'm pushed all the way to row 250ish
that's one big IF
im just happy i sized up to be able to wear a sweater underneath...by the time i get it i might be fat
spreadsheet entry comment; "It's probably in the pile you took pictures of."   rofl
and that's why this open worksheet bs will never work
We already sent him our info I dunno how many times to the TOJ inbox as requested by drew in the past. He doesn't even reply to that when I asked for confirmation...but now, 6 months later, wants us to give our info again by different means? A mean that is exposed to the public? This is a fucking joke/insult.   Answer your TOJ inbox, problem solved.
Drew please confirm form use, and answer any incoming questions.   This thing you do by posting with a new account then disappearing is...not cool
F#@k it   203 aza ($380.00) 204 whiskey ($780.00) 205 .mavErick ($780.00) 206 thundercloud ($380.00) 207 axroox ($380) 208 Heymanniceshot ($780.00)
Source? Pretty sure he didn't sell anything
 What does that even mean? He intends to finish all orders and ship them?
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