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 Pretty sure Drew said himself that they've all been shipped out...
17 July 2013
 No sorry my camera is not the best...black lamb MA-1
Keep believing bros, it's worth the wait. Just got it  
Received tracking for July 2013 order! Anyone know what website I can look it up?   Yeah...I'm new
 cute...someone ordered the same date as me (july), same jacket as me, and he got it 6 months ago
Daypack is awesome...got mine summer 2013, backpacked all over italy with it. strong too. I loaded it with stuff I found along the way, got so heavy my shoulders were hurting, but daypack stayed in good form. it's true my zippers are different...but whatever it's just zippers
It boils down to false promises...my jacket was suppose to arrive a year ago. Mix that with $800 some dollars, and first time buyers. You get pissed off clients that are starting to think they're being scammed. Drew checked this thread ONCE in that last 2.5 months, and it was only to calm people down. He used to be on here DAILY...why the sudden lack of communication? Does he have something to hide? Is he flaking out? Where are our jackets? Why are people not even getting...
65 weeks, birthday in 2 weeks
Thanks! I walk around the city lots...maybe 2.5 - 3 miles a day? Traveled Italy last month. probably did 8 miles a day there ...I've been wearing them daily since Fok shipped them out, but I'm putting them away for the winter since it's pretty harsh with the -40 degree Celsius and all the salt (does that cause dmg?). I got some other beat-em-up winter boots.
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