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It boils down to false promises...my jacket was suppose to arrive a year ago. Mix that with $800 some dollars, and first time buyers. You get pissed off clients that are starting to think they're being scammed. Drew checked this thread ONCE in that last 2.5 months, and it was only to calm people down. He used to be on here DAILY...why the sudden lack of communication? Does he have something to hide? Is he flaking out? Where are our jackets? Why are people not even getting...
65 weeks, birthday in 2 weeks
Thanks! I walk around the city lots...maybe 2.5 - 3 miles a day? Traveled Italy last month. probably did 8 miles a day there ...I've been wearing them daily since Fok shipped them out, but I'm putting them away for the winter since it's pretty harsh with the -40 degree Celsius and all the salt (does that cause dmg?). I got some other beat-em-up winter boots.
 You mean that corner that I'm shaving off with my walk? Ok so I should be concerned about that? It's just a bad habit for sliding my foot when I walk sometimes, I didn't think it would eat through the entire heal...it looks worse in the pics. How would I fix that?
  My bown wax flesh styleforum makeup service boots after 1 season :)
Im in Italy right now, heading back to america tomorrow...so many nice leather jackets here. I probably wont come back here again ever...I would of bought a jacket here in a heartbeat if I wasnt in line for TOJ order...but now im getting nervous. Someone update us god damnit
 You guess? or he said he's working on it? PS: Thank you for your efforts in calming us down, it's refreshing
Usually when I send emails Charly is quick to reply...but last week I sent an email asking when the next batch should be shipped as Charly had told me my jacket would be in it...no reply
Is it normal that drew has not been online in 1 week and 2 days... anybody received a jacket in the last couple of weeks? 56 weeks here...fall is right around the corner....hoping that batches gets sent out soon
New Posts  All Forums: