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Keep fighting the good fight   Don't let this thief win...I'm escalating shit hard through paypal and my credit card. They keep saying there's nothing they can do, but I keep sending them letters of my dispute claim......idgaf
Did drew mention it at all?
 Um no. It's not obvious. I called paypal and they said I could file a dispute while adding it wouldn't necessarily mean I'd get my money back even if I was successful as I am way past the allowed time frame.
No, you wrote you won the dispute. That doesn't mean you get your money back 100% of the time   PS: do you have a case number? I'd like to refer to it if I have to go down that avenue
 So you basically submitted what pawnchyoface did to pay pal and got your money back? I did the same thing but submitted it to the my credit card company instead of paypal...dealing with the ombudsman now If that doesn't work I'll try paypal
The only difference between TOJ and Falcon is one guy.
 getting compensated for my stolen money a "favor" .............. riiiight
Why even go to hyperbole example? keep it realistic, bruh.
 Yeah lets compare a small company with a whole nation...you're the one sounding ridiculous edit: and I didn't say shit about pride, I said they should honor their mistakes...two different things
If Falcon actually gave a shit they'd offer 50% discount to robbed TOJ costumers as they were affiliated with the brand. They'd take the hit with honor. They know more about Drew's whereabouts than anyone else probably, if they don't I'm sure they have connections that do... and I don't think they're feeding info to dieworkwear to help us   Falcon raised the prices for MTM, my Canadian currency is garbage (not anybody's fault here), and I think they are offering 15%...
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