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Im in Italy right now, heading back to america tomorrow...so many nice leather jackets here. I probably wont come back here again ever...I would of bought a jacket here in a heartbeat if I wasnt in line for TOJ order...but now im getting nervous. Someone update us god damnit
 You guess? or he said he's working on it? PS: Thank you for your efforts in calming us down, it's refreshing
Usually when I send emails Charly is quick to reply...but last week I sent an email asking when the next batch should be shipped as Charly had told me my jacket would be in it...no reply
Is it normal that drew has not been online in 1 week and 2 days... anybody received a jacket in the last couple of weeks? 56 weeks here...fall is right around the corner....hoping that batches gets sent out soon
I sent an email to Charly regarding my order, he replied promptly and put me at ease by saying I was in the next batch. Ordered leather MA-1 mid july
dcjohnson did you receive a tracking #?
 You're stirring the pot with that statement alone. A lot of people (including myself) have ordered their first TOJ after the buzz of their closure. I've never ordered a jacket online, it's new to me, I was quoted 20 weeks, and I'm now over 45 weeks. Considering I've only ordered clothing from big companies; I'm not used to have my order delayed by so many months. I took the plunge after reading all the good reviews about their jackets. This format is foreign to me and my...
If you ordered mid july last year; your jacket might already been made and ready to ship in this week's batch...I'm hoping mine is anyways
Sorry I'm new to this, noob love. Like when you rub your hand inside the boot against the bottom, you feel the top layer that starts at the back of the heel and ends in the middle, that's whats peeling off caused by the friction of my sock when i take the boot off. It has started peeling off at the end of the layer in the middle of the boot, it's the layer with the "styleforum" stamp on it
New Posts  All Forums: