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If you are after a ribbon just pop into the shop in Covent garden. They have a bag full and will give them to you if you ask. Especially if you are wearing a Mallory without one. They gave me 3.
Oh and i think the rucksack is part of the karrimor collab.
The Atkinson comes in houndstooth of blue and RAF grey Mallorys in RAF blue and charcoal in harris tweed herringbone and in normal harris tweed army, RAF blue and new black. Cameramans in black navy/RAF blue and RAF grey/Charcoal Shirts were two types of basic shirt in oxford selvedge in grey,green and a greyish blue and then poplin selvedge in army and navy. one type of medical shirt in Japanese raw denim and the big over shirts in army and navy colourways.   There...
The "diffusion" label I think is called Lybro by Nigel cabourn. I again think Lybro was a British workwear label that Nigel started his career at and then bought the company some years later. There were no Mallory's or anything from the authentic range. It's a line designed for the a younger audience. And apparently the shirts will be max £150 and jackets max £450. I liked it.
If you live near London go into the shop. They are really really helpful and will tell you if you have a fake.... Other than the fake everests on eBay I've never come across any. Fakes would be obvious to spot because of the quality of the fabrics and the quality of the build. Fakers want to make easy money and sell stuff that is popular. Cabourn is a niche market so I doubt they would bother spending the time effort and money knocking it off. That's my opinion anyway.
I went to the shop and preview show today too. It's a really good collection. The Fred perry stuff was there and the cheaper defusion line was nice. I picked up an rrp price list and so I know the extreme Everest which is called the Antarctic Parka is £2500. It's wool lined so it will be even warmer and it's 9 inches longer. I think Nigel has realised that they have hit a ceiling in pricing. They have done another coastal commander. It's dark brown and not got a hood but...
I'm making the trip down to London. Have tweeted Nigel to see if it is invite only but no response so I'll be there.
Is that jacket 'migsy' is looking at a tenzing rather than a Mallory? I always thought tenzings had 4 buttons and were longer in the length and Mallory's had 3 buttons... I'm sure Ian (who is a really great guy) from corniche told me that.
Yeah it was from flannels.
I agree, I picked up an Everest parka size 46 in survival yellow the other day for 825 quid. It arrived yesterday... its seriously nice and beautifully made. I'm usually a 48 but I know everests come up large so I snapped it up. Its probably the only time ive ever been happy about cabourns irregular sizing.  I'm now praying for a cold snap so I can wear it or it'll be a good few months before I give it a run out. I did think about the white Mallory but I seriously doubt I...
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