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I'm making the trip down to London. Have tweeted Nigel to see if it is invite only but no response so I'll be there.
Is that jacket 'migsy' is looking at a tenzing rather than a Mallory? I always thought tenzings had 4 buttons and were longer in the length and Mallory's had 3 buttons... I'm sure Ian (who is a really great guy) from corniche told me that.
Yeah it was from flannels.
I agree, I picked up an Everest parka size 46 in survival yellow the other day for 825 quid. It arrived yesterday... its seriously nice and beautifully made. I'm usually a 48 but I know everests come up large so I snapped it up. Its probably the only time ive ever been happy about cabourns irregular sizing.  I'm now praying for a cold snap so I can wear it or it'll be a good few months before I give it a run out. I did think about the white Mallory but I seriously doubt I...
I read somewhere that the pricing will be above filsons normal pricing but below cabourns normal pricing.
Not sure if it's been posted on here before but if you wanna see a sneak preview of the Nigel cabourn collaboration with filson there are a couple of pics on gq website. I googled Nigel cabourn filson collaboration (I can't get the link to work sorry) What are your thoughts?
New cabourn stuff in at bureau Belfast and coggles.
Cabourn in at END
Some of the oil cloth Everest   http://statigr.am/p/637609705868235002_24901923   http://statigr.am/p/637593947451513779_14569693
Here's another one of 'our' coastal commander.   http://statigr.am/p/639071713585340181_35059166   ps its not me giving you all the V's
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