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I bought some stuff and communicated with Glenn via email back in November. I hope they're just working on the website! These are my go to polishes and creams! If you need to reach them I'd try emailing them.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Hello gents.  What is the best method of aftercare for your leather(upper) shoes in terms of wiping them down etc, after you just got home from walking around snowy conditions or icy slush?  And also, what's the best thing to do after a trip of doing so for about a week to best restore them to good health after being exposed to some snow/salt/etc.?     Thank you!
Could one of you gents please tell me, what is the difference between the Glenkaren Paste and the Glenkaren water resistant polish in terms of shine? And can the High Shine neutral paste be used on top of the water resistant polish or regular paste?     Thanks!
Good to know. Thank you.
Thanks!   I plan on taking rubber soled shoes, including a pair of chukka boots. The weather will be somewhere around 15-30 F or colder, and with lots of snow!    I just ordered a pair of Totes overshoes just in case.  I have a pair of work boots but they are also leather upper, and not very flattering..
Good afternoon gents,   I'm making a trip up north in the middle of winter and I could use some advice as I've never been in the snow before.  I don't plan on trudging snow in them, but as much as one would encounter snow in regular city/ life activities. Just about all my shoes are leather, and all the ones I plan to take are leather, so I am wondering if it is okay to wear leather shoes in snowy conditions?       Are there any tips or products you recommend to...
Thanks Cptjeff.
   Thank you, gentlemen.  Yes, that's how they came out of the box.  I'll be sure to return them then.
   Thank you.  I'll be sure to do that.
Greetings gents,   So I was really excited that I finally got my first pair of Allen Edmonds (Park Avenue)...!  And then it was a total kill-joy when I realized there was a huge crease/indention on one of the shoes.  I ordered these at Nordstrom and had them shipped to my house since they didn't have my size.    I posted this in the Allen Edmonds Appreciation thread, but I think perhaps this post is better suited here. So should I return these immediately? Or is this...
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