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I have a 256 very good for carrying laptop etc   I also have medium field bag for carrying everything else, got it mainly for water bottles and diapers during the weekend.
The trade offs, I had the Tote for a day before I got a 256 and the thing that I didn't like about the tote was lack of any organization.   to each their own, but I loved how light the tote was empty.
I have noticed that too upon closer inspection.
It looks like they have a web sale on their site for the small wool field bag and the tote briefcase bag, for those interested.
I must say the leather strap is a bit unforgiving for the shoulder when it's new, I usually use the strap without because of how it likes to dig into my shoulder.
Thank you for a very well written out reply to my question, I think from it I will look into Twill rather than tin cloth, because I had a J Crew Abingdon in the past which has the same loose form that is similar to the tin cloth and I wasn't as happy with it's lack of shape.
I can only fit my 15.6 " inch wide screen lenovo g580 in the middle compartment in the 256 I have. The other pockets are too small width wise to fit it in.
I never treated my bag, owned for about a month now, carry it most days, my handles do not look anything like that where it looks dry. It's still smooth on both sides of the handle, hope this info helps you.
Thank you, would you happen to have any of their wool fabric material products too? Thinking of whether to grab a tin cloth field bag, wool field bag or stick to the canvas. I have a canvas brief and know the quality of the canvas is top notch.
Anyone have a 22 oz fabric bag and a tin cloth bag that they could comment on regarding the different feel, wear, and toughness?
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