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zliang,   That is a real bummer that your strap pad went out on you like that within the first few minutes of ownership. I would wonder how long BB kept the stock on their shelves before they sold that particular unit to you. Maybe it's been a while and the leather got brittle or it came from a defective lot.   I own a 256 and while I don't always use it my pad doesn't exhibit that kind of wear on it. When I do load it up and use it I fill it up with like 10 lbs worth...
I dont think so, barely fit my 13" wide screen Lenovo.
I have a barely used Otter Green Ruck Sack on eBay for $190 for your consideration.   Used on one trip to Seattle from CA, otherwise just a few day trips to visit family, many pictures available on the listing.
If you made the order and it went out of stock after you, you might want to call or email them to make sure they're actually going to ship it to you.   I went one week without hearing or receiving any confirmation that I actually made the purchase to a bag that was on the web specials section until I asked them and they said it didn't go through. Other than that keep checking daily and it might go back on stock when someone else cancels their order I believe.
I have a black field bag in the opposite type of style, it's all canvas with some wool for pockets on the outside, this bag has wool on the storm flap and with an open main compartment I wonder how well that actually would stand up to a nice rain day.
I have that weird underside peeling look to my strap too, no idea what is causing it, nor do I worry too much, they do sell straps so if the day that ever wears out I can replace it. The bag itself is what I worry more about fraying.
With laptop and a notebook in my 256 I don't think a pair of men's shoes will fit in my bag, unless it's the only thing that is in the bag.   The tote might be a better bet here.   On a side note, I noticed a lot of bags coming out from Filson lately and their design seems to be steering further away from their heritage/look, it is the main reason I purchased my Filsons is because of the very distinct look, the new stuff coming out with compartments all over the place...
I have a 256 very good for carrying laptop etc   I also have medium field bag for carrying everything else, got it mainly for water bottles and diapers during the weekend.
The trade offs, I had the Tote for a day before I got a 256 and the thing that I didn't like about the tote was lack of any organization.   to each their own, but I loved how light the tote was empty.
I have noticed that too upon closer inspection.
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