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Length is half and inch difference. Can't see it being much of an issue.
Guys in those pics are clearly wearing them so not women only.Getting kith items can be a bit difficult so if it's not an instant sellout, will try for the hoodie and long sleeve. Any difference in sizing on these? Usually items made for Asia run smaller
What's the release for the kith stuff? Interested in the hoodie if it's obtainable.
Agreed. The black one stands out. The indigo in person doesn't seem that detailed as in pics. going to send the indigo back
Got mine yesterday. I like the black, not sure about the indigo. Looks a bit different in person
Are they a usa store? $120 for the tank on their site
You should be ok with the medium. You are the same height and build as me.
Yes. I always get the same size.
Yes. Both colors
I think you can size down just like on the unecks. It fits the same as my medium unecks. Persoanlly rather get this true to size as its a tank and you want it a bit loose.
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