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I think it's half an inch. I had them taper to a slp pair that fits me well.I don't know about all of them but my medium washed u neck fits about the same as a small non washed.
I love my 2013 pairs too. That cut is what I use when I need to get any of my jeans tapered. That cut was perfect for my legs. I still like some of the newer slp washes. Their washes are perfect for my tastes and lately JE has been spot on too. Je better line up for me too. I think the blowout is larger and higher up. From what many of said, slp don't line up for taller people too. In general the slit is too low.
They been tapered that's why. They are a size 29. Waist is loose but I just wear a belt. They definitely stretch. I would get the tightest fit possible.
Here are some quick pics of the thumper and charcoal comix. Overall it fits well. I could have fit a small but the medium isn't too bad. I can layer a hoodie under this. Prob couldn't under a small.
These are a 28. Stretch in them makes it comfortable to go the smallest you can. I'm sure they will stretch as both my odeon and spring have. Haven't worn my cropped whites all that much but I'm sure they will too.
Thanks! Small it is then
Nero with slp boots. I know this might be a popular combo. I like my Nero better than the many black destroyed or knee slit slps I have had over the past several years. Overall I think this is one of the nicest pairs I have. Going to order the grey skittles too. The multicolor hues are unique and I like the wash more than what I seen on the runway.
 looks good! how did you size on it? I might get one too since the OS is my fav style and this might be the only chance to get it in a different material other than the thin terry 
Any thoughts on the fit of the 2 compared to other items you have? I know you are a small and medium too in certain items
They are taking phone orders ?
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