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I thought the price went up on the distroyed because they wanted to better control the quality of the pairs? Those look like a step back. Not worth the price. They look like some Zara jeans.
On Je. Entire stock marked down to $150
The end of skinny jeans? Jeans are very cropped too. Might involve tailoring for most to get that fit. Like some of the shirts. Interested in seeing some of the sneakers. Ripped jeans might be a challenge for us shorter people with the looser cut.
http://www.zoofashions.com/collections/saint-laurent/products/jodhpur-brown-suede-leather-ankle-boots If anyone is looking for the brown jodhpur
I like it. Fit is spot on. Has a unique look. It has a lot of stitching detail. You can wear it easily without layering too.
I returned mine for the same reason. It looked worse on me. It hanged on me like it was 2 sizes too big. I have wide shoulders and bigger chest so it wouldn't even lay flat on the back.
Anyone have their linen sweater ship? My hoodie shipped but not my sweater. In the past this can lead to out of stock cancelation. Hopefully it's not the case as I ordered within the first min
Got the hoodie and sweater. Looking forward to seeing how the color blends with my moon and charcoal items
@JohnElliottCo what's the price of the sweater?
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