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Imo the hoodies layer better with tanks if the fit is on the tight side. I would give that a shot. The person that posted the villian a few pages back prob will look much better with a tank as thr arms won't look as tight.
@JohnElliottCo is the black on the loop wheeler items a deeper black? I'm sure the dye is the But the color outcome depends on the fabric too. Also any fade residence on these?
I do. Want this If there is a substantial difference in the terry. Will wait on reviews. Every other piece is just about the same. This is actually a totally different product if the terry is much different.
Kind of interested in the black dual flash for the all black zipper. not sure yet though.
Always measure when in doubt. I have a had a few pieces that were mislabeled. Its never an issue to get it corrected though.
Mislabeling is common unfortunately. The fit of clash looks good. All of my JE items are a medium and the clash is slightly looser than the villian. The one you tried on prob wasn't a true L.
Hard to predict the price when no one here knows what the normal terry costs. If the price between the 2 isn't that great, the price won't be double. With the Alma they used more materials and more zippers. That added to the costs. With this its just a different material, the hardware aspect is the same.
Got both. They are both actually my fav (got a black too). It's a bright white so it will stain If are in an environment with the possibility of staining.
For those that were wondering, get the same size as the villian on the clash. The fit is slightly looser than a villian zipped all the way down. No need to size up If you feel the villian seems a bit tight zipped all the way.
just a quick pic. layered with the classic crew. 
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