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They don't really run smaller. There is a drawstring that may help. If you get a smaller size, they will stretch a bit in the thighs but not sure how they will fit you initially.
You should be fine with a M
Damn. That sucks. I saved about 320 plus tax so over 400. I seen the spring app offer 25% off 3 times since I had it (heard about it here first). Worth keeping an eye on. JE usually puts new stuff on it the same day they release it.Looking forward to what they have to offer come this holiday season. I wonder if JE sale prices will be stacked with the spring discount.
Yes they are. The light grey
Ships from JE directly. Thursday may be pushing it unless you live close to CA
http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/saint-laurent-slim-fit-jeans-item-11156961.aspx?storeid=9579&ffref=lp_2_6_ http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/saint-laurent-ripped-skinny-jeans-item-11151735.aspx?storeid=9462&ffref=lp_16_35_ Haven't seen these 2 before. I like the black vs the other raw black destroyed. Not feeling the price on either though.
Just a heads up...the spring app has 25% going on right now. This includes the new jackets. Just re purchased the fishtail and picked up the wool bomber too. Riders, stadium jackets all there. For us California people, no tax either. Expires at 1 pm est. link for iOS below Spring - Shop 800+ brands with free shipping by Spring NYC https://appsto.re/us/9HaM1.i
Mine shipped as well. Prob the case for everyone
Did anyone get shipping confirmation on the fishtail rain coats yet?
I think it looks fine. Mine fits similar. I got the same size as I get in everything else. As long as you can zip it up comfortably you should be ok.
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