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We still have all of the beach wear. The shorts, jackets and towels. Personally feel those will be the standout pieces from this season and trying to hold out for them.
I bought a pair after seeing they didn't have many sizes. Worth checking out at least for me.
All of the high priced items are always in low amounts. Maybe other retailers buy some too but given the price reactions it makes sense. They don't want items to sit around.
I think the rascal shorts look the most formal out of everything they made so far. Good too pair with shirts. I'm going to wait for the board shorts though.
Surprised by the cardigan pricing though. I wasn't going to get one anyway.
Got,the tee. Shorts will get closer to summer. Waiting on the board shorts though.
Charcoal villain eventually came back. Sage although a less common color might eventually too.
Same. The think a lot of it depends on how you plan on wearing them. They aren't going to work for formal outfits or dressed up outfits. That's when they will stick out. Wear them casually and they look like the perfect pair of well worn jeans.
If you steam the jacket and put a longer tee under it, you would get the opposite reaction here.I will say this though that you can't reslly make it good without a longer layer under it.Keep it if you think it's worth the money. That's all that should matter. If you get summer rain I guess it can fit in your summer rotation.
Wore the jeans out the other night. I like the wash, something I didn't have. I don't really like dark indigo jeans so I know I could never do this the natural way.
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