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Mine shipped as well. Prob the case for everyone
Did anyone get shipping confirmation on the fishtail rain coats yet?
I think it looks fine. Mine fits similar. I got the same size as I get in everything else. As long as you can zip it up comfortably you should be ok.
Those are tights
http://www.xhibition.co/collections/john-elliott-co/products/escobarsweat Olive escobars if anytime still looking
Bomber looks nice. Might have to grab one too.
Actyally it looks like silver zippers so it's grey. Dark grey has the black zippers and grey has the silver
I have a walnut side zip on order that should be here soon. I can post comparison pics and my thoughts as well.
A lot of amazing pieces this season. The brand really has evolved to a complete collection. Picked up the raincoat. Really want the wool bomber too but will wait for the other bombers to drop before I decide.
Those might be the first design. They aren't that round anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: