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More spring/ summer stuff. http://tablet.gq.com/style/1321-exclusive-a-sneak-peek-at-john-elliott-spring-summer-2015
Looks like more colors are coming
The medium on the model fits like yours but he's 160 pounds. Might be pushing it considering the large isn't too baggy. The sleeves might look better though.I'm like you though with sizes. I'm between a medium and and a small. I have about 10 JE tees and I mix it up with the sizes. Some are small ans some are medium.
Have you seen the actual tee? I guess it's a typo then. The tee looks a bit different on the model too but it might just be how the pics were taken.
@JohnElliottCo is the fabric changed for the black and white mercer tee? The description now states the same as the grey. Maybe it's a typo but I wanted to make sure. Might buy the black if the fabric is different now.
Which ones are you looking at? If it's the old cut, xs should be fine. New cut, small should be ok.
Concepts just dropped their stock. Don't bother though, it's mostly gone now
JE definitely made for layering, without that obnoxious fear of god look. These aren't tall tees, but are slightly longer. Love them layered or by itself.
If you going to just use it for layering, buy the tank. IMO you would want to size up on the tank anyway. I wear med in tanks since I like the looser fit.
New Posts  All Forums: