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Thanks. Thought they were the same as other shots. The saint Laurent are a bit wider. I personally like that about them compared to the common projects. Common projects look better with cuffed sweats or pants.
Achilles low
Thanks for the update. From when I followed the brand to now there have been improvements in the stitching, materials and cuts. The price increases IMO have come with improvements.Also any updates on restocks? Kind of want the updated cut escobars. I figure I'll do the sell and rebuy one more time. Really like the updated fit more. They fit better and are for comfortable.
@JohnElliottCo how do the pockets work as far as sizing goes with the zippers? I know my old escobars prob look the way they do because of the old cut and me wanting a slimmer cut but even my current cut midnight blue have a gap at the pockets when you put them on. Will that not matter with the zippers? I don't want the pockets to be so tight that opening and closing the pockets might be an issue.
I think he's talking about the new alma sweatpants
Sounds good. I'm sure she will take care of it. If not, I'll let you know.
@JohnElliottCo I sent a couple tees back for an exchange and shot Brandi a quick email. Might just be busy but I wanted to make sure she is still the person to contact.
I believe a curved tank is in the works
Here is the difference between the grey and silk charcoal. Material obviously is nicer on the silk.
I haven't worn my xsmall black and grey in a while since its been warm and I realized how much nicer the current cut is with my midnight blues. I guess it was bad timing on my part for buying the last gen cut as they were the only ones baggy.  I already sold off my smalls to buy the xsmall so don't really want to do the same again and rebuy the current gen. @JohnElliottCo  anyway to alter the new old ones to fit a bit more like the current gen? 
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