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Feel the same. Something different
Anyone have the cowboy boats from this season? Curious to see how they look in a casual outfit.
You can potentially size down for a better fit since the waist will have more give. Sitting is MUCH more comfortable. For any skinny fit item, stretch is ideal and needed imo.
Olive is the omly color I don't have. Might have to pick up a uneck. Ill wait for the tanks to come before I order.
Don't see what's that bad about those jeans. I wouldn't buy them since I don't really like the patch either but they aren't that different from the black ones.
I got a plus too and I take it out as well. I took out all my other iPhones too so it's not an issue for me.
Annoying in the new pockets. Fits fine in all of the first versions. That's the biggest gripe I have is the pocket size. Sizing sucks too but I can get that fixed. Pockets I can't.
I should have sized down. Real leather does the same too. Lucky for me my thighs and calves hold them up so I'm not in a need for a belt. Waist did get pretty loose though.
lI actually got a pair and I wore them for the first time. Noticed the stretch too, do they go back to normal after you take them off? Really liked them compared to real leather. Didn't notice much of sticking to legs. I wore them with a black hoodie and grey tee. Don't plan to wear them more dressed up
Wear dress clothes to work but when I do dress casual I have at least one JE piece on.
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