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I just hang everything on wooden hangers. The bumps just steam out. I used to fold but the fold lines are too much to deal with
I never have had to pay anything myself but I never ordered anything over 800 since they started shipping with dhl. My guess is you will get charged customs if it's over 800 and delivered by dhl
In the future make 2 orders. Under 800 you don't get charged. Ssense is free shipping anyway
The skittles stretch with wear too. Mine have opened up quite a bit but they still fit. Size down if you can.
Look book preview looks sweet. Need both things. Season looks really promising and huge step forward
Not the best pic but I'm wearing my skittles today.
They will blow as you bend and stretch. Nothing crazy unless you get them caught on something. They aren't made of paper.
No unless they change the denim to the more stretchier version that started with last several drops.
Stick with what you have. Sizing down won't work on those. They don't have that much stretch.
I think the skittles wash is the best work JE has done. Nothing else out there like it.
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