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I believe a curved tank is in the works
Here is the difference between the grey and silk charcoal. Material obviously is nicer on the silk.
I haven't worn my xsmall black and grey in a while since its been warm and I realized how much nicer the current cut is with my midnight blues. I guess it was bad timing on my part for buying the last gen cut as they were the only ones baggy.  I already sold off my smalls to buy the xsmall so don't really want to do the same again and rebuy the current gen. @JohnElliottCo  anyway to alter the new old ones to fit a bit more like the current gen? 
Looks like it. The blend gives it away. Love the white silk.Also for those that want a layered look you need to either have the same size hoodie as the tee or the tee needs to be one size up. That's the only way you can get the look you want.
Seems like medium is the most popular size. I got the new charcoal in uneck. Picked up a white silk uneck as well. I really love the look and feel of the silk blend.
Interesting. Usually the crews sit. Kind of want the dark grey crew but I'll wait I guess before it cools down. Picked up the silk tee though.
The sand villain is as close as you will get for now. It's much lighter though.
What about the ones dropping Thursday?
Any pricing info? Will be getting the flannel for sure. Wish I waited on the silk grey mercer tee.
@JohnElliottCo is the dark grey silk noticeably different than the normal charcoal or pretty similar?
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