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Do you have all of your zip ups and hoodies? Wasn't it in the 90s in la today ?
It's not that bad tbh. The studded jeans are horrible along with some of the boots. I like knee blowout jeans the best but let's see if they look like that. If they do I'll buy a pair. Prices look higher too. I hope that isn't the case for USA retail.
I was surprised by it too. The fabric and the cut is really unique. It's not just a plain tee with a normal raw finish
This would be most useful. Whenever I have sold stuff it's generally to people from here who are looking for an item or interested in a deal. The Facebook page for whatever reason hasn't take off
Dark navy and maroon would definitely be welcome additions. When multiple pieces are made this usually happens.
Anti expo tee came from the restock. I'm actually impressed with it. Like the fit and fabric.
Picked up the float in true to size. It's not that long. Wonder why Barneys price is higher
Sold me on it. Going to pick it up along with the sweater.
Float knit confirmed for tomorrow. Black and white.
First time they done a reversible. Zipper might be different than usuall.The pigtail shorts coming out next season look really nice
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