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The baseline is more slim. I sized up on the baseline vs the escobars.
I felt the same way. The material worked better on the crew. I ended up buying 2
I'm on pst time. It's 8:30 pm for me so not too bad. No way I would stay up if it was late night lol
You guys are hardcore. What's your local times?
It's actually dual layered canvas. I think the material is nicer than satin lining in other jackets
Not trying to change your opinion or being negative towards you at all but the jacket in person has a nice military canvas vibe going on. I can see why it was made and how it fits into the season. I think it looks great paired with boots. I will wear with my slp boots and yeezy 950. It will go really nicely with ranger boots too for those that have them.
I had an issue once where 5 days had passed and I contacted them. My order was accidentally missed. Might be the case for you but you already got in contact with them
What does the tracking say?
You seem similar in stats to me. I don't know where your weight is but I think you will fit a 29 unless you have extenely skinny legs
I got the wool bomber and the rider as well lol. I think I'm done with jackets for a bit.
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