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Slp combat boots are more comfortable than wyatts. The sole is different hence more comfortable
I felt the same. It's the standout piece imo
The biggest issue I have with designer sneakers is comfort. All of my slp skates are hard as hell. Common project and other slp sneakers are a bit better but nothing like running sneakers. If they really are like the boost maybe I'll give the JE a shot when the lows come out
Here is a proper outfit. The other was just trying it on. It's not a hard item to wear if you have supporting colors. Not flashy either if you build your outfit right
I'm 5-7 and down to 122 now. Around 8% body fat with some mass on chest and shoulders. How big is your upper body? Base the size on that and sleeves
Yes it's a small.
Xs based on height
I'll say it's a good streetwear piece. If you like to dress like that often it can work. Otherwise I don't know how I would incorporate it
Xl if the sleeves work. No cuff on it so keep that in mind.
I went true to size. Think it fits well sizing wise.
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