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I think next season will be like that. A lot of nice stuff coming.
Ordered the bomber. Actually wanted it in black. I'm guessing it releases tomorrow on the site
The black version is up. Priced at $400.
Formally like with a suit? I don't think that's too hard to pull off. Velvet dress shoes have been around for years.
I keep seeing your velvet ones and the desire to buy them keeps coming back. Might just order a pair and see how I can work them in casually.
dont need any of the gap items but they aren't too bad for what they are.  the rider looks good, but i dont know about paying that much for crappy quality leather.  would have to see it in person first.  sure it costs a grand less than the real thing but the quality and fit makes it worth the cost.     i know you guys had your debate yesterday, but the collaboration isn't a bad idea for JE. many of the kids in high school now can get into the brand buy buying some of...
If it's like the last gap collection you won't like the fit. Cut will be more boxy for your average American figure.
How things are worn and how pictures are taken change the appearance of many things. You have to remember these are models with the most ideal propositions. Plus when all of us take mirror pics, the picture almost never comes out looking normal as we can't take a proper straight shot.I haven't really liked the black fabric from pictures either though.
Here is a better pic of what the material really like. The jackets are all hanging and I am able to mold the sleeves around and the shape sticks
I think boucle is nicer too but we it's hard to tell what the fabric looks like in those pics. Regardless I'm not interested in sweats anyway. Would like to see sweaters soon
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