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CS is top notch. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't order much. I'm picky about the fit, especially if I'm paying top dollar. JE always comes through. Super helpful with questions too.
Dark. The blend is custom and feels much nicer to touch.
I have had the same issue before. I have a tee thats a small but is identical to the mediums I have. I got mine from atrium too.
Is stock expected to be ample, at least for the first little bit or is this looking like a quick sell/ very low quantity?
They have a slight drop crouch. They aren't that tight in that area. You should be ok.
I think his height and size has thrown many off. It's hard to think someone that tall fits into a medium with that kind of room. He's what a swimmer / soccer player prob looks like.I personally think the shadow collection fits him really nice and maybe the moon mercer looks a bit short.
I think it's perfect too, it's what I wanted. Even you taller guys that are bigger than a medium will look similar. Keep in mind the model wears a medium. Even if you are 6 feet, bigger sizes will be longer.
i think its doable for shorter guys too. I just tried on my machus tee (which is about what the elongated LS mercer tee will be). I then layered it with the current mercer LS tee (about the length of the new villain) and just threw on a random jacket.  It looks fine as a layered piece, more of a FOG look than what the model is wearing.  Without the jacket it looks a bit odd, but I'm looking for that layered look that I can wear with jackets.  I think I'm in based on my...
I'm getting that feeling too the the longer stuff won't work for shorter guys that arent skinny and wear a xs or s. The lengths may not work if you wear a medium or bigger and aren't over 6 feet tall. Still want to see how it looks like on the shorter model or maybe a staff member.As for the uneck get a medium. I'm like you and wear a med in everything too. The small fits me too but it's not as drappy. My long sleeve mercer fits me fine. Just like the mercer tee. Both are...
Sold. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: