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I think you should be ok with the small. The current gen fit much slimmer than the old ones.
No code needed. It will be just the sale now
I have the new shadow Lima. Slightly looser in the thighs but overall fit like the current escobars
Check tomorrow. They going on sale.
I'm the same and I have a medium. Its a fitted look though which is what I want. If you want more space,need to size up.
You prob better off in a large if you want breathing room. I don't think it will be too loose.
What's your weight and height? You are either a medium or a large
Only thing I wanfed full price was the dark grey villian. Not in stock in a medium so prob won't get anything. I'll see what the teddy looks like on Friday. Might get that.
They are still on the site so no. They basically removed everything that will be marked down.
Discount is discount but many items out of stock. Oh well, not a big deal
New Posts  All Forums: