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Yup. Spring discount was better.
The flight jacket and boucle sweats prob the most unique items this season. Love both
They will. This is just the presale
You are looking at a large imo
There are a lot of missing items. Many of the jackets, baseline items, engineer pants. I have a feeling these will have special prices along with the discount. This happened last year too.
Get the same size
If you are a 31 you will want medium. Small will be way too tight imo. Thighs will be fine. They aren't that baggy.
I think this tag thing is over blown a bit. Nothing seems to be changing. He still has the same partners. It's like Apple dropping computer from their name. Last year the next season stuff did drop in special colors. Something like that may happen
For those looking to buy something, recommend the boucle sweats. Really unique and warm.
What's the discount code?
New Posts  All Forums: