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Thanks. They look a lot better than I imagined. I think they will work with my wardrobe. Im going to give them a shot.
Are these more narrow than the ankle boots?
Thanks. I have a pair of CPs in 42 but I find them a bit snug. I'm a 43 in slp sneakers, 41-42 in the Arena. I'm thinking 43 then to be safe.
They must have just added them recently. Might just get them over the raw. Luisaviaroma is painfully slow to ship at the moment too, 7-8 day delay.
Thank you very much for your help! Now I'm debating canceling my order for the raw hem I ordered from luisavorma. I don't have toothpick legs. It seems like they are more of the Kanye west APC jeans cut? I kind of see what you are saying In the attached pic but they don't look too bad on the model. Most of my slp jeans fit like the ones on the left.. Do you recommend sizing down if the waist is bigger?Yes, the old vintage wash is exactly what I want. Can't find those...
Thanks. About to order a pair. Suggestions on sizing?
Thanks. How do they look with simple tees and jeans? I got the suede ankle boots now and I don't really like how they look casually with just a tee.
Will do. I'm guessing it will look like the moon mercer they had. This color will look nice with charcol and midnight blue.
I been debating picking up the Wyatt suede boots but I'm not sure how exactly they will work wearing casually all the time. Anyone wear theirs with simple tees and slp denim? I got a few flannels I can wear them with and costa and what not but I genrrally like to dress casual in normal day to day things. I got suede boots now that work with my outfits but the Wyatt seem like a dress up boot.
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