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Other than the sleeves the medium doesn't look too bad on you.
Looks much better. It got rid of the huge hang in the back for you too.
Anyone have a medium in the merino sweaters in a black or tan they don't want or doesn't fit? I'm interested in one now that we know how they fit.
I don't think it will. The material is too delicate imo to stretch. You might get elbow blobs or something but prob not much else.
I would go by what measurements work. The jacket overall is made a bit looser than what's been put out in the past. I own 5 JE jackets and the flight is the most relaxed fit. All my jackets are the same size.
True to size. Not constructing like in years past.
White looks good. Expect the sweater in small to look like that. Black looks a bit small for the intended look but doesn't look too bad
A small will be perfect for you (if the length meets your desired look).
You are probably a medium in JE too.Olive imo are more unique looking.
I still say size down but it will look good on you either way. The medium is as wide as an xl tee. That that for a reference.
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