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Here is my white kake.
They all should be the same.
Your only option will be to have a loose waist and size up. These are more skinny. They won't stretch too much
They will stretch a bit but not where they won't hug your calves. What type of a fit are you looking for?
I agree. I have fairly skinny legs and the 28 work decent for me. The waist is loose on them again but the rest fit fine. I do notice they stretch a bit more than slp denim but I'm happy with my skittles and cropped white. They made the cut slimmer starting with the cropped and I think that cut works well with the stretching.
Off white. I think they are the same from the sage
White kake came in. It's pretty nice. Similar to the white Villian I had as far as what it works with. I think I'll keep it.
could be purely marketing but JE still manufactures on a small scale.  most production is in LA so that could play a factor in what gets released when.
It's quite long but you being six feet it might work. Get a medium though
I'm not sure if I'm keeping it. I think I rather use the money towards other items in the look book.
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