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Thanks. I'll wait for the restock.
If I'm a 29 in the graphite should I get a 30 then?
@JohnElliottCo do the coast fit the same as the graphite? The materials seem to be different so not sure if that changes the sizing in anyway.
Apc kanye army pant. Really nice, gone now though
Check the measurements on JE's site and compare them with the large you tried on. Kind of will give you an estimate of what you are looking for based on what you tried on.
The silk blends really do look like that, minus the transparency and thin fabric. The white silk is one of my favs. No other white tee like that.
Love the new flannel tops. Need to pick one up but I guess I'll wait a bit for it to get cooler here....that and Black Friday is around the corner lol
Not baggy at all They have accurate measurements. Measure one of your nice fitting jeans and you should be good to go. I'm a 30 I'm most jeans and I wear a 29 in JE. You prob are a 29-28.
Thanks. Thought they were the same as other shots. The saint Laurent are a bit wider. I personally like that about them compared to the common projects. Common projects look better with cuffed sweats or pants.
Achilles low
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