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Sold on the walnut color and the side zip model. Just placed my order.
They mentioned August. So should be soon
Retailers will also have discounts so yes fall will have deals. That's what I'm waiting for on certain pieces as I wouldn't wear them right now anyway
I saw the black yesterday and I felt the same about it. While I still don't really like the distressing, it fits the collection. The raw looks nice with the boots out this season.
Was going to say the same. Just get some nice scissors that are made for fabric cutting and it's a simple job.
The length is the same on them all. Different size won't help with that. If the waist fits, that's your size. If you want them to be shorter, get them altered.
I picked up an oversized SL flannel and I layered it with the expo. I think the expo is excellent to layer for shirts.
Went by the SF store today and tried them all on (navy, bright blue, Nashville). I really liked the Nashville, fabric is a bit thicker and snaps look really nice. Fit is traditional. I ended up buying the Bright blue though. While I liked them all, I felt the Nashville was the most easiest to replicate elsewhere. You can find red flannels in a normal fit easily. I just didn't feel the price was worth it. Felt the same for the navy. Really like it but it's a bit...
Here is a daylight pic. I really do like the color. It goes well with all washes of denim. It's a more of a fall color. The neon blue obviously has more pop. Going to go check that one again in natural light and then make the decision. So far I liked this dark one with all of my jeans.
I'm starting to think the botique versions are brighter for both colors. Most sites have the red as a duller red and maybe they look like that in person. I'm going to take my navy tomorrow to the SF botique and see how it looks under their lights vs the neon blue.
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