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Must have been later than 8 am. I ordered a few things and the medium villain. Didn't have any issues. Seemed like good stock
Got my order in but damn seems like the website is slammed
Hopefully we can get some input on quantity? I'm sure it will sell out, just not sure If I need to order the villain separate from the tees.
It was already confirmed by Je on there they will have them online
Everything is gone in medium and large. No moon tees either. Not really worried. I'll wait for the online release. On that note, I may be willing to part with my charcoal clash. Size medium, worn twice. I think I want the villian instead.
Sold out?
Uneck and classic. Not a big fan of the mercer
I have the long sleeve Charcol uneck and I never really liked the way it fit / looked. I always wanted a raw cut muscle cut u neck so I decided to make it into that. It actually works really nice. Perfect for the summer.
Hopefully the villian isn't super limited. If it is, no one getting a real chance. People will bring out the bots
New Posts  All Forums: