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Where is the article?
Campaign pics don't show much. Doesn't seem like there is a women's like. I think she's just modeling the men's stuff.
I found the denim used on the raw hem, grey skittles and mr porter washed to be softer and much more stretch prone. those I would recommend tight as possible.
Go with the tightest possible pair. They all stretch. The softer denim stretched more than the stiffer denim for me. I had to get most of mine altered after they stretched for a better fit. That's not an issue for me but something to keep in mind.
Washed clay vs natural.
It's similar. It's a bit brighter and lighter. I have both. I can post some pics for you guys.
Your prob a true small anyway at your current weight. I'm prob a true xs tbh now. I think if you are lean, go with the smaller size. Everyone else can go true to size. My small looks similar to yours but I don't plan on wearing it alone. It works well for layers.
It's not that hard to incorporate Kelly green of royal blue into outfits. Works with grey, blue , black jeans easy. Toss a grey tee under.
Xs. My slate is a small and I swim in it.
Yes it is. Much more so than clay
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