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I don't think it will be as drastic as you are wanting / prob need. Waist will be big for sure. You might have to wear a belt ( which happens a lot with skinny jeans for many).
Given tour muscular thighs you might be better off Sizing up. Waist will be loose but the thighs will look nicer imo
I have one. Size down. It runs big.
Probably a large
Speaking of oxfords anyone seen the glitter ones from last season in person? Ordered a pair on deep discount and figured I could use them to mix it up with my formal wear. Hopefully the glitter doesn't shed though
More deals on end of season items http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/search.jsp?N=0&from=saledi&st=s&rd=1&Ntt=John+Elliott
I'm feeling all of the shirts, especially the cards one.
Denim looks really nice from the pics. Will get the black rips.
Matches has some of the new season stuff as coming soon. Liking what I'm seeing so far and can't beat their prices
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