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I don't have any pics handy but it fits snug. The tech stuff never really fit me right. My suggestion is to measure tour tech stuff and compare to JE's measurment. Will give you a better idea.
I'm 5-7, 155 pounds and upper body similar to yours. Get a medium. I wore small in Nike tech too.
Wore the updated fit escobars and absolutely love them in the new dark grey. The blend is a lot nicer than the old terry. The fit is Also more suited for my slim legs. Just bought the updated black ones, will replace my current xs of the old cut.
Looks pretty similar to the Escobar. If it's priced ok, will be a good alternate.
Use a steamer or just hang it for a few days. I
Email Brandi. She takes care of things quickly.
Did you lay it flat or let it droop on a line? I lay mine flat after, never had an issue.
Thanks. I'll wait for the restock.
If I'm a 29 in the graphite should I get a 30 then?
@JohnElliottCo do the coast fit the same as the graphite? The materials seem to be different so not sure if that changes the sizing in anyway.
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