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I got the gold since I have no desire to use the reverse side anyway.
New ones. I like them better too. Don't stretch like crazy either
Does it shine like it does on the site? I ordered an xs and tbh I don't think I'll keep it if I can't wear it with flannels. I don't want it too long. I'm assuming that is a medium?
Yes it is. Prob my fav hoodie
They are springs. Prob my fav pair of jeans. Fit and wash are spot on for me.I like the fit. Just need to break it in. It should soften up a bitThanks. How is your pink rider breaking in? Has it loosened up?
No. I got a xs washed crew that fits me fairly well so the small will work for you. How does the xs fit on you ?
Small rider and hoodie. Xs tee.My flannel rider is a medium and I don't mind that fit thh. Small kind of constricting but it will open up
I like it. You can barely see the colorKind of reminded me of my 8th grade pe shirt. My mom washed it with colored items and it ended up looking all pink and blue
Just the skittles, pile hoodie and washed black with royal rider
Nothing new you haven't seen. Royal rider and skittles tee.
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