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I'm a 10-10.5 in flyknits and 43 or43.5 fit me fine in wyatts
Is dune pretty much done in terry form then? Is there a similar color coming out?
Shorter people don't normally have long lean legs. I agree a small waist is a must. Will be curious to see people's pics. I know I can't pull them off. Won't even attempt it
I think you need a certain body to pull them off. They look passable on the models. I don't know how they will look on shorter people or people with smaller legs
The terry did switch at one point. Could be that. I would stick with the same size as your last villain for the clash.
Finally got my hands on the rider jacket. It's everything people have posted. Love the fit as always. So far fit wise JE has always been spot on. Hopefully the new denim work well too. Speaking of denim, any plans for a denim jacket? I know the mica one came out but was hoping for a restock or other colors.
Seems like you workout so the size down doesn't apply lol. If your chest isn't big, you can size down
Machus had th black check flannel down to $165. Sold out now.
I'm not sure if they are meant to be or a design compromise (maybe it's just extended sleeves of the tee) but I agree they are too baggy. I find them way too loose by the wrist area. This is the reason I chopped off the sleeves of my ls uneck. Anyone want to comment on the sleeves of the new colors of this season?
It's pretty similar. I would say it's not different enough to buy both.
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