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5-8, 155
They both aren't hariy but have that fuzzy texture. They aren't too thick or thin,imo the right amount of weight. I got mediums in both and they fit me nicely. I wear medium in everything. Tees, villains, rest of the hoodies.
Both of the shirts. Pretty nice pieces
I been waiting on these! U neck is my fav cut.
Looks like that. Not out yet.
Got all 3 colors. They fit the same.
That are actually leather. I like them, prob the most comfortable designer sneaker I have.
One of the best pieces. You can easily dress it up or casual.
Give the xl a shot. Terry might be more forgiving than the flannel so you might have to size up anyway.
Agreed. Haven't seen other retailers with black sleeves. Rule of next always has discount codes for holidaysGood deal on the shirts, alma sweats and long sleeve rebel.
New Posts  All Forums: