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I tried on few slps, wasn't too impressed for what you got for the price. Plus I didn't like the fit all that much. I like the JE cut.
I'm looking forward to those too. Glad I held off on buying a nice destroyed pair.
I thought I just had the wrong size. Mine used to flip too but I ended up getting a smaller size. Looking forward to the new blend. Will the stuff come out in fall or April like like year?
Here is the link http://four-pins.com/style/market-week-recap-john-elliott-springsummer-2015/. Lots of info.
I'm loving the new colors, the long johns and the destroyed denim. I hope we really don't have to wait a year for these.
Got these from the kanye forum....wow the spring / summer line is looking crazy. Need many items!
More spring/ summer stuff. http://tablet.gq.com/style/1321-exclusive-a-sneak-peek-at-john-elliott-spring-summer-2015
Looks like more colors are coming
The medium on the model fits like yours but he's 160 pounds. Might be pushing it considering the large isn't too baggy. The sleeves might look better though.I'm like you though with sizes. I'm between a medium and and a small. I have about 10 JE tees and I mix it up with the sizes. Some are small ans some are medium.
New Posts  All Forums: