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gianni is correct about the shoulder drop but, otherwise, one of the better fitting TAT suits I've seen.
If you otherwise like and plan on wearing the suits for a while then yes, do it. A properly fitted "beater" suit will look better than a poorly fitted "fancy" suit.
It will be interesting to see how they sell. Greenfield's name is included so I doubt they would produce a garment that would diminish their reputation. Still, it's very tough to purchase a suit when you have no idea how it fits. I assume "modern" = slim but I have tried slim fitting stuff that is flattering, some that is not and some that required me to size up. Last thing I want is a large Gilt credit.
Don't have much interest in purchasing casual bespoke shirts to wear to the corner bar or hanging out with friends but am definitely interested in finding slim fitting shirts that are flattering but don't make me look like I'm stuck in a SWD time warp. Nothing wrong with SWD but I'm not in my 20's (or 30's) anymore. The before dinner shirts look great but are too skinny for me. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing further designs and think there is a market for them....
Only in the summer when I roll them up before I leave the house.
Quote: Originally Posted by Martin Stall I sure hope they can find it in the side seams, because if you let out a coat from center back, you are pretty much spelling disaster, in most cases. That was my experience as well. A few years back I was in the same boat with a Jil Sanders suit. The shoulders were perfect but I felt the cut (body) was just a touch too severe so I had the suit let out at the side seams and it turned out great. The key...
Aesthetically it looks great. Practically, well I had darts added to the back of a shirt to get something that slim, and couldn't lift my arms so I started adding more room.
Quote: Originally Posted by vincerich Considering that I have both a well fitting wardrobe and well-shaped and toned body, I wouldn't trade either. However, you would have to be quite the clothing queer to think, "I've invested too much time and effort into tailoring to fit my current body shape that it isn't worth it for me to hit the gym, for fear of ruining the fit of my entire wardrobe." Call me a clothing queer. If I get busy or miss some...
My Arcas have eyelet envy.
Well done Holymadness!
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