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Do you mean the boundary where the tan heel portion meets the white part around the ball of the foot?  I have only worn the boot a few times so far and no it hasn't started peeling yet for me. I agree its a bit strange why the insole doesnt cover the entire foot. This is my 1st pair of Vibergs and I don't know if all their boots are like that. Maybe someone else can comment.
Thanks for the update. Are we going to get an email or an update to this thread before they ship out?  I just want to make sure i'm ready when they do come. I live in an apartment and i've already had a few packages just dropped in front of my door when I wasn't home and unfortunately stolen. and could you let us know the carrier as well? thanks very much.
I don't know what kind of haughty formal family get togethers you people have. When my wife goes off with her mom and sister to the kitchen to cook and gossip, her dad falls asleep on the couch and her brothers slink off to watch a game or play videogames I find nothing wrong with lounging around reading a magazine or browsing the ipad. Like someone else said, i dont feel the need to be 100% "ON" at all times. But hey, i guess i should have expected these kinds of self...
 Please don't assume nor judge a situation you don't know. I don't bury my face in an ipad once I step through the door nor during the meal. I see my wife's inlaws and extended family pretty regularly, we all live in the same city and visit them pretty much every weekend. At this point everybody is comfortable with each other and its all pretty informal. and yes i'm there more for my wife than anything so she can spend time with her family. sorry to trigger the intolerance...
yea sure, by event i mean a family dinner at the in-laws place or beach outing. whats wrong with that?
Thanks all for the replies. I have both a Red Wing Iron Ranger and a pair of their padded safety boots with heavy lugged soles which are the ones I mentioned earlier. I honestly don't know what model it is as the tag wore away and i've had them now for a few years. Both boots are US 8. From the replies I would think a viberg 7 would be ok as rolling green mentioned that it would fit like a US 8. I'd probably want something maybe a tad too big rather than a tad too small,...
Hi, I was wondering if any of you could give me some sizing advice for these boots.   I wear a size US 7 on AE dress shoes (neumoks)  on a regular basis with dress socks. Its perfectly comfortable for me this way. Just for reference if I try to wear white athletic socks in this shoe, it will feel a bit snug and impossible if I try thicker wool socks. On the other hand I have a pair of RedWing boots I wear in harsh conditions that are a size US 8. With these I usually...
I'm a IN** and my wife is a EN**. I'm in the same boat. you pick and choose your spots. You don't need to attend every event. And eventually if it works out, her family will figure you out and hopefully accept you for who you are. Nowadays when I go to events, I pick a spot on the couch and read a mag or zone out on the ipad and no one takes a second glance at me. They know thats just how I am.
Can anyone give an idea on the projected weight of the boots? Compared to something like a RW Iron Ranger or Wolverine 1k, would these be significantly heavier?
That's a very handsome boot. Is the sizing on the purchase page US or UK sizes?  Please correct me if im wrong but on the viberg.com site, all their sizes are quoted as UK sizing, is it the same here?
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