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Bargain! Tempted but skint..... Just bought another wide lapel jacket. 
Thanks. Yes, the colour is very close to some of those above. I love the Compton waistcoat. Even if it didn't fit Id frame it and hang it on the wall
Wide lapel Jacket
It looks great, nice mix of fabrics, tweed, corduroy, oil cotton etc and a really interesting blend of colours. one piece in those pictures reminds me slightly of the Atkinson Surgeons jacket.  Don't see any wing collar oxford shirts though!   This arrived today. Wide Lapel jacket in ginger Harris Tweed  
Jon, from Northamptonshire Great Britain. 44 and trying to work out what to wear instead of jeans! I love tweed, good shoes, knitwear and outerwear. My favourite stuff is always AW collections.  Recently been buying Nigel Cabourn.
Thanks Eric. I will have to keep an eye out to see if anything turns up in the authentic range.
Hello all. Anyone know anything about the Cabourn wing collar shirts i keep seeing on Japanese sites like Phaeton? They look great and I want one! Are they Japan only or a new line that will be available in the UK soon?
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