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Got my order today so they are getting there
Yes, I wondered about this. I understand that a refund is allowed by UK distance selling regulations?I assume this stands over and above what they say on the site?
well, I think i've bought a pair of Bombay Bloomers and a Madras Waistcoat. The site is so slow that they have probably been sold already though..... First time i've bought from Marrkt so I have no idea how it works.
Looks fabulous, elegant and effortless.  
Nice analogy. However, some degree of work is done on many materials, shirting is often heavily washed to soften it and I doubt many people have only ever bought raw denim jeans etc.Those trousers are perhaps an attempt to recreate the character of an existing piece. I have seen Levis do this before, recreating a piece including its wear and tear.Maybe its like an art print from an original. 
Great! thanks for the picture. God knows how the do this to a batch of trousers!
Love that jacket Eric. Tell me more about the LVC Chinos. Are they the 1920's? What is the fit like, size up or down? Lovely day down here too, I put this lot on this morning. Wide lapel jacket Ginger Harris Tweed Short Vest Stone Harris Tweed Medical Shirt Air Ministry bow tie.
End has some new stuff online now
Does anyone have a medical shirt in a 50 they want to sell by any chance?
I have 2 wide lapel jackets in tweed. a 48 and a 50 It fits smaller across the chest than a mallory but wider in the shoulder. Its also shorter in length. Its a lovely jacket.I wear a 48 in the mallory
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