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Super casual today    RLPL boat shoes <3
Hello Gents. 2nd pic is best representation of the SC color.  
@in stitches Love that suit, great shade of blue   Warm today in these parts.  
I see, I see. Good point. Would a more appropriate shoe and a smaller cuff (I'm a cuffed, like my father before me and his father before him) fix the outfit or is it a total loss?
   What do you mean? Constructive criticism welcome  Boots are Redwings, pants are just green chinos from JCrew (not SF approved, I presume?). I chose the boots b/c they need to be broken in and I thought this outfit was a little more casual. I guess this one was a miss.
Tie is skinnier than I would normally wear, but its a vintage Gucci and I like it a lot.  
^^quick selfie, indulgence requested
Hello sirs.  
I think I've said it before but I'll say it again: that's a great suit. Congrats on the little one!!  
Hello Gents  
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