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 If those are the unlined then there's no reason not to wear them year round.Selling mine was a big regret...
My chili grains arrived today as well. Honestly. I've had worse for 1st quality. Maybe a little bit there at the inside of the waist. Not a great shot with the BB chili grain MacNeil.
Since March is winding down I thought a reflection of acquisitions this month was in order. (Best light I could find in the afternoon) There is one loafer missing but it wasn't shell. Was a good month. Like Burzan I need more shoe trees. Separate topic. But my Copley lasted loafer is a bit tight at the strap. I'd say my Vans are snug and this is very snug to tight. With breakin and footbed settling my thought is it should relieve somewhat. Good assumption?
 Also has a negative affect as well. Pfft....only $300 for whatever, no problem, thats cheaper than shoes...so yes, your currency does change over to shells.
 Thanks for the sizing tips on those. I'm pretty similar just about 6'3". Typical jacket size is a 44L. I see your listing a few 42s would you say to follow jacket sizing then?
Anyone here grab those Ravello Chukka's off ebay? I bid up to see what the reserve was. Which was a lot lower than what I was expecting Didn't really NEED to get them, so glad some others swooped in to snipe. However at the price I was at, I would have been ok with it.
A tall version would be wonderful!
 It might be best to ask in the Alden thread, but for what its worth I find 11.5D Aberdeen to be a good fit. Wear a 12D Dalton and most AE shoes. 11.5D in the 65 last.I also go with 11D Barrie and Trubalance, so it sounds your on the right track. Best to find a retailer and try as many on as you can.
For 2nds and the price. Thats not bad at all. My BB MacNeils have some wrinkling on the side that pretty much goes away when laced up. I'd keep them.
Chamois loafers arrived. For some reason I thought they were hand sewn. Sizing down for Copley seemed to work well. Great deal to boot.
New Posts  All Forums: