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Haha, They'll think your bringing in your own trunk show! One city Paul mentioned was Chicago. So that probably doesn't help you much. NOLA may very well be one of them. Is there an AE store there?  I've been thinking what I'd like in lighter shell. Dundee's for sure. MacNeil is a classic. Maybe a Mora 2.0 or Franciscan. 
I wouldnt take my my word on the green or blue. That was from a local SA. However Paul did mention lighter shells. I did also make sure to thank him for keeping the SF GMTO program going.
Finally got a hold of Allison today to finalize payment info. She said the order was submitted yesterday for the Townleys and Bayfields as well I believe. She said she was estimating 6 weeks but they've been well in the custom department and it could be as early as 4. Also when I meet Paul this afternoon I asked about some lighter shell colors and he said now that supply has bounced back that they plan on doing a trunk show in a few major cities, Atlanta is one. Sounds...
I was able to stop in today and talk with Paul. Glad I wore the Dundee's today! I was actually just emailing my SA when I got the same email. He was running a bit late due to ATL traffic and walked over from his hotel which was pretty cool. However it was fun talking shoes with some new SA's I hadn't really conversed with before. But I did thank Paul for the GMTO program and seems he pokes his head in here every so often since he asked what my SN was. However I did inquire...
I don't think I could do natural on the Dundee's.
 Gotcha, thats good your SA. My old SA was like that, however no longer there Were they 2nds or 1sts? I think you told me but can't remember. I think I'm following the same lines as yourself and really preferring the captoes vs wingtps. However a big fan of long wings.
That Strand is intriguing. Just having trouble picturing that brown bead. Are there any pics floating around of something similar?
 Great. Another to add to the fight. And here I was wondering how I missed those 11.5Ds. Gonna have to have a talk with Earl about this.
 Mine says split revese welt. Strange. Guess she really does each one individually. If you want split I'll trade you for flat
 I agree it does make it seem high with just the shoe by itself. I think with it on and a pant leg it might look more normal. A tall person would probably balance it out as well.I'm not sure I'd want to go much lighter than that. However, just have to see what the masses approve of. I'm ok with doing a one off as well at some point. Might be next RDA though.
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