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 Mike. I'm thinking those are probably the AoM version ;)
Ok. Little help. Mocha Tweed Saffron Dongal Navy Dongal Tweed Which would be the best 4 season fabric? Assuming the tweeds will be the heavier which is fine as I lack some good winter pants. (In GA)
Finally a sunny dry day in GA. Army twill and 975s
 Thanks. I like to do the group a favor if I can as its certainly been passed on to me.
 I just figured everyone knew they were Barrie. But I added it.
Brand new Whiskey LWB from AoDC. Recent run from earlier this year. No issues just have my eye on something else. Shoe bags and box included as well as all PP fees and shipping. Barrie last. Any questions just ask.    Thanks.
 True, but the shoe is on the other foot when they're opening cooling centers for their 90 degree 50% humidity heat wave. Pffffftt. Pansies.
 They estimate before the end of the year. But that was from Leffot, who are really just guessing anyways. They'll send you an email/PP for the balance though when they come in.
 Alden Madison. I think they came in around August. I was able to pick up a pair as well. I think leathersoul had some #8 come in as well in a SWB. But I'm not positive.
 Actually those are cigar.Craving some mocha flannel though.
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