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Stumbled into Walnut Wednesday.
 Looking forward to the EFF and Rivet MTO! I guess the EFF hasn't made it up yet?I have the Umber moleskin in the cart then I saw this post, Might hold off till Friday to see what goodies await.
Well Damn. I guess those were Franks. I was hoping to get them at some point since EPs saddle fell through. They sure are unique.
 I got a 2nd quality natural shell Leeds in my normal size and though it was mis labled or done on an E last. It seemed appreciably wider than my normal 511. In the heel as well and I've never had a blucher lace up so close. Part of the reason I decided to sell them.
Dang, some great makeups. But nothing in my size.
Smoke on Gingham. Love the Individualized collars.
975s for a DC Sunday.
Damn those Daltons.
So...this unlined whiskey. What size might it be
New Posts  All Forums: