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 So good. I'm gonna see about getting on that re-order. I tried to resist.
 Damn, really want all 3. Went with the snuff though obviously. Killer makeup. Just don't like the singe flex sole on the Leffot version. However, tankers on TB seem a bit odd to me as well. The toe stitch just goes so much better with Barrie, Plaza and Aberdeen.  Can't wait!
 Do yours squeak or push air I guess what it sounds like? Like a swish swish.I think its air getting pushed out of the brouge's. The are very light and comfortable though. 
 Is it confirmed? I checked all yesterday afternoon, then all night. I know Mike's been busy though. 
 I do, but typically for foul weather. Granted I had a few less pairs last year. This year I have more to choose from. 
Man, if that McAllister was an 11.5D. I'd get it in a heart beat.
Well damn. I was going to ask if a snuff suede on plaza and rev. chamois on barrie were to close to have both. That pic proves its a pointless question (disregarding lasts)
 I got a good chuckle out of this one, thanks!Sadly, 6'3" so a 7" inseam is not going to do it for me. a 9" is about the smallest I can handle. A shame as that Madras would have instantly been ordered.Going to see what looks good EFF and try out for the #TEAMRUDYFIT!
Started with the EC, ends with the ER. In all fairness. Allison may not have known this was being mulled about by her higher ups. Just when it was finally finalized and she submitted it that the hammer fell. Its probably news to her as well. Also AE has no idea when we plan on placing an order. Statistically yes its during sale times but I can see how the rules could change when we bring it back up on their radar. I was worried that all the Eagles being offered at deep...
Guess I should have asked Ed where I was in line for the whiskey LHS. But since that was in Jan. stands to reason my number wasn't called. Should be some other gems to make up for it though.
New Posts  All Forums: