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 Yea, Kathy said I was in pretty good shape on one of them. Maybe it was the Cigar CTs. Only need two people to back out.Honestly I'd be ok waiting one round with all the others in the pipeline. Plus the seemingly better availability of the LWBs and done by multiple retailers.
 Was on the same order I believe. So probably the same time frame.
 Depends, usually 2 in the common medium sizes. Larger sizes (like me) usually 1. Though the Cigar CTB in 11.5D they're doing 2. However I'm 4th. Just one Ravello.Guessing for your size they'll be 2.
 A Ravello one? Was this recent?
Wow, all three of those fabrics are amazing. Killing it.
 Damn, you got me excited. With the Euro so low I check almost daily for a restock. But I believe they raised their Cordovan prices as well. Can't remember what it was, but sure it was less. May have just been the across the board Alden raise.Hopefully it will be confirmed soon.
 Just a hurry up and wait situation as usual. The next update will be a call from Kathy asking if you still want them.My prediction. Late April, early May. However I'm not holding out hope I'll make this order.
 The 5 last is one of the trickiest to fit. Most go down a 1/2 size and up a width. Which would help in this case and they are definitely to narrow. You want the widest part of your forefoot to be in the widest part of the shoe. You can feel along the outside as your standing up and with weight on it to give you an idea.A general rule of thumb is to have no more than 1/4-3/8" gap at the top of the laces. Trying on a few sizes at a retail store is the best bet if at all...
 The Jefferson does look a bit odd in this pic I'll admit. It was just to show the lacing gap for the most part. Other angles it looked great.What is the most attractive last for you? I agree its a shame all the popular models are on the 5 last.
 This is very true, and why it seems to be trickiest AE last. My first was a 12D, normal size. And its wearable, a touch long and a touch wide in the heel. Then tried on some at an AE store. Originally thought 11.5E was the right way to go. But it was also wide in the heel. 11.5D seems to be just right. Initially I was concerned with the Jeffs and the wide lace gap, but everything else fit great and was snug, not tight. Ended up selling as the the balmoral doesn't get used...
New Posts  All Forums: