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 Ha, those popped up in my email this morning. Didn't click on it but that must have been an experiment gone wrong.
 The way it sounded form Ed there was only a handful of pairs being made. Maybe even in the single digits.
Some Cigar on Grant this morning. Even though it will be mid 90s today.
 And having to do new authorizations on the CC. I could see if you had a few exotic preorders it could cause an issue if they hit your CC for a $3k authorization.
 Glad we didn't end up bidding against each other
Guess the cordovan demand is dying down. Or everyone already has a pair of #8 tankers. Tons of common sizes in the black naval to. But thats also black. I remember last year I had to stop in a parking lot and get on my phone to get on the list for tankers. And even then had to call in to confirm.
Looking good Mike. Got to see those in store yesterday. Anthony was great to talk to.
 That. Would be heart breaking. I understand the material is scarce, and maybe you'd have to wait another 6-12 months, or longer, but I'd hope they'd remake it at some point. Did you at least get a shot at the irregular or was it scrapped? I can't imagine if that happened to the few I've been waiting on for a long time.
 That phone call can't come soon enough. Great boots! Went with their cousins today. 
To bad it wasn't those Ravellos
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