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 Absolutely keep if there's nothing major wrong with the upper. Unless your a minimalist and have an exact number of shoes you can have. Like mentioned, either add a topy or just use them and send in for sole swap later on.
Also, I can't seem to get Bob Seger out of my head now.
 Nice, care to share. Some I had a hard time, but that one I could def. see.
Had to pull the trigger for Summertime Blues.
 The misaligned eyelets is pretty common for AE. But not limited to just them. For 1sts it shouldn't be there. But pretty par for 2nds. There is a saw tooth lacing patter that might be able to pull it up some. I've some MTO Natural cordovan Leeds to do the same thing. Left shoe also. But I think its the left flap that is lower.  Only pic I could find at the moment. But it shows it pretty well. Its lessened a bit over time.  
 Yea. Its just in my mind. $325 was closer to $300, and $375 is closer to $400. The 300-325 is more in my impulse buy range.Yea, those Indys. Fellow 11D? I got the #8 LWB and BB LHS. So I was already running up a tab.
11D had one of these with no picture. http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_5_eyelet_plain_toe_boot_barrie_last_navy_suede/p-mxsb-d4812h_ald_m_5_eyelet_plain_toe_boot_barrie_last.html I can't quite figure it out though. Plain toe navy suede, with a 270 degree split welt? Just seems odd. There was a snuff lwb but the picture looked like it had a nice stain on the vamp. Wish I had gotten some shell 2 weeks ago and saved $50. Still lament not getting the black shell Indy...
Hmm...so The Shoe Mart raised 2nds pricing by $50? Shell was $425 on 7/15.
Interesting. D width perhaps? If you ever get tired of those navy Daltons I'm sure I could give them a good home.
 2-3 sizes of one style? That would seem pretty inefficient. Do you mean 2-3 styles per oder? Then that makes sense.When I've talked to her about my size and certain models she says we ordered 2 in this size, or 1. Leading me to believe they order 7-12D regardless of wait list, or something like that. I think most sizes will be spoken for anyways but some could linger around and not be allocated to anyone, they know they'll sell.AoM I've asked about my size on an order...
New Posts  All Forums: