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No tellin. I was thinking maybe they pick one from each order and go through all the steps before doing, for example, steps 1-100 on all 12 then having all 12 messed up due to something overlooked. So for the one they do the whole process on if it turns out good then they ship it and work on the rest of the order simultaneously. Thats my theory anyways.
 Damn, now I'll be refreshing my email and bank account every 30mins. That was quick though. She submitted the order the 14th I believe.The Bayfields were my favorites between them and the Townley. Its going to be hard seeing pictures of them through the screen. Hopefully soon...
 Entirely possible with them both being brown. Did you get charged for the Bayfields though?
 Whoa, wasn't expecting those for a few more weeks. Super jealous. Kinda strange that some are shipping from different builds before others are done. Good news. Or maybe not, as this trunk show will probably get 2 more shells out of me. 4 for Nov. Ouch....
 Yeap, lighter on the right is the oxblood.
Stopped by my local store to get some laces size some Gridirons I got for a song from Macy's had different ones. Saw they had out some Oxblood. Next to Merlot
Wow, they way that natural ages is amazing. I think a navy plain toe such as Leeds or Dundee will the best canvas to show the navy shell off. If we can do eyelets I'm pretty sold on what I'm doing. Just hope we can pick the welt and edge trim. I can only imagine that a stock design would just throw black on the navy shell and play it safe.
 The Patriot is on the list so far for styles. He mentioned Strand twice and he clarified he meant Patriot.
Ok. I follow now. So no Grayson's or EC. Hope the welt and edge can be selected. Or decent stock makeup. Lately it's been concerning.
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