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Looking to get an opinion on shoe selection for a wedding. I realize this may not be the best forum to ask in but since it involves AE thought I would give it a shot. However I'm getting married in Oct. and debating shoe choices. For starters, 2pc charcoal suit, minimal to no pattern, 100% wool. Flat front, no cuff. (suit hasn't been acquired but those are the specs i'm shooting for) shirt and tie have not been determined yet. Can't decide if both should be solid or put a...
 I'll have to keep an eye out and hope they restock.
 I thought they had free shipping over $75? I was going to stock up anyways.
 Damn, just got some Reno and Cordo creme here locally yesterday. Which I thought was quite awesome! However might have picked up a few extras with 15% off.
 What last are those are? They look great!
 I wonder if its a printed grain like the Weybridge golf shoe? However they don't currently offer it in Chili. I'm also not sure what exactly the print grain is.Love those BB MacNeils though. Next Corporate sale I'm getting a pair.
Ah I see. I didn't think about the Dalton having a flat welt. Plus when referring commando sole and AE the Vibram always stands out to me. Danite is usually self explanatory.Never thought about the brouging size before. Looking at pics seems that might be true. I'll do a better comparison this evening. I just happened to be wearing my Long Branches today given the rainy morning here. So they came to mind.
 So essentially a Long Branch then?Just with poron and flat laces?Or are there a few different brown grains?
 Yea, I got an order in then they disappeared. Which usually doesn't bode well. Sure enough. No stock. Was disappointing to say the least. But some suede Patriots and new Walnut Shell Daltons eased the suffering.
 Thats my biggest gripe as well. And on windows 7 and chrome it seems to freeze up sometimes.
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