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 Can you throw up a pic of it. Saw some at the shoe bank and wondering which ones they were.
 Thats annoying. There was a pair in my size (I think I asked about them last closeout sale) but assumed they wouldn't be included like the sale in March. And now they appear to be gone. Got a SA checking though. To help me sleep better I'll assuming they had a big cut in them.
 Exactly, how is it different than going into a store and doing the same thing? Which hundreds of people do everyday. A lightly tried on shoe will make no difference. Same way with a car, which is a good bit more than a pair of shoes.I can respect the want for a virgin pair of shoes. I grab things a few rows back as well sometimes or look for the best one. I've tried on many shoes I didn't plan on buying to get a feel for how a last fits. I do take care though not to try...
 Back during the last one, Mar maybe? They weren't supposed to be included but some were still doing it. I was looking a brown Rutledge back then. However now that the current line is mostly on closeout for firsts I can't imagine they wouldn't be included.
 Guessing the split welt. If it was flat id agree..
So the buffing helps to reduce the creases? I hadn't heard of that. But my shell care is still in its infancy. 
 Saw $299 and got excited for shell. Alas, however there's some I could see picking up. However the 2 for 250 was much nicer.
 Not spoilering because those are just killer. I wish we could get some hint of an alternate shell coming in the somewhat near future.Also are those shots from new? Looks like they have no rolls of any sorts. Mine have quite a few.
 I called up my store to speak to my normal SA. Was informed he was no longer there. Was surprisingly devastated as he got me some great deals. Not sure what to do now as the manager couldn't even send me a picture of what I was asking about.
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