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 That. Would be heart breaking. I understand the material is scarce, and maybe you'd have to wait another 6-12 months, or longer, but I'd hope they'd remake it at some point. Did you at least get a shot at the irregular or was it scrapped? I can't imagine if that happened to the few I've been waiting on for a long time.
 That phone call can't come soon enough. Great boots! Went with their cousins today. 
To bad it wasn't those Ravellos
Those most likely should be 2nds. This my 975s that have a small cut on the eyestay. They're Irregulars.
 Nice! I figured with one hitting the 2nds list the others wouldn't be far behind. Here's to hoping the other whiskey tanker drops soon as well. I feel ya on the wait.
Every season is boot season to me.
Brand new and unworn cigar swb. On Hampton last from Alden of Madison. These are perfect and healthy, blooming shell. Comes with box and bags.
 DC also had a flat welt as opposed to the AoM storm welt.
Anyone miss out on the EP snuff suede plaza wingtip in 11.5D? I'd love to work a deal for someone on transferring the balance.
 I think that part of their strategy for deterring flippers is the $599 cost. Cutting into their margins. Rare shell used to be a $75 adder. Now its $125. Which for the folks who are patient, might as well wait for 1sts rather than take the gamble. This only applies to the semi-standard models though offered through multiple retailers (whiskey ptb for example) . The models done by one retailer you have no choice other than to wait a long long time.
New Posts  All Forums: