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 Nice, don't recall if I saw those scrolling through. Some posted, or atleast tagged, alot of photos. I saw a few I recognized as well.
 Well Damn, was it random or did they just pick the one they liked the best? I put up my walnut shell daltons.
Ok, thinking about getting my first nice coat and had a question on how to size them. Jacket size i'm usually a 44L. I found this Colombo for Samuelsohn at a NM LC and its a 44R. Tried it on just to see and the sleeves came to about the knuckle if I remember correctly. Length was a bit hard to tell as it was still tethered to the rack. I would say it feel about mid thigh. My question is with coats how much of a difference is there in body length and sleeve length going...
Seems my Shell Grayson hopes have been dashed. Put the order in last week and the store was supposed to have it shipped to the store. Well usually what happens is I see it disappear from the website, then shows back up, but at my store. Well, they never showed back up online. Inquired and my SA said it shows he put the order in, but it didn't go through Sigh........
 Saw the Darmstadt in store the other day. I made the comment that it was a Leeds on steroids.The Jomoc is pretty cool. Kinda like they took a Dundee and cut a big dip in it for your ankle.
Surely we could get a poll together or some form of crowd voting system. Be it here or external. That would make it easier to keep track of whats been proposed and liked.
 This is my opinion on the subject as well. With them picking a few SF MTO's it'd be a shame to do a group MTO on something similar to what gets released.A brown shell bayfield would be great. A tan/snuff suede Mora 2.0.Whatever it be I'm assuming Indy accents would be the standard.
 Pics? Still waiting on mine to get to the store, then on to me.Need something to tide me over.
 Heck, I get some from driving an auto sometimes. Switching back to a manual soon. Refurbing an 88 BMW E30 for DD duties. Might have to invest in some drivers for the back and forth.
New Posts  All Forums: