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 I imagine that would exclude closeouts then.
 This pair the toe feels a bit rougher you could say. Maybe from being stretched on the last, Other than that it seems to be similar. What were you noticing?
To much of a good thing? 2nd pair of Townleys are in
wrong thread
 I want to say they had an independance line sale around july 4th. I think they were all $250 maybe.
 Ah ha. Is that the excel report that you do? I"ve seen that posted around some. Where do you pull the data from though?Those in particular were noticed on the 5th I believe and made a call.
 Are you sure? I'm checking now and don't see one and thought they only updated the inventory once a day. As far as I know I thought they were all accounted for. Unless there was a mistake on the pair the sent me, which still had mistakes. Then the one where the wrong size was made and I assume ended up at the shoebank as a 2nd, even though it was a first. I've seen pics of that one and its our SMU. Its also on its way to me.  Which store did it shoe it was at?  This is...
I'm bucking the trend with shorts and sandals this winter. Before that becomes a "thing"
Just curious, but what shell 2nd were you referring to? I've heard of stuff like that when there is one shoe everyone is trying to get.
Gridirons finally came in from the Macy's price match. Look great! Even though college football is winding down.
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