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  Nice score. I think I'm just as jealous as the bags. 
 Lake Shore Driver Smoking shoes??Also thanks for the temptation. Thats a smoking ( ) deal.EDIT: Gave in and ordered. The Grayson was a better fit in a 12C so I'm assuming these are 12Ds. So we'll see when they show up. Its $100 cheaper than 2nds at the moment.
 You can post as many unboxing pics as you want then.
 Well you did make a good point about there being 20 something of the same MTO being delivered around the same time. It would seem a bit redundant if everyone posted an unboxing shot. I guess pics of them paired with outfits would be good for inspiration though.I've had thoughts of a Franciscan before the program ended but it was a shell makeup. For Mora though I was thinking snuff, but olive might be cool. Choco might be a bit to dark for what I was envisioning. But I...
 I guess my point was that everyone wants to do an EC, not that its a bad thing, but there are lots of other good bases for MTO's out there that need to be explored. Especially since the EC isn't really a discontinued model it loses a bit of that mystique. I'd still pick one up though if I had there was nothing else and it'd been a while since picking something up. The shell makeup would be a great one.A suede Mora 2.0 would be awesome.Just hoping there will be more price...
Hope so. Seems like there is talk for another EC already. Just don't get it I guess.
EC closes and this place dies. Sheesh.
 Thanks for the heads up. But the 12D is spot on for me. Plus I'm probably good till the next, hopefully, shell sale. The last one was Feb/Mar so it seems about every 6 months. Crossing fingers.
I'd agree. Though I've only tried on Leeds but they felt about the same as my Daltons. I have calf and shell and they fit about the same. The Long Branch has a bit more volume though it seems. But just wear some thicker socks. 
WooHooo. Finally.  Just as I was going to send you a PM about taking over a Merlot spot if possible. 
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