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Seem to have lost it but what was the Alden info email again? Still need to catch up to the 2016 thread!
Lightly worn pair of Cigar captoes on Grant last. Worn about 4-5 times. Comes with box and bags.
Guess that will be right around the two year mark since the last batch. Great news.
 Normally thats an AE term for custom build. But it seems like he was referencing Alden. Not to mention he forgot to mention what it was that was delayed.
 Ha. I should have known. Foiled again. But I was hoping they'd be a steal.I haven't forgotten about those Pelle Line Ravello's though!
Must be one of the last batches of black shell with brass eyelets. With a nice discount code I'd consider picking that up for sure.
 Whoa, they're really branching out. Which store was that in Lennox?
When I was reading about another trunk show the Higgins Mill was what came to mind. Would love to do it in Natural but the brown is awesome as well.
Good ol DC Captoes.
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