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 Thats funny. I must have just added them to IG right before that post, and contacted them to see if they were doing any makeups. I'm glad they posted that picture though as the edge kinda throws me off. Maybe its just the lighting though.
 Well, thats just my guess. But yes the delivery dates were over estimated. I think most have been delivered, then remakes taking longer.
The MTO crew is working hard to get through the Trunk show orders it seems. Especially with the missed advertised deadline. My remake is estimated 2/20, about 6 weeks.
 Those almost seem truffle colored really. Unless its just the lighting.It appears they fit well though. I felt pretty good about my lacing gap compared to other 5 last shoes. However, those look about how the 333 last fits on me as far as lacing goes.
Wow. You aren't kidding. Is that a pretty true representation of the color. In theory those are natural. Seems to be a broad spectrum though.These are mine in an indoor light.Got in the AE dress pants as well and was trying them on. Pretty impressed with the fit and cut on them. I have athletic thighs and slim pants just don't work. These I only notice when sitting and it isn't to bad. Could bring the hem up slightly but that's just a prederence. Hand feels great. Pretty...
 Gotcha, I sent a message to my local store. However I just thought maybe you were an early riser and in store
 Yea I thought about it. And I might call and see if ones available. Unless you can check the Atlanta stores and see if their's one in a 12, or 11.5. I don't think they're open yet.
 Well maybe in about15 years when its time for a resole you can have them add it on, unless your tastes change by then
I haven't. The stores inventories are frozen so he can't order it in. And that's the route I usually go. It'll probably be to big anyways. Seems most go a 1/2 size down.
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