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@VRaivio: Buttero does make shell cordovan sneakers.
The bull wool Inis Meain looks fantastic. Is it coming some time soon?
Most of the people complaining have valid points to make, but the ones "shitting" over the thread are those making wild accusations about Drew & co. embezzling ToJ funds and riding off into the sunset in their BMWs. Those posts really got on my nerve
Reviving this thread to get some opinions on this. I see more and more young kids with their eyes glued to smartphones/tablets. I definitely don't want that for ours in the future. It seems the best approach is to limit early exposure, but what about balancing this with their friends/other kids with their own smartphones and social lives based around Instagram/Twitter etc.?   http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/11/fashion/steve-jobs-apple-was-a-low-tech-parent.html
There was an older man on my flight a few weeks ago, who was clipping his nails. It was fairly quiet during the flight, so all you could hear was the sound of the nail clipper
Does the new Buttero Ontano sidezip fit the same as the Brunello?
Would love to see some of those +J outerwear pieces brought back.
The Ben cardigan looks great. Not feeling the Mackenzie, wonder if they'll come out with a shawl cardigan like the one from Drake's.
@Foxhound Don't you already have a SS Merino coat? IMO it looks better than the fishtail.
New Posts  All Forums: