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the shorter lining looks rather off after seeing the original merino
^ looks great, will kop
Jcrew also offers a selvedge chino (wallace & barnes), at about the same retail price point. Its quality is far inferior to the RRL one.   One major issue I had with the Jcrew ones was that the belt loops were tiny -- unusable for the thick leather belts you'd wear with these kinds of chinos.
^ Outstanding guys @ BCC. Here is the link to their webstore: http://www.brooklynclothingco.bigcartel.com/category/viberg
corneal tattoos, why? http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-30750361
I used to have a decent LTE signal at work for my phone, but recently the entire floor has become a deadzone. Fuck you, AT&T.
USPS tracking works for EMS tracking numbers as well.
If the task is regularly repeated, tedious, and done on a computer... it most likely can be automated.
Possibility for another MTO of the Delfino gunclub? It looks fantastic.
Can anyone comment on the sizing for the Canvas Clyde pants and the Slim-Straight Pants? Do they fit like the officer chinos (i.e. size down 1-2)?
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