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^ Those moccasin shoes look like Clarks Wallabees, which have been around since the 60's
Will there be a restock of the brown tweed Coherence "Corb" coat? Or will it be a different fabric next season?
I've read that the Portuguese Flannel shirts run small, but how is the fit? Is it more trim or relaxed?
^ Stephanie Hoff is great. So is @lisa.3781.ww on Instagram.
Gilt Groupe acquired by Hudson's Bay, the owner of Saks Fifth Ave:   http://recode.net/2016/01/07/hudsons-bay-confirms-250-million-acquisition-of-gilt-groupe/
probably designed so some fuccboi's dainty little feet won't get crushed by the laces
tried on the 2015 hyperdunks yesterday, felt like great shoes to play in. maybe they can even top the 2013/2014s
Can't find the grey Score coat in size V... anyone got a lead?
dainite soles are dangerously slippery on metal grates when it's raining... found out the hard way
^ Anyone know what is the bag Greg is holding? (~0:43)
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