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Notre Shop   Black Friday Sale 30% OFF WITH BF30   BLACK FRIDAY STARTS NOW   *some exclusions apply: acronym, malin & goetz, select adidas, select nike, jason markk, aime leon dore & select visvim   https://www.notre-shop.com/
Size up on Robert Geller Type 2s?
The basic fact (on this forum, especially) is pricing for luxury clothing have little to do with cost and everything to do with consumers willingness to pay. The arguments about low cost of manufacture overseas don't stand under the scrutiny of basic economics.
Niche re-released their seeds t-shirts?
Almost mistook the Bamboo prestos for the Olive, not quite the same colorway
What are the pants?
Looking for some recs on long tapered sweats. Tech sweats always end up being a bit too short for me.
ID on the jacket?
Very cool EG shirt that was on eBay briefly early today (anyone know which season?):  [[SPOILER]]
Not feeling these frankenshoes at all.
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