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^ They just look like oshibori holders:  [[SPOILER]]
the cutaway from the stain in the ceiling to casper's eyes was just   also, maybe the thing McAdam's partner was hesitant to try in the first episode, it was group sex?
Tokyo Slim Fit is probably the right slim fit for you. It's slim all around, including at the back/waist. By your measurements, the 15-33.5 Tokyo Slim Fit might be too small in the chest. The next one up 15 1/3-34 1/3 should be what you're looking for.
^ cabourn tweed cameraman?
sounds like a great way to get paper cuts all over your dick
What's the deal with FBTs? I see so many of them on ebay/gr-iled. Do people find them easy to flip?   Meanwhile, Virgils are next to impossible to track down..
^ that grey/bronze metcon1 looks great.
there's too many people here with no skin in the situation spamming juvenile pictures and useless posts. ter, understatesmen, etc please please stop posting. half my pageviews fly by because of ignores   one thing I found amusing and creepy is the recurring awkward encounters with identically-dressed fans at the restaurant.
I've heard the same suspicion repeated by other frequent flyers that Rimowas get treated especially poorly by airport luggage handlers, because they are so easily recognizable as luxury luggage. I like the Rimowa design (especially in aluminum) and would recommend getting them as carry-ons only.
@mbaum jcrew appears to have almost a full-size run of those Vans (slip-ons in Aluminum), was looking at them myself:   https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/sneakers/PRDOVR~B5011/B5011.jsp  
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