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What are the pants?
Looking for some recs on long tapered sweats. Tech sweats always end up being a bit too short for me.
ID on the jacket?
Very cool EG shirt that was on eBay briefly early today (anyone know which season?):  [[SPOILER]]
Not feeling these frankenshoes at all.
^ Those moccasin shoes look like Clarks Wallabees, which have been around since the 60's
Will there be a restock of the brown tweed Coherence "Corb" coat? Or will it be a different fabric next season?
I've read that the Portuguese Flannel shirts run small, but how is the fit? Is it more trim or relaxed?
^ Stephanie Hoff is great. So is @lisa.3781.ww on Instagram.
Gilt Groupe acquired by Hudson's Bay, the owner of Saks Fifth Ave:   http://recode.net/2016/01/07/hudsons-bay-confirms-250-million-acquisition-of-gilt-groupe/
New Posts  All Forums: