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Niche re-released their seeds t-shirts?
Almost mistook the Bamboo prestos for the Olive, not quite the same colorway
What are the pants?
Looking for some recs on long tapered sweats. Tech sweats always end up being a bit too short for me.
ID on the jacket?
Very cool EG shirt that was on eBay briefly early today (anyone know which season?):  [[SPOILER]]
Not feeling these frankenshoes at all.
^ Those moccasin shoes look like Clarks Wallabees, which have been around since the 60's
Will there be a restock of the brown tweed Coherence "Corb" coat? Or will it be a different fabric next season?
I've read that the Portuguese Flannel shirts run small, but how is the fit? Is it more trim or relaxed?
New Posts  All Forums: