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 Second this question -- are the Geller Type 3 5-year fades being restocked?
Japan's wild, creative Harajuku street style is dead. Long live Uniqlo
Has there been any new inventory added in a while? Perhaps something happened financially and the company was taken over.
Disappointed with the extra warm heat tech, too. Back to smartwool layers...
What's the reason for new products that show up at other e-retailers but not on NDC? For example, I cannot find these pants on NDC:
Those of you who have had a MH wool/cashmere saddle crew for a while, how did it hold up over time?   Really like the two I picked up from this AW, but they feel so soft that I can't help but wonder if they wear out quickly, for example at the elbows.
^ Blue is the Warmest Color is an excellent movie
Notre Shop   Black Friday Sale 30% OFF WITH BF30   BLACK FRIDAY STARTS NOW   *some exclusions apply: acronym, malin & goetz, select adidas, select nike, jason markk, aime leon dore & select visvim
Size up on Robert Geller Type 2s?
The basic fact (on this forum, especially) is pricing for luxury clothing have little to do with cost and everything to do with consumers willingness to pay. The arguments about low cost of manufacture overseas don't stand under the scrutiny of basic economics.
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