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A leather weekender like the MMM one would be amazing.  
^ Are you referring to this olive cameraman? (dug up an old photo from the beginning of this thread)  [[SPOILER]]
If you fly a lot on United, their mileage Club card is great. Gives you access to their lounges and bonus miles for booking. You can also get the first year fee waived if you go to a Chase branch to open the card.   A little-known fact: if you want to open a new credit card, do it at your local bank branch. At least in the US, at the branch they have to give you the best offer currently available on the market for the card.
I own flannel trousers in the old Italian cut and the new Italian cut. I think the new one is just as great as the old, only thing is you have to size up.
No grey option for the beanies :(
wonder if the guy wears Aldens
@impolyt_one/@mrchariybrown: are the daypacks/wallets still on track, since the previous update?
I have the same boots and worn mine a few times. Mine not have creasing like that. Did you size them properly?
Hiroshima mon amour
Why the upcharge between the Temporal and the Fisherman crewnecks? I wonder if the Temporal is thicker/warmer.
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