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Stones = Bling; ask any hip-hopper.
The white roman dial is by far the best match for that watch, IMO.
+1. And they can also source the preowned inventory from other Tourneau stores.
Thanks. Yeah, I need more gigs too. I foolishly went with 16 last release. Also thinking about the Plus.
Then how long before it hits the stores, any idea?
I could see it being a hit with waiters as well.
^ How timely.
Yes, as a rule, the more specific and exacting your requirements the wider you must open your wallet.
Here you go:http://www.chrono24.com/en/rolex/rolex-submariner-5513-box-and-papers--id3322258.htm
The two wheeled madness seen today pales in comparison to the pre fax machine 80's when lunatic bicycle messengers wreaked havoc upon the streets of Manhattan. These days I often dream of sprinkling tacks on the road course of the Tour de Central Park, sitting with a bottle of bubbly and toasting the ensuing calamity.
New Posts  All Forums: