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How hard you tryin'?
Love the watch head but the bracelet, not so much. It would be straight to a strap for me.
Why not just check the listings at Corcoran, Elliman, etc.....
NEW YORK (AP) — New York City begins a new era in nutritional warnings this week, when chain restaurants will have to start putting a special symbol on highly salty dishes.
In a word: No.
That would show a major lack of attention to detail, though nowhere near as egregious as displaying a watch with a miscalibrated date function.
So you're saying that BH broke into the store after hours to snap the pic?
I have a pair of black cords and I seem to wear them most with sweaters (shawl collar cashmere cardigans in red and grey) and various pieces of outerwear. Black suede wingtips are my usual choice for footwear, though I have worn black crocodile loafers and black kangaroo skin hunting boots as well.
New Posts  All Forums: