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Too garish for TWAT, I'm afraid. Not to mention, poorly chosen.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Blancpain Patek Philippe At least those are whom I own the most from.
If he were wandering around my neighborhood I'd call the sheriff. There must be some outstanding warrants on that guy.
I have the 1st generation X-33. Pretty cool little gadget with an alarm that could wake the dead. It has a different look than the 3rd generation and a touch smaller at 42. Here's a side by side.
The Seiko 5 is an eye opener. The list price of $185.00 makes you wonder...........
Sounds like urban legend.
Yes but I'd choose a more textured shirting, like a royal oxford, to stand up to the flannel and suede.
Cartier ain't the only transgressor.
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