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This one would look better without the date. Too distracting.
I don't wear my tailored stuff much these days. And most of it is up North. Had this forum existed fifteen or twenty years ago (when I was dressing every single day as you people do) I might well have been a prolific poster to this thread, snapping pics before leaving the house. But those days are gone and I'm not into playing 'dress up' just for a photo shoot. Sorry.I have acquired quite a bit of knowledge about traditional dress, much of it coming by way of the legendary...
The collar is way off. Might not want to deal with somebody who can't see/admit it.
That cotton knit isn't working with that suit, IMO. I think it's better paired with seersucker, linen or cotton suiting; something more seasonal. And personally, I'd choose a knit with a one piece collar that will maintain a roll rather than flattening out.Also, I've tried tucking knits into braced trousers but I just can't get onboard with it. I've settled into belted trousers (with a sterling or gold buckle) and trousers with side adjusters a second choice.And I've been...
Not sure I'd jump to that extreme over one bit of nonsense.
Looks like a one piece collar.
This ballet banter is intoxicating. I kid, I kid. Maria Tallchief was a neighbor growing up and when I was around four or five I blurted out, in her presence, that she walked like a duck. My mother was mortified but Maria just let out a howling laugh, picked me up and hugged and kissed me. Sweet lady.
Hang around here long enough and you'll start liking more and more models. Stockholm Syndrome.
I'm cursing in the rainJust cursing in the rainWhat a miserable feelin'I'm gloomy again.......
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