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Could you include photos of the back, as well.
Thanks for the heads up. It's something that never occurred to me.
Royal oxford shirting would play much better, IMO.
It appears that the vicissitudes of the currency markets have watch geekdom all aflutter.
Metal toe taps aren't worn on the world stage as they tend to scratch the floor.
Ha, I thought they all had them. BTW, the shop I bought mine from called it a Cosmograph. I didn't become aware of the Daytona refernce until seeing it in an ad a few years later. Those were simpler times.......
A matte finish seems to mitigate the dressiness.I had the same reaction at first sight but then it kinda grew on me.
If I may, Braddock is wearing a Fair Isle sweater better than I can recall one ever being worn. That said, I don't care for them at all. Which is odd because I love most all of the old school classics.
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