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Congrats on your new family, DLJr.. It's been just over twenty years since we had our first and it's only just recently that I've felt completely caught up on my sleep. But it's been more than worth it. Good luck and enjoy.
Sound advice, to be sure.That said, years ago I recall being told by an old timer to use soapy water (using clear dishwashing liquid) and a soft toothbrush to clean the sweat stains on one of my sisal hats. The results were fairly good, although a faint shadow of the stains remained.A quality hatter like Optimo will get the best results because they remove the sweatband and ribbon before giving the body a good long soak in a cleaning solution. Then they reattached the...
No but if you look deeply into her eyes... [[SPOILER]]
To be clear, are you referring to the ribbon on the outside of the hat?
Sisal is a type of straw.
I have a friend who says that inside every beautiful Russian woman beats the heart of Rosa Klebb. And my friend is Russian..
Is she Russian?
I think that is the line which B does not cross. Of course others may see it differently.
^ Not caring for the two-toned dial.
This reminds me of a time years ago when I was collecting Mapplethorpe nudes. My girlfriend, after viewing those featuring Lisa Lyon, mentioned that her breasts were not evenly sized; and that it was something common to the female physique. Innocence lost.....
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