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Sorry but I've been using the HTC One (which is roughly the same size as the iPhone 6 ) for over a year and I still haven't fully adjusted to the size, that's after six years with iPhones. And it ain't amusing!
I attend a fair number of auctions and women's watches in general seem to languish.
Yes, they do.
I think it would be a fact rather than an opinion, no?
Those shoulders actually look like rope.
Have you ever noticed that service personnel (wait staff, sales associates, etc...) are more attentive to your needs when you're wearing a gold watch with bracelet. And women take a harder look at you as well.
That's a little odd.You could always try 47th street. Lots of them over there albeit pre-owned in most cases.
I've never owned a watch in white gold or platinum when it was available in stainless steel. Just don't see the point.
The bells and whistles are the easy features to develop. Powering them is the sticky wicket.
If you're willing to spend $300 on a shirt I'd recommend going the custom route.
New Posts  All Forums: