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Looks better on a table/shelf, IMO.
Too big?
Panama hats and linen shirts are match made in heaven.
Here's one from the archives of Brioni: 1963, Pitti Palace, Florence, Italy — A male model wears a fur trimmed tuxedo designed by Brioni of Rome for a fashion show in Florence’s Pitti Palace. — Image by © Bettmann/Corbis
That is an odd piece of shirt making.
You're right, there seems to be a dearth of photos of DJs in Dupioni on the web. If one were willing to make an effort to hunt down some pics I imagine contacting Brioni would be the best bet. The Dupioni DJ was born at Brioni in the Fifties and has been a staple of their evening wear line ever since. I'm sure that a polite request for photos sent to one of their boutiques would yield a healthy batch of images in short order.
The knot is on the large side but not egregiously so, it's just exacerbated by the relatively short collar points.
Real men go bareback!And occasionally suffer the consequences.
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