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Those are fine for BT and I would reserve them for those occasions.
The hatters I've dealt with have all measured the brim from the outside, crown to edge.3" is a lot of brim; way too much for most people. That is, if aesthetics is of paramount concern rather than sun protection.
Art Fawcet makes a decent enough hat but I can't imagine ordering a custom hat over the phone, conecideriing his 'no returns' policy. You'd be stuck with anything he chooses to send out to you.
For years I've worn crocagator accessories (belts, wallets, watch bands) with calfskin shoes. I don't see a problem with it.
I'm pleased to report that Find My Phone worked to get one of my iPads retured to me. I'd left my mini on a chair at an outdoor restaurant. The restaurant had closed for the night and the staff had departed before we left the table. It was morning before I realized I'd left it and it was nowhere to be found when I popped over first thing. I put my phone number and 'a reward will be offered' in the message. A week later I get a call. I planned to give the finder $50 but...
Vintage is an excellent option. Lots of great sets floating around (at shops and online).
Those are eye catching.
A sizable amount Just Do It.
Dark green: grenadine, silk knit or cashmere.
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