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Loving the Overseas.
By the way, my friend said that it had taken him a while to adjust to reading the off center dial (when not actually driving) as it was slightly disorientating. I didn't seem to have a problem with it but then I had it on my wrist for only a few minutes at a time. Anybody ever hear about this being an issue? Not that it would hinder the acquisition, just wondering.
I use the phrase often as well, for some reason.......
The devil (or God) is in the details.
I've been sniffing around this watch for the last year or so, when a friend of mine picked one up. I've never been particularly attracted to cushion cases or driving watches before but this one is piquing my interest.My friend has the special edition which was made for the NYC boutique. I've tried it on a few times and am kinda taken with it.However, I think I might prefer the standard model, though I've yet to try one on.Hmmmm.....
Sounds fine to me.
Absolutely! Now, the shoemaker is a different story.
Honestly, one would be hard pressed to find any classic outfit or accessory that hasn't been put in a bad light at one time or another. For example: If you wear a classic double breasted chalk stripe flannel suit the odds are great that you will hear the word gangster at some point in the day.
All of those cloths date back to well over a century.
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