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Hence all the free texting apps.
I grew up with some Swifts of the meat packing family and they would serve bacon with every meal. Just a bowl of bacon on the table; breakfast, lunch and dinner . And if we were watching a movie or game on tv, there would be a bowl of bacon along with the popcorn and chips. Used to dip the bacon in Lipton California dip. Yum!
Speaking of chocolates, I received a Christmas basket with a few bars of chocolate, including...... It wasn't bad, kinda want another.
No Miami Beach on the list? Seriously? That's like making a list of great basketball players and omitting Michael Jordan.
Yes, the gentleman's attire is meant to frame the canvas that is the lady he is accompanying. She is the peacock.
I'm in complete agreement.
I tend to agree.
For all the critics who use the word 'derivative' as a pejorative to dismiss or devalue a work.
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