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For years I've worn crocagator accessories (belts, wallets, watch bands) with calfskin shoes. I don't see a problem with it.
I'm pleased to report that Find My Phone worked to get one of my iPads retured to me. I'd left my mini on a chair at an outdoor restaurant. The restaurant had closed for the night and the staff had departed before we left the table. It was morning before I realized I'd left it and it was nowhere to be found when I popped over first thing. I put my phone number and 'a reward will be offered' in the message. A week later I get a call. I planned to give the finder $50 but...
Vintage is an excellent option. Lots of great sets floating around (at shops and online).
Those are eye catching.
A sizable amount Just Do It.
Dark green: grenadine, silk knit or cashmere.
In general, hopsack is a heartier, beefier, denser, more substantial cloth than fresco. Of course the variance depends on the weight of the cloth. I don't think that even the heaviest fresco can stand up to flannel but then neither can the lighter hopsack.When you visit your tailor and handle the two cloths (preferably on the bolt) it will become apparent.
I like them too. A friend bought that and a Calatrava (the one where the lugs fall off) and called it a day. That was over 30'years ago and he's still,happy as a clam. That's really all you need; a steel sport watch and a gold dress watch.
I look at the Maybach as a gussied up Lincoln Town Car, not something you'd drive yourself but rather something to be driven in. Like the LTC it's got a stealth asthetic, not drawing anywhere near the attention that a Bentley or a Rolls does. I think Mercedes intended the Maybach to be all about the back seat and there it delivers an experience, in ride and comfort, that is unsurpassed. And my mechanic (forty years working on high end rides) says that it's the best value...
Well, I had collars exhibit the same peculiarity and they had to be repaired. And their maker, Turnbull & Asser, were in complete agreement.
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