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Selling my Allen Edmonds black McAllister men’s shoes in 10.5D. I purchased these classic wingtips new from Zappos on 4/21/2009 (receipt included) and they are in used but good condition having been worn approximately twice a week. I’ll include the original red Allen Edmunds shoe bags. They need a good cleaning/polishing but I’ll leave that for the buyer. They have not been resoled or recrafted. Price includes shipping (with delivery confirmation) and paypal in CONUS. I...
Thanks for all the advice. I think I am going to try a bunion stretcher - I wanted something to stretch my shoes in that spot but didn't know what it was called. And I may try going down a half size but up in the width (e.g. from 10.5D to 10E or something like that).
I have two pairs of AE shoes - Park Ave and Mcallister - both 10.5D (and both are the 5 last). I've been wearing them for about 3 years, alternating between them during the work week. Lately I have developed corns on the outside edge of my pinkie toes on both feet. Until these developed, the shoes seemed comfortable, but now they seem to be pressing on the exact spot with the corn, which hurts. The Mcallister seems to be more uncomfortable than the Park Ave. Looking inside...
I have several Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald suits in 38R purchased over the last 2 years. I just ordered a couple more from the website and after trying them on, I find the rise to be way too short if the pants are sitting at my natural waist. Is BB selling low-rise suits now? I measured the zipper and it's only 5.5 inches on the new suits, a full 7.0 inches on my previous suits. I know the tailor can let the rise out a bit but this is too much of an adjustment to trust...
I think you mean, who is making what for whom?
My new omega seamaster started freezing up overnight when it was only 6 months old. Sent it in and was repaired under warranty so I don't know the cost, but I later sold it and have no further interest in expensive automatic quartz Seiko works just fine (I do wish I could get a sapphire crystal to prevent scratches, however).
I also recommend Cantu Tailors, I've never had a problem with their pricing but I've never had major work done there.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexei IMO you shouldn't fit your hands through the cuffs without unbuttoning them. That's why there are buttons. You can't fit your head through the neck without unbottoning it can you? Actually, I can:
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Velcro? MAGNETS!
There is this wonderful new invention called a "safety pin." It was scientifically engineered to attach one piece of fabric to another. Look into it.
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